August 28, 2013

The Princess came!

My class was not impressed. Actually... I don't think ANY of our 1313 students were impressed when the Danish Princess Marie (and a bunch of other "important people" cut the red rope to inaugurate our school. Most didn't care and some (including two of my friends) simply skipped the whole thing.

"So why did she cut it? We don't need her to cut it. The school is already open and we've been here for 1½ week now! OMG they put out the red carpet?! I want a red carpet too! What makes her so special?! Oh. My. Gosh! LOOK AT THAT FOOD! I WANT THAT DELICIOUS-LOOKING FOOD!!!"
- Pretty much everybody I talked to that day

And I have to say that I agree with them at some points. 
Why this traditional ceremony? Is it really necessary?
"She isn't even a Royal kid, she just married into the family"

My school (the STX part) is a very old school and still has all its old traditions. I've always thought of myself as a very non-traditional person. I hated when I had to do things the way they had been done years of years ago. I wanted to do it my way! But then on the other hand... I love how my school still dances Les Lanciers. I love how we, once a year, has a day where the students sing themselves out of school (As in we all gather to sing old songs for the principal and when it's loud enough, he let's us out of school for the rest of the day. It's a tradition from WWII). So I guess I'm not so traditional again.

Before I left for America I always thought that we should abolish the Royal Family and have a President... but when I got over there and heard how unique the Crown and their story is, I kind of changed my mind.
Now I'm stuck in the middle - I find them.. useless? I don't mean it that harsh though, but they don't exactly DO anything but representing our country and history whenever they visit other countries. But then again I don't want to get rid of them... BECAUSE they represent us in that way. The Royal Family has SUCH an important role in our history.. our country was build around the Warrior Kings.

And to screw up our minds even more... while most of us didn't like the thought of the Princess coming to cut the rope, many would have liked to see either our Queen or the Crown Princess / Prince. Weird huh?
What do you think about it? Would you like to see a member of the Royal family come to inaugurate YOUR school or workplace? 
Share your thoughts! :)
(My American friend seemed very excited when I told him about it. So maybe it's just my generation here in Denmark?)

We had been instructed to NOT take pictures of her(!) so if you're into that kind of stuff, here are some pictures from my local newspaper from the ceremony.
They really DID roll out the red carpet for her
Please don't misunderstand my post. We had nothing against her personally, just the thought of someone being so important that we had to lower our social status. The school is our home, so why do we have to change everything just to impress someone from a supposedly higher social class?
Marie (37) is super pretty. She seemed super sweet and was constantly smiling during the ceremony. Her nature made her stand out as a young person and she was actually a bit clumsy. Cute!
Aaaaall the "important people" were seated while the students had clumped up in the sides and, like me, stood on the balcony. 
A couple of people held speeches, including the princess. It was clear that she had been reciting the speech for a long time. Her pronunciation was terrible (she's French), but even though she doesn't master Danish, she's fluent in French, Italian, Spanish, and English.
(Can you find my friend Maria in the background?)

Our very own students (and ex-students) provided some great music! The guy holding the guitar is my friend Mette's boyfriend, Mikkel.
(Can you find two of my earlier classmates sleeping in the background?)

After the ceremony, the school provided us students hotdogs outside while the "important people" and teachers had a banquet inside.


  1. I think the princess is another person just with a different status, do not get me wrong but a person who is superior only be such as family and the royal family supposedly, not paece me stupid. I live in South America and here is a great stupidity that of princes and princesses royal family.

  2. I agree with you :)
    Even though she has a high status, I wouldn't agree to them saying that she's more worth as a person than us. That just seems messed up to me > <
    I didn't even know there were still royal families in South America, do they also go to events like this one?

    Thank you for commenting, I'm very happy to know that you read my post ^o^
    Have a great day! <3