August 15, 2013

Back to School Part II

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As you might have read in my latest post, I started school yesterday.

When I was a little kid, I'd always have trouble falling asleep the night before my birthday, Christmas, vacation etc. simply because they were big events and starting at my own Danish school was no exception!
My mind was filled with pure exciting but also fear. 
I HATE when I can't find my way around and this school would be HUUUUGE due to two of the big school in my city merging. 

My best friend Emilie literally lives right behind the school so we decided to have a minor sleepover as she used to go to the other school that had now merged with mine.

As we didn't have to show up before 10am, we used our extra time on some delicious breakfast
Strawberry smoothies, scrambled eggs, and bacon!

After a short introduction in the gym, the classes split out into our new classrooms and I got to chat a little with just a few of my new classmates. You see, the Danish school system differs from the American. Here we are not 500 students at the same age, attending different classes with all different people throughout the day. Here we STAY with our class. You have ONE class and that's it. In each class there's about 30 people and if you don't like them then too bad. You're stuck there for 3 years. On the other hand I feel that our schools are better because it kind of forces you into talking to people and building friendships. It's impossible not to talk to / make friends with at least a few from your class.

2nd period we were called to the assembly hall for a "surprise"
Turns out it was the Danish rock-band The Floor Is Made of Lava who came to play!
Why exactly them? Because two of them graduated from our school back in time
I got a nice floor seat with Mette!

Then today was the first REAL day of school. No welcoming or meeting late, just classes.
So many things are yet to be figured out. 

How do I get to school? (The bus plans have changed and totally crashed our perfectly-figured-out transportation plans)
.....Where's our class?
Where's our NEXT class?!
Uuuh is that the cute guy? Which class is he in?

I paparazzi'd this picture today in math class.
Not many chose math on a higher level...
I was afraid that I'd be hard going back to my school's level of math after I had spent one semester in an Algebra I class filled with.. a bunch of very annoying kids... and then the other semester without any math at all! We started out pretty much where I left: powers and roots with arbitrary exponents!

Yesterday Monika and I arrived half an hour too late to gym class because we couldn't find the field where we were supposed to be playing soccer. Gladly our teacher was understanding and deleted our absence.

Getting lost like that can be expected from me but... this is the entire school!
It's so bad that I saw maps over the school hanging on the walls!
Not just did they do that, they also sent us pdf versions on our school website

Ground floor
1st floor
Aaaaand 2nd floor

My class spent approximately 10 min. walking around searching for our biology room like a flock of confused people in a room filled with those flashy bright white lights that make everything seem like it's in slowmotion.
Yup. Those maps were badly needed. 


  1. Wow, the thing you mentioned about being in the same class really IS different from American universities! It's so different that it's hard for me to imagine what that'd be like!

    That strawberry smoothie looks delicious! To have it for breakfast sounds like a lavish lifestyle... and I am so envious T_T

    Good luck with school and modeling! ^^

    1. Hahahah very! I think it's hard for everyone to understand unless they have felt the difference themselves :) I found the American system very confusing at first! :O

      Yeeah I love smoothies ^o^ But it's not that lavish again. It's easy and quick to make and I feel full for a long time! You should try doing it one morning :3

      And 감사합니다! (I'm assuming you speak or at least understand Korean?) :) <3