June 16, 2013

My 18th Birthday!

Today my dad's luggage came! 
Or well.. came.. 

My dad and hostdad drove, late in the evening, down to LAX to check if any of their luggage had arrived yet. At first they said that both my mom and dad's had come but later they changed it to just my dad's. Great huh?
When my parents first told the people there that their luggage was missing, they informed my parents that it would either come that same night or the day after. That's fine. They could wait just that night. But 3 days for my dad? and my mom's still missing? Well that's all good too, it's not that my mom had some really important medicine in that bag.. OH WAIT. SHE DOES! Her heart and blood medicine is the in last missing bag. THE MISSING ONE!! Again, thank you so much American Airlines. We have a lot of faith in you. Hopefully it will come soon.

On another an more happy note... TODAY IS MY 18TH BIRTHDAY! 
So let's turn back time and look at what we did earlier in the day, shan't we?

At first, my hostdad and I has shared crazy ideas for stuff that could make every party better like instantly. I mentioned how it would be fun to have a food fight or maybe a pie eating contest.. and somehow my hostdad twisted that into: "Let's throw pies at each other!" and then on the date of my birthday, he introduced V2.0 of that idea = Throw pies in Lucy and Angel's faces!

I'm the type of person who would do anything once sooo...

Yum.. pie.. EVERYWHERE!

We did it! 

While Angel had got a new special kind of pie-in-hair-treatment, I was blessed with cream and jelly from the lemonpie inside my ears.

Just as my grandma had caught her breath and my mom thought it was over, my hostdad lined up the pies- Time for the pie eating contest!

Emma stole the attention for a second..
QUICK! Get a picture before the competition begins!

And thus, I shall pronounce the competition to have started!
Considering my Danish family, I started out introducing it in Danish followed by Angel in English. 
Sit back, watch, and have a laugh! 

(P.S. My dad didn't know what a pie eating contest was.. he wasn't being polite like my hostdad thought, we was just uninformed)

When we were done, we had pie at places we didn't even know were possible. How could we get rid of it quickly?

In Denmark, many kids grow up with them having this special kind of birthday cake. It's made of the same kind of bread as what Americans would call "Danishes". The cake is shaped as either a boy or a girl (depending on the kid's sex) and has hair made of some long chewy candy strings. The body itself will be covered with little mine pieces of Haribo vinegums. Lastly, the candy(wo)man will have a band made of marzipan (like those ones people in beauty competitions wear) and it will have the kid's name and age written in chocolate~ 

The kid will be handed and big knife and while the guests scream, the kid will behead the cake! 
I told this to my hostfamily and they laughed! They thought it was a great custom!
Sadly, that cake doesn't exist in America.. so we had to make our own. To make it even worse, they don't have the ingredients needed either so we had to come up with our own... we made one from the bun dough!
No hair and no mini candy :(
For some reason I cracked up here.. At first, when my hostdad handed me that sword-looking-weapon-thingie I went HIIJARH! butt as the bun dough was much harder than the actual cake, I had to cut it out nicer - -

A picture we took before all the fun. Here I'm with my dad
This is what I woke up to :)
I had some days earlier explained to my hostfamily that we in Denmark show celebration (of ANYTHING, birthdays, weddings, confirmations, etc.) by having our flag up... So my hostdad had put a miniature flagpole outside my bedroom and then tied these onto it. For some reason, I won't get in that celebrat'y mood unless I see my flag up. It made me very happy :)

Yeah.. we had a lot of fun.. 

The men posing before our fight!

The post will end with these horrific pictures of Angel and I posing, where our faces have been hidden by hearts... Yes, they were that hideous! 


"I couldn't have imagined a better way to celebrate my 18th!"
Thank you to both of my families and all my friends who wished me a happy birthday through the internet. Long live the internet!

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