August 28, 2013

The Princess came!

My class was not impressed. Actually... I don't think ANY of our 1313 students were impressed when the Danish Princess Marie (and a bunch of other "important people" cut the red rope to inaugurate our school. Most didn't care and some (including two of my friends) simply skipped the whole thing.

"So why did she cut it? We don't need her to cut it. The school is already open and we've been here for 1½ week now! OMG they put out the red carpet?! I want a red carpet too! What makes her so special?! Oh. My. Gosh! LOOK AT THAT FOOD! I WANT THAT DELICIOUS-LOOKING FOOD!!!"
- Pretty much everybody I talked to that day

And I have to say that I agree with them at some points. 
Why this traditional ceremony? Is it really necessary?
"She isn't even a Royal kid, she just married into the family"

My school (the STX part) is a very old school and still has all its old traditions. I've always thought of myself as a very non-traditional person. I hated when I had to do things the way they had been done years of years ago. I wanted to do it my way! But then on the other hand... I love how my school still dances Les Lanciers. I love how we, once a year, has a day where the students sing themselves out of school (As in we all gather to sing old songs for the principal and when it's loud enough, he let's us out of school for the rest of the day. It's a tradition from WWII). So I guess I'm not so traditional again.

Before I left for America I always thought that we should abolish the Royal Family and have a President... but when I got over there and heard how unique the Crown and their story is, I kind of changed my mind.
Now I'm stuck in the middle - I find them.. useless? I don't mean it that harsh though, but they don't exactly DO anything but representing our country and history whenever they visit other countries. But then again I don't want to get rid of them... BECAUSE they represent us in that way. The Royal Family has SUCH an important role in our history.. our country was build around the Warrior Kings.

And to screw up our minds even more... while most of us didn't like the thought of the Princess coming to cut the rope, many would have liked to see either our Queen or the Crown Princess / Prince. Weird huh?
What do you think about it? Would you like to see a member of the Royal family come to inaugurate YOUR school or workplace? 
Share your thoughts! :)
(My American friend seemed very excited when I told him about it. So maybe it's just my generation here in Denmark?)

We had been instructed to NOT take pictures of her(!) so if you're into that kind of stuff, here are some pictures from my local newspaper from the ceremony.
They really DID roll out the red carpet for her
Please don't misunderstand my post. We had nothing against her personally, just the thought of someone being so important that we had to lower our social status. The school is our home, so why do we have to change everything just to impress someone from a supposedly higher social class?
Marie (37) is super pretty. She seemed super sweet and was constantly smiling during the ceremony. Her nature made her stand out as a young person and she was actually a bit clumsy. Cute!
Aaaaall the "important people" were seated while the students had clumped up in the sides and, like me, stood on the balcony. 
A couple of people held speeches, including the princess. It was clear that she had been reciting the speech for a long time. Her pronunciation was terrible (she's French), but even though she doesn't master Danish, she's fluent in French, Italian, Spanish, and English.
(Can you find my friend Maria in the background?)

Our very own students (and ex-students) provided some great music! The guy holding the guitar is my friend Mette's boyfriend, Mikkel.
(Can you find two of my earlier classmates sleeping in the background?)

After the ceremony, the school provided us students hotdogs outside while the "important people" and teachers had a banquet inside.

August 24, 2013

First Friday's Café of the year!

For them girlies, take a look at my very first OOTD post on my beauty blog  (╹◡╹) ♥

After having spent my first week in school, I decided that now was the time to treat myself! (Lol it's hard starting school again okay?!)

Both Thursday and Friday I was out early. 11.15am to be precise!
I had a lot of time to enjoy myself and I had found a really cute skirt on Gina Tricot's website that I wanted to get my hands on. Having friends around is nice but sometimes I also like to just be able to go where I want to go and take my time.

I caught the bus directly from school and went downtown where there, to my surprise, were a LOT of people. The reason for this was that there was an International Market going on! (Apparently..) I didn't know about this, but as soon as I saw all the little stands, I knew I had picked the right day to go.

