August 8, 2013

Had the bandage removed

The pain diminished in strength after the first 3 days but something worse happened.
I mean, I can live with pain. I knew that it would come and what I had gotten myself into. Furthermore, I knew that it would be worth it, so what does a little pain mean now if I can be happy about the decision for the rest of my life? Naaah! Pain wasn't the problem.
ITCHING WAS!! OHMYGAAAWD IT'S HARD TO RESIST ITCHING!!! (Even though it's a good sign since it means the scars are healing) GAAARH!!!
After putting my self-control on a serious trial, I figured that I could satisfy my ear by tapping it.
And so, 2 hours were spent.. just like that.

I had been looking forward to today. I'd finally be able to scratch get to see my "new" ears!

Some last pictures before I had it removed

Naturally, the first big piece the nurse removed would be filled with dry blood.. but I hadn't expected it to be all black/brown and gross looking! My little gasp prompted the nurse to stop and check up on me to see if I was okay. "Yeah .. it just looks gross that's all" Then she offered me water and grabbed tweezers in order to grab the remaining pieces without touching my sore ear.

As she proceeded, a sudden fatigue washed over me. In seconds, it was as if I had levitated to some tropical island. I was hot yet feeling cool. You know... like when you sweat alot and it kind of cools you back down. (Oh yuuum! Such interesting details!) But I'm trying to explain the situation as well as possible to prepare future patients!
I got to lay down while she removed the rest and afterwards the doctor came in to check if it looked well so far.
"You have to stay until you get some more colour in those cheeks. You're white as white as a ghost! .___."
"Oh, I'm naturally like that"
"Well you need more colour. Do you know what they did in the old Western to wake people up after fights?"
"Nooo o.O?"
"A bucket of water! Do you want water? Or you could get an icecream? Do you want that?"
"I can have icecream o.o?"
"Sure! We need to get some more colour on you. Have you ever had a Hello Kitty icecream?"
"No I-"
"Then you get one of those!"

Jealous of my girly Hello Kitty icecream? Yeah, you should be!

Apparently this is a very natural "behavior" when people have this kind of bandage removed. The nurse meant it might be caused by the sudden change of pressure inside the ears.

It had begun healing already but it was a little bit swollen and purple. This is also very normal though.
I had thought my ears would be all ready for school start but... they informed me that the swelling might stay for a couple of weeks. Meh. I will just hide it under the hair that they did not cut off >___>

I took the left picture from further away but you can still see the swelling on the right. The discolouring didn't quite show up on the picture either.. you can kind of see that the top is a bit darker. 

And the fine little sting that will disappear by themselves.

I gave them left two boxes of chocolate for the department when I left. That's was the least I could do after such a nice treatment :)

See you later guys, I'm going to itch my ear now. (And possibly wash my overly greasy hair hahah)

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