August 24, 2013

First Friday's Café of the year!

For them girlies, take a look at my very first OOTD post on my beauty blog  (╹◡╹) ♥

After having spent my first week in school, I decided that now was the time to treat myself! (Lol it's hard starting school again okay?!)

Both Thursday and Friday I was out early. 11.15am to be precise!
I had a lot of time to enjoy myself and I had found a really cute skirt on Gina Tricot's website that I wanted to get my hands on. Having friends around is nice but sometimes I also like to just be able to go where I want to go and take my time.

I caught the bus directly from school and went downtown where there, to my surprise, were a LOT of people. The reason for this was that there was an International Market going on! (Apparently..) I didn't know about this, but as soon as I saw all the little stands, I knew I had picked the right day to go.

Shops from all over the world were there! 
You could buy sweaters, plushies, hats, gloves, antlers etc. from Finland!
An Italian bread stand
A stand with Egyptian figures and antics
Italian cheese!
Pearls, birthstones, gems, jewelry, everything!
Dutch cheese!
There was also an AMAZING Dutch stand with waffles and cookies 
The French and Spanish food stands also attracted quite an amount of people. My lunchfast consisted of chicken paella from the Spanish booth!

Polish honey and honey figures (small yellow things in front of the costumer)
I love how the Russian stand stood out from the other shops that mostly sold food, clothes, or souvenirs... 
The Russians were like "нет! We sell hobby knives, lighters, and gas masks!"

25 degrees Celcius and sunny despite the skies. Perfect day for a market!
There was a big German wiener stand in the middle and they provided loud happy music for people to get in that international shopping mood

Nonetheless, my little peaceful bubble silently popped when my friend Søren caught my eye and .. well I found myself in a few different shops looking at ties with him. Here I was, happy-go-lucky and just letting the wind blow me into the next store when he showed up.
I don't mind spending time with him, but it confuses me why he wants to spend time with me. It's a free country, he could just .. you know nod, ignore me, say hi, do whatever and then go. He claims to hate pretty much my entire friend group, if it's all an act I can't tell, and always insults them in my presence. He says I'm one of them so why even bother with me? Psh, guys.

I thought it'd be fun to mess with him a little, so I released my inner girl and brought him near every shoe store I found. I'd pull an "uuuh" whenever I saw something shiny and smelled half the amount of lotions inside the Bodyshop store.

We later met up with Sushi, his girlfriend and my friend, who had been walking around downtown with Mette for a while. Søren gladly told her how he had made a make-up artist "attack" me inside Bodyshop.. I guess that was payback for pulling him into so many different stores.

Friday we had the very first Friday's Café at school.

I was sitting with Mette and the other girls from our little group

There was a DJ and the bars were open to everyone. We have around.. 4-5 of those a year I guess, and it is a tradition that we dance Lanciers. Actually, Denmark is the only country in the world where dancing Lanciers is a tradition! To explain really quick... it's an old dance from the 1800s that was mostly used by the nobillity. The music is... different and the dance consists of 5 rounds. Each little group has 4 pairs, 8 people total and we take turns to do the steps. It's been 2 years since I last danced it and my 3.G friends weren't much better than me. 
It seemed like most of the others got an okay grip on it
I apologize for the bad pictures. It happened so fast!
Our little group screwed up completely but it's the tradition that matters! It was fun. I missed stuff like that in America.

Lanciers is the dance that ALL students dance once a year at our school's Spring Celebration (Our version of the American Prom) so eventually I will have to learn it again. Next one is in May so I've got time!
In this video you will find all 5 rounds of music that we dance to

I spent the evening babysitting my eight and ten year old grandcousins. 
Those girls  are some of the most adorable and well-raised kids you can find

I'm here getting a cola/fanta manicure from the youngest, Sofie

They are, no joke, my biggest fans EVAH and everything I do is just amazing to them. So when it's getting late and near their bedtime, will these fangirls go to sleep? HECK NO!
Therefore I shall share with you this little but useful piece of information
Tip for babysitters: Make them dance!

By the end of the night they were so tired that I almost didn't have to force them to bed. After 20 min. they were completely out!

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