Shops from all over the world were there! 
You could buy sweaters, plushies, hats, gloves, antlers etc. from Finland!
An Italian bread stand
A stand with Egyptian figures and antics
Italian cheese!
Pearls, birthstones, gems, jewelry, everything!
Dutch cheese!
There was also an AMAZING Dutch stand with waffles and cookies 
The French and Spanish food stands also attracted quite an amount of people. My lunchfast consisted of chicken paella from the Spanish booth!

Polish honey and honey figures (small yellow things in front of the costumer)
I love how the Russian stand stood out from the other shops that mostly sold food, clothes, or souvenirs... 
The Russians were like "нет! We sell hobby knives, lighters, and gas masks!"

25 degrees Celcius and sunny despite the skies. Perfect day for a market!
There was a big German wiener stand in the middle and they provided loud happy music for people to get in that international shopping mood

Nonetheless, my little peaceful bubble silently popped when my friend Søren caught my eye and .. well I found myself in a few different shops looking at ties with him. Here I was, happy-go-lucky and just letting the wind blow me into the next store when he showed up.
I don't mind spending time with him, but it confuses me why he wants to spend time with me. It's a free country, he could just .. you know nod, ignore me, say hi, do whatever and then go. He claims to hate pretty much my entire friend group, if it's all an act I can't tell, and always insults them in my presence. He says I'm one of them so why even bother with me? Psh, guys.

I thought it'd be fun to mess with him a little, so I released my inner girl and brought him near every shoe store I found. I'd pull an "uuuh" whenever I saw something shiny and smelled half the amount of lotions inside the Bodyshop store.

We later met up with Sushi, his girlfriend and my friend, who had been walking around downtown with Mette for a while. Søren gladly told her how he had made a make-up artist "attack" me inside Bodyshop.. I guess that was payback for pulling him into so many different stores.

Friday we had the very first Friday's Café at school.

I was sitting with Mette and the other girls from our little group

There was a DJ and the bars were open to everyone. We have around.. 4-5 of those a year I guess, and it is a tradition that we dance Lanciers. Actually, Denmark is the only country in the world where dancing Lanciers is a tradition! To explain really quick... it's an old dance from the 1800s that was mostly used by the nobillity. The music is... different and the dance consists of 5 rounds. Each little group has 4 pairs, 8 people total and we take turns to do the steps. It's been 2 years since I last danced it and my 3.G friends weren't much better than me. 
It seemed like most of the others got an okay grip on it
I apologize for the bad pictures. It happened so fast!
Our little group screwed up completely but it's the tradition that matters! It was fun. I missed stuff like that in America.

Lanciers is the dance that ALL students dance once a year at our school's Spring Celebration (Our version of the American Prom) so eventually I will have to learn it again. Next one is in May so I've got time!
In this video you will find all 5 rounds of music that we dance to

I spent the evening babysitting my eight and ten year old grandcousins. 
Those girls  are some of the most adorable and well-raised kids you can find

I'm here getting a cola/fanta manicure from the youngest, Sofie

They are, no joke, my biggest fans EVAH and everything I do is just amazing to them. So when it's getting late and near their bedtime, will these fangirls go to sleep? HECK NO!
Therefore I shall share with you this little but useful piece of information
Tip for babysitters: Make them dance!

By the end of the night they were so tired that I almost didn't have to force them to bed. After 20 min. they were completely out!

August 15, 2013

Back to School Part II

Before you read this entry, take a look at the latest post on my beauty blog :)

As you might have read in my latest post, I started school yesterday.

When I was a little kid, I'd always have trouble falling asleep the night before my birthday, Christmas, vacation etc. simply because they were big events and starting at my own Danish school was no exception!
My mind was filled with pure exciting but also fear. 
I HATE when I can't find my way around and this school would be HUUUUGE due to two of the big school in my city merging. 

My best friend Emilie literally lives right behind the school so we decided to have a minor sleepover as she used to go to the other school that had now merged with mine.

