July 5, 2013


Sup guys!

I'm here to proclaim war! War against a malicious trojan that has infected my dear little notebook, and thereby caused great disturbance in my blogging schedule!
(That's also why I never really finished my latest post)

I assure you that there is no danger in reading my blog.. But to be a real paranoid parrot, I've decided to not blog from it until it has been fixed.

I shall therefore use its lovely sidekick- my Samsung Galaxy SII!
(But I can't upload pictures properly so that'll also be fixed later..)

And now you might be like "Ooh.. Just use your antivirus blablabla" well I DID!!! Freaking thing had me wait up for hours and it found 8 threats. 8! And what happened then? I told it to remove them which it didn't finish before 3am.
So now my baby is all fine again, right?

I went back on the internet and up pops all those stupid adds again!
My computer is still infected - -

What did I do today then? I scanned and I waited.. Just to figure that it STILL hasn't removed them, neither can it find them anymore..

I'll fix it soon, I just need to sit down and take a look at it. Ugh!

Meanwhile you'll be able to follow my adventures (not really, I prefer to blog about it) on my Instagram.

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