August 1, 2013

The ear surgery

UGH!!! This HUUUUURTS!!!!! 

Like an old friend once said:
"I swear I could punch a hole in the wall if I tried right now, that's how much it hurts!"
(And this all because I was giving him a back massage...)

Omg... *deep breath* For some reason, if I'm in pain, I tend to flex like every muscle in my body.. and then I hold my breath. I've been flexing for hours now. I tell you, I feel a six-pack coming!
So why am I complaining like this? What's hurting me?
As you can read in my post Warm days and ear surgery, my surgery was today.
Now the surgery is over and I'm just silently dying here.. well "silently". Whenever people talk to me I just growl back at them.

Let me take you on a trip. A trip though time. A trip through space. A trip through.... Naaah, let's save that for later. I'll just take you back with me a couple of hours.

It's 10am and I've now been sitting in the waiting room for about an hour when the young nurse comes out again. "Come with me please, we need to remove some hair".
.... and THAT, dear readers, is how I got a minor side cut. Ugh! Now I know how i feels when I sweep my hands over my dad's newly shaved head. It's weird! It feels like legs that haven't been shaved for 3 days or so.
Eeeeew... look at that nasty ear! All dumbo-like. I'm glad this is being changed.

OH btw, I got to run around in the typical sexy hospital clothes!
Looks at the fabric! It's like a towel! I can wash my hands and just dry them in my pants! 

I didn't spend much time in the waiting room after that before the doctor came and took me back to "my temporary bed". He told me what was going to happen, how he was going to cut my ear open, etc.
Soon I was escorted to the room by a porter and for a second or two, my breath was taken away. The sight of those big machine-looking-things which looked like something they would use to kill a person with, made me just a tac nervous. 
There were two nurses and one doctor working on me and they were all SUCH such nice people. 

I had completely forgot about the relaxing pill I was supposed to eat and when I mentioned it, it was too late so I had to surgery without. 
They began to "numb" the area behind the ear and aferwards the ear itself. Not in the soft part where you normally get earrings, in the hard and thin side of the ear.
They did this with a needle. A first I felt a poke, then he moved it further up INSIDE my ear, injected the anesthesia, and pulled down the needle then out. Uuuh... just thinking about it makes me shiver! 
It was a very unpleasant feeling and it hurt. It did. The nurse was beside me and offered her hand to squeeze which I abruptly accepted! 
They had to give me 4 of those injections and after that it was as if they had replaced my real ear with one made out of rubber. I could feel when he grabbed it, but it wasn't pain. I couldn't, however, feel when he cut in it. But the sound of scraping was sill there... eeeh! > < 
The rest of the surgery went fine. They were all talking to me and explaining everything they did to keep me updated.

I thanked them for an easy surgery and was escorted back to my room by the porter. After barely 5 min. they were there to check on the other patients and I (we were 4 sharing a room). The nurse came back and gave me some kind of "hat/nat" that I have to sleep with to keep the ear and bandage in place. 
She let me back in the waiting room where I got to enjoy a very delicious lunch before being released.
Yuuuum yum yum yum <3 I didn't know hospital food was that good

Here are some more pictures I took from my adventure today
There's a nice little café just as you come in
A map to show all the areas. Good thing my grandma was with me!
I didn't even have to grab my own food. I just pointed out what I wanted and it would be served to me
In the waiting room where the nurse is now serving coffee with a smile!
Oh and look and the guy to the left's cheek. He had one of those kid tattoos resembling a butterfly. How sweet
We left the hospital with style!
Instead of just taking the elevator, we jumped in one of these. They just go up and up and up without stopping! Better jump out at the right time

And THAT bring me back to the present time. 
I've eaten sooooo many pain relief pills and they. just. won't. work. 

But the massive amount of pain (not the warm feeling I was told about. A strange pain that is really hard to describe. It is as if my ears are big speakers and somebody is just BLASTING dubsteb! WUB WUB WUB) is still there and apparently "competely normal". Gosh... I won't even think of sleeping tonight.. or moving around. Even swallowing hurts!

I will keep you updated. 

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