As we didn't have to show up before 10am, we used our extra time on some delicious breakfast
Strawberry smoothies, scrambled eggs, and bacon!

After a short introduction in the gym, the classes split out into our new classrooms and I got to chat a little with just a few of my new classmates. You see, the Danish school system differs from the American. Here we are not 500 students at the same age, attending different classes with all different people throughout the day. Here we STAY with our class. You have ONE class and that's it. In each class there's about 30 people and if you don't like them then too bad. You're stuck there for 3 years. On the other hand I feel that our schools are better because it kind of forces you into talking to people and building friendships. It's impossible not to talk to / make friends with at least a few from your class.

2nd period we were called to the assembly hall for a "surprise"
Turns out it was the Danish rock-band The Floor Is Made of Lava who came to play!
Why exactly them? Because two of them graduated from our school back in time
I got a nice floor seat with Mette!

Then today was the first REAL day of school. No welcoming or meeting late, just classes.
So many things are yet to be figured out. 

How do I get to school? (The bus plans have changed and totally crashed our perfectly-figured-out transportation plans)
.....Where's our class?
Where's our NEXT class?!
Uuuh is that the cute guy? Which class is he in?

I paparazzi'd this picture today in math class.
Not many chose math on a higher level...
I was afraid that I'd be hard going back to my school's level of math after I had spent one semester in an Algebra I class filled with.. a bunch of very annoying kids... and then the other semester without any math at all! We started out pretty much where I left: powers and roots with arbitrary exponents!

Yesterday Monika and I arrived half an hour too late to gym class because we couldn't find the field where we were supposed to be playing soccer. Gladly our teacher was understanding and deleted our absence.

Getting lost like that can be expected from me but... this is the entire school!
It's so bad that I saw maps over the school hanging on the walls!
Not just did they do that, they also sent us pdf versions on our school website

Ground floor
1st floor
Aaaaand 2nd floor

My class spent approximately 10 min. walking around searching for our biology room like a flock of confused people in a room filled with those flashy bright white lights that make everything seem like it's in slowmotion.
Yup. Those maps were badly needed. 

August 11, 2013

Back to school

Hello hello :)
How's your day going?

It's been some time since I last just sat down and started writing with no intentions at all. It feels quite nice to do.. just letting go of some thoughts. Emptying the mind.
I've had many ideas for really good entries the past few days but for several reasons I never got to do it. One of them was the fact that I wasn't feeling very well after having the bandage taken off. It was mostly on the actual day.

Meanwhile I've spent time talking and catching up with some old friends. Many of my current friends have changed a bit, not personality wise but with who they hang out with and stuff. I still love all of them just as much as before, but from now on I will probably never be able to have all my girls around me at the same time anymore. It's just something I will have to get used to.
Talking to my old friends have been like traveling back in time. Instead of catching up and talking about the past, we just started where we left. It was as if we had never let go of each others and it made me happy to know that some people will just never change.
While I was unable to move around, they would keep me entertained. Since we couldn't hang out (I was glued to either the couch or a chair) they sent me things to watch.
I've never been a big fan of anime but I was introduced to some that I really liked called Baka to Test and Watamote. Definitely worth a try!
All of us still care for each other in.. well more or less the same way and every day they have checked up on me and I've checked up on them.
"How's your ear looking now?" "Are you feeling well?" "How's your day going?" "Tell me about your trip when you come back!" "Have fun at the family dinner and say hi from me!" and my favorite "You're still the same. I've missed you"

I might have changed completely over the past few years, yet I'm still the same.
Some people will always be there for you, no matter what. That's a really nice thought to have in mind when you are going through hard times or perhaps just starting something new and unknown.
For me, I'm going back to school.

