September 27, 2013

Dat Friday Song!

Every Friday morning, the local radio station plays a song that they have, so creatively, named "The Friday Song" and with such a weird song and the 3 radio hosts screaming in the background, one cannot start their Friday with a smile. With THAT song they make it possible for all their listeners to get through that one last day of the week before going home and enjoying time with their friends and family.

I can't start my Friday without singing out loud to this song and the fact that I can't sing Portuguese.. or speak Portuguese... or sing at all shall not stop me. It's Friday!

But what happened today?
We left home earlier than usual and got to my school before they played the song... and I didn't get my song..
but as I'm walking towards the building, my sister calls and puts it on speaker mode as they're blasting the song in the background!

THAT, people, is love!
Have a nice weekend <3 

September 19, 2013

"So where are you going after school?"

"So what are you going to do when you finish school?"

Have you gotten that question before?
Recently I've been getting it a lