July 1, 2013

Jetlag, jetlag, kittens, JETLAG!

Before you read...

Have you checked out my latest posts? 

I know you guys have been waiting for a long time and I promise, the rest will be out soon!

So this pretty much describes me these days.

I've been trying to unpack but I barely have time. Same goes to energy.
Here's some senior photos I had taken at my first school. I found them while unpacking.
Do you like them? I like them c: 

Today's my 6th day here back in Denmark and I. have. JETLAG! 
I sleep from 5am to 3pm -_____- 

Now... our kittens need our attention CONSTANTLY! Seriously! They sleep for like.. 3 hours and then they get hungry. And they don't just get hungry, they get HUNGRY! 
And then they screeeeeeeam all the time and we can only feed 2 at the time (we only have 2 bottles) and the rest just keep fleeing from their little box and before you've turned around, you're sitting in an ocean of screaming kittens! 
So when you're finally done, can you put them back to sleep? NO!
They need motherly love which is completely understandable. But where do we find that? Me.
Or rather I should say my stomach/hoodies. 
They looooove sleeping inside my hoodie .. but only when I'm wearing it. Which is cute.. but they always find comfort when I'm in my most uncomfortable positions.. and you can't say no to a face like this, can you?
So yeah.. all the schoolkids have been on vacation since this Friday and my siblings are enjoying their time off... at their friends' houses! My dad's still working so that leaves my mom and I and those kittens are impossible for her to take care of herself. Lucy must wake up!

But I really need sleep. 
I have a plan though! 

So... how did I deal with it in America? 
Well I went back in time so back then I just had to keep myself awake. Which I can. It's easy. I love staying up late, but now they I've come home and gone ahead of my (at that point) current time, I'm clueless... or I was. 

At night I just lay down... four HOURS! And NOTHING happens. I tried with music. I tried watching some TV. I tried the pitchblack darkness. I just can't sleep.
Nor can I force myself to sleep. But I can force myself to stay up!

Therefore, I commence Operation Stay Up!
I stayed up today. I'll stay up tonight. I'll stay up tomorrow, and THEN, hopefully, I'll be exhausted enough to sleep tomorrow night. 
Wish me luck!

That was just a quick update to let you guys know that I haven't died yet .. and that I'm going to post again soon. I apologize for being so behind :( Please accept my apology let me just distract you with these cat pictures~ 


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