I start in less than a week now! Wednesday 14th.
My school is a 3 year course. I already took my first year before traveling out and now that I have come back again, I'm technically a year behind as American school could not provide me the subjects needed. My ladies are going to graduate this school year while I'll still have 2 years to go through.
I'm going to start in a new class where I know nobody but one girl.
They say 2nd year is the hardest but I'll take it one step at a time. I can always ask my friends for help now that they've been through it.
Furthermore my school and my best friend's school will be merging. It will be the first and largest so called Super Gymnasium in Denmark.
We'll be around 1300 students which.. we were at my first school in America. There were 2400 at my second so I'm pretty used to be around that many people now but it will be exciting to see how others will take it.
Our different traditions, rules, parties, and students will have to merge and we have very mixed feelings about this. Will our old traditions follow us into our new buildings? Or will school life be forever changed because of the new environment?
One thing is for sure though! My school consists of most girls and my best friend's consists of most guys which means... finally there is a chance for everyone to have a dance partner at the school dance!

How about you?
Are you also getting ready for school?

August 8, 2013

Had the bandage removed

The pain diminished in strength after the first 3 days but something worse happened.
I mean, I can live with pain. I knew that it would come and what I had gotten myself into. Furthermore, I knew that it would be worth it, so what does a little pain mean now if I can be happy about the decision for the rest of my life? Naaah! Pain wasn't the problem.
ITCHING WAS!! OHMYGAAAWD IT'S HARD TO RESIST ITCHING!!! (Even though it's a good sign since it means the scars are healing) GAAARH!!!
After putting my self-control on a serious trial, I figured that I could satisfy my ear by tapping it.
And so, 2 hours were spent.. just like that.

I had been looking forward to today. I'd finally be able to scratch get to see my "new" ears!

Some last pictures before I had it removed

Naturally, the first big piece the nurse removed would be filled with dry blood.. but I hadn't expected it to be all black/brown and gross looking! My little gasp prompted the nurse to stop and check up on me to see if I was okay. "Yeah .. it just looks gross that's all" Then she offered me water and grabbed tweezers in order to grab the remaining pieces without touching my sore ear.

As she proceeded, a sudden fatigue washed over me. In seconds, it was as if I had levitated to some tropical island. I was hot yet feeling cool. You know... like when you sweat alot and it kind of cools you back down. (Oh yuuum! Such interesting details!) But I'm trying to explain the situation as well as possible to prepare future patients!
I got to lay down while she removed the rest and afterwards the doctor came in to check if it looked well so far.
"You have to stay until you get some more colour in those cheeks. You're white as white as a ghost! .___."
"Oh, I'm naturally like that"
"Well you need more colour. Do you know what they did in the old Western to wake people up after fights?"
"Nooo o.O?"
"A bucket of water! Do you want water? Or you could get an icecream? Do you want that?"
"I can have icecream o.o?"
"Sure! We need to get some more colour on you. Have you ever had a Hello Kitty icecream?"
"No I-"
"Then you get one of those!"

Jealous of my girly Hello Kitty icecream? Yeah, you should be!

Apparently this is a very natural "behavior" when people have this kind of bandage removed. The nurse meant it might be caused by the sudden change of pressure inside the ears.

It had begun healing already but it was a little bit swollen and purple. This is also very normal though.
I had thought my ears would be all ready for school start but... they informed me that the swelling might stay for a couple of weeks. Meh. I will just hide it under the hair that they did not cut off >___>

I took the left picture from further away but you can still see the swelling on the right. The discolouring didn't quite show up on the picture either.. you can kind of see that the top is a bit darker. 

And the fine little sting that will disappear by themselves.

I gave them left two boxes of chocolate for the department when I left. That's was the least I could do after such a nice treatment :)

See you later guys, I'm going to itch my ear now. (And possibly wash my overly greasy hair hahah)

August 2, 2013

Reasons Why No To Wear Glasses #1

Hi guys! How are you?
I feel much better today! There's still a little bit of pain and I can't move around too fast or look down but it's not bad. Nothing that I need pain relief for~

Now that I have handicapped myself more or less, I have pretty much just spent most of my time in front of the computer. I've gotten both Illustrator and Photoshop on my computer now so I've spent some time trying to figure that out. 

This is my very first drawing (without following a book) in Illustrator, what do you think? :)

August 1, 2013

The ear surgery

UGH!!! This HUUUUURTS!!!!! 

