July 18, 2013

Warm days and ear surgery

The heat, the heat!
Source: vejret.tv2.dk
This is the local weather forecast for the coming few days. Do you see anything unusual? Not really, it looks like the weather in any other Southern European country right now. What a niiice week. But now the thing is.. I DON'T LIVE IN THE SOUTHERN COUNTRIES! I LIVE IN DENMARK! DEEENMARK!!! THIS IS NOT USUAL :O 

The red text up there is, of course, written in Danish so let me just casually translate it for you guys.
Varmebølge = heat wave!
But not like a HEAT WAVE heat wave... it's more of a "warmth-wave".

When the average of the highest recorded temperatures measured over three consecutive days exceeds 25°C (77°F), it's called a heat warmth wave.
Technically, it's not a real heat wave (at least in this climate zone) before that average exceeds 28°C (≈82°F).

But it's still hot!
And hot weather makes me lazy; hence, the sloooow updating of my blog.

To completely change the subject...
Today I had an appointment at the hospital!

Last year, before I went to America, I went to my doctor to have him look at my ears.
Ever since I was a kid, I've had troubles with them and I was just fed up!
And after doing some research on the internet, I figured that I could have a surgery done on them.
See, I've always been very self-conscious about my ears. 
When I looked at them, I imagined myself with grey skin and a long snout- like Dumbo! It was that bad.
I would, by any means, avoid putting up my hair. No buns. No ponytails. No pigtails. No nothing. 
(As a cheerleader, I always had to have my hair up during shows. It was terrible. I felt that my flappy ears 
would attract so much attention that nobody would see us dance).

During winter, I'd put on a hat to keep my head warm, we all do right?
Well putting a hat onto my straight hair would part my hair in a such way that my left ear would stick out and it would just NOT agree to be hidden under my hat.
Also, when I was a kid, I'd use headphones (or beats or whatever people call them.. you know the big ones) when listening to music and for some reason my left side would always start hurting after just 10 min. use. 
There was something wrong with my ears. I knew it. 
But whenever I talked to my friends about it, I'd get the same thing:

"Your ears look fine"

It's not just a cosmetic flaw, it also bugs my physically. 
Anyways.. once in a while I'd get some nasty comments about them. It happened as late as last year..

It was last year in July. It was a hot summernight in Croatia where I was on vacation with my family. 
My best friend was there too and we had found a little group of Danish kids (teens) to hang out with in the 
evening. Some of the girls had to go to the restroom and the rest of us were just standing outside waiting for 
them when this guy looked at me. (It was really really hot and back then I had really long hair which I had put
in a ponytail because the heat was unbearable).
So I'm standing there and suddenly he laughs and says: 

"Wow, your ears are really flappy!"
"Yes", I said without much reaction. He was right.
"It's like dumbo!"
I said nothing.
"Can you take German TV channels too?" he said, cracking up.

 *Flashback out*

That was enough! 
I was tired of my ears! I was tired of hiding them! I was tired of pain from beats, not just beat but also the small
headphones now, whenever I listened to music. I was tired of not being able to wear hats. Just goddamn tired!

In the end I almost started believing that I was just too self-conscious. Maybe all those people were right?
But then I went to my doctor and as soon as I stepped in, he made a remark. It was an inborn thing!
I was right the entire time! >:(
He gave me a piece of paper and sent my to the ear-nose-and-throat section at the hospital. I'd have to go 
there and talk to them about the surgery.

Mind you, the reason I want this surgery is not because I'm afraid what people think about me- 
or my appearance.. That was something I learned while being in America. I couldn't care less about
what people think of me. So before you throw stupid comments in my direction saying stuff like: "Oooh, 
changing because of what other people think. That's so weak [insert more derogatory **** here]" then hear

Defensive? Yes. You have no idea how many people have already called me fake because of this.

I was supposed to have my surgery on July 3rd, a few days after coming back to Denmark.
The reason I had to wait for so long was that I wanted to avoid the discomfort of being awake and being able 
to hear them work on me (and that nasty "relaxing" supository. HECK NO!). 
Therefore, I'd have to wait until AFTER my trip (mind that this was before my trip so I'd have to wait around
10 months) to be under general anesthesia. I'd prefer to just be asleep. For that, I'd need a shot but I'd rather
have that than their nasty rectum pill. 

So let's forward time a bit. I wait a month, go to America, come back from America, and the next day I 
mention to my parents how excited I am to finally get it over with.

"Well.. there is something we have to tell you, Louise. The called from the hospital and .. 
your surgery has been cancelled"
"Yeah.. they called and said that the doctor one day had said 'Nope! Not doing anyore surgeries ever again!'"
and then he put on a jetpack and flew away- 
Hahah naah, he probably didn't put on a jetpack but that's how I imagine it!

So now all his upcoming surgeries, including my own, have just been cancelled and they can't even give us a freaking reason!

As if it wasn't hard enough to convince them the first time "because it was only one of the ears there was something wrong with", I'd now have to wait until yesterday to convince them AGAIN. Ugh. 
But I waited.. the day of my supposedly first surgery day passed and then I went to the hospital again yesterday. 
The new doctor could see it even before I mentioned what exactly was wrong with them and started talking to me about the different methods and stuff they use to operate. The nurse in there instructed my about pretty much everything and made sure that I had no questions when I left. 
They were both two really nice people and when I left the hospital, I had an appointment to have my ears fixed already on August 1st. Quick!
They told me I could just EAT a pill instead of that stupid rectum pill they had told me about the first place I went to, and in the end, we agreed to have the surgery done under local anesthesia instead.

I'll explain further about this later on.
Thank you for listening to my rant 

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