June 18, 2013

To Vegas!

I really don't have much to say about today.. well.. I'M IN FREAKING VEGAS! WOHOO!

Instead of spending the 4½ hour of driving that we were supposed to, we took a 6-7 hour trip because that looooovely GPS stopped working. We didn't leave as early in the morning as we had planned either because that stupid thing didn't work! Grrr...

Anyways... my hostdad found an old one of theirs and adviced us to drive "this and that way" in order to avoid the more dangerous place with barely any cars and stuff..
Guess where we ended up driving?


(We did pass a few miles of oranges though)


After about 4 hours of driving I got so bored that I grabbed the Ipad and began taking pictures of stuff. I then found the photobooth and ..
At first I took a picture, showed it to her, and make her laugh.. which I took a picture of
 And it just went on and on.. 

 Until she was in tears! 

My favorite! She looks like a blowfish! 

Look at dat sexy chin!
Hahahahha I imagine myself as a doughnut eating cop from the cartoons that I watched as a kid! 
Eeew trying to be all cute and pretty with the temp. cam

Failing hahaha

Eeeeeek!! It's right there! I see land!! 

As soon as we got more "into" the city, we got stuck in traffic. I was wearing my moustache glasses and sat there looking out the window when the girl in the car next to us looked over. 
Her reaction was pretty much like this
Emma Watson Shock Look Shocked Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)
Then she looked to her dad who was driving and she said something..

I turned to my grandma thinking: *Aaah GREAT. Yet one of those 'pretty girls' who just told her dad about the weird girl with the moustache in the car right next to them*
I turned my head back and saw THIS
She quickly grabbed a panda hat, put it on, and showing it proudly to me! 

We smiled, waved, made faces, gave each others a thumbs up, and shared a mutual moment of weirdness before our ways parted. I like that girl. 

Finally got to the hotel!
We were going to stay at Hooters Casino Hotel - a place known for their casino and barely-covered girls! (Something my parents didn't know before AFTER they had booked a room). 
It wasn't the finest place (it was okay) but it was affordable, we weren't exactly going to spend much time there anyways so it didn't matter! If I were to go back to Vegas I might just stay there again, just because of the price. 

We went out to eat and see the city but my phone couldn't catch the light properly so I didn't get any good pictures from that night. Come back tomorrow to see!

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