Like an old friend once said:
"I swear I could punch a hole in the wall if I tried right now, that's how much it hurts!"
(And this all because I was giving him a back massage...)

Omg... *deep breath* For some reason, if I'm in pain, I tend to flex like every muscle in my body.. and then I hold my breath. I've been flexing for hours now. I tell you, I feel a six-pack coming!
So why am I complaining like this? What's hurting me?
As you can read in my post Warm days and ear surgery, my surgery was today.
Now the surgery is over and I'm just silently dying here.. well "silently". Whenever people talk to me I just growl back at them.

Let me take you on a trip. A trip though time. A trip through space. A trip through.... Naaah, let's save that for later. I'll just take you back with me a couple of hours.

It's 10am and I've now been sitting in the waiting room for about an hour when the young nurse comes out again. "Come with me please, we need to remove some hair".
.... and THAT, dear readers, is how I got a minor side cut. Ugh! Now I know how i feels when I sweep my hands over my dad's newly shaved head. It's weird! It feels like legs that haven't been shaved for 3 days or so.
Eeeeew... look at that nasty ear! All dumbo-like. I'm glad this is being changed.

OH btw, I got to run around in the typical sexy hospital clothes!
Looks at the fabric! It's like a towel! I can wash my hands and just dry them in my pants! 

I didn't spend much time in the waiting room after that before the doctor came and took me back to "my temporary bed". He told me what was going to happen, how he was going to cut my ear open, etc.
Soon I was escorted to the room by a porter and for a second or two, my breath was taken away. The sight of those big machine-looking-things which looked like something they would use to kill a person with, made me just a tac nervous. 
There were two nurses and one doctor working on me and they were all SUCH such nice people. 

I had completely forgot about the relaxing pill I was supposed to eat and when I mentioned it, it was too late so I had to surgery without. 
They began to "numb" the area behind the ear and aferwards the ear itself. Not in the soft part where you normally get earrings, in the hard and thin side of the ear.
They did this with a needle. A first I felt a poke, then he moved it further up INSIDE my ear, injected the anesthesia, and pulled down the needle then out. Uuuh... just thinking about it makes me shiver! 
It was a very unpleasant feeling and it hurt. It did. The nurse was beside me and offered her hand to squeeze which I abruptly accepted! 
They had to give me 4 of those injections and after that it was as if they had replaced my real ear with one made out of rubber. I could feel when he grabbed it, but it wasn't pain. I couldn't, however, feel when he cut in it. But the sound of scraping was sill there... eeeh! > < 
The rest of the surgery went fine. They were all talking to me and explaining everything they did to keep me updated.

I thanked them for an easy surgery and was escorted back to my room by the porter. After barely 5 min. they were there to check on the other patients and I (we were 4 sharing a room). The nurse came back and gave me some kind of "hat/nat" that I have to sleep with to keep the ear and bandage in place. 
She let me back in the waiting room where I got to enjoy a very delicious lunch before being released.
Yuuuum yum yum yum <3 I didn't know hospital food was that good

Here are some more pictures I took from my adventure today
There's a nice little café just as you come in
A map to show all the areas. Good thing my grandma was with me!
I didn't even have to grab my own food. I just pointed out what I wanted and it would be served to me
In the waiting room where the nurse is now serving coffee with a smile!
Oh and look and the guy to the left's cheek. He had one of those kid tattoos resembling a butterfly. How sweet
We left the hospital with style!
Instead of just taking the elevator, we jumped in one of these. They just go up and up and up without stopping! Better jump out at the right time

And THAT bring me back to the present time. 
I've eaten sooooo many pain relief pills and they. just. won't. work. 

But the massive amount of pain (not the warm feeling I was told about. A strange pain that is really hard to describe. It is as if my ears are big speakers and somebody is just BLASTING dubsteb! WUB WUB WUB) is still there and apparently "competely normal". Gosh... I won't even think of sleeping tonight.. or moving around. Even swallowing hurts!

I will keep you updated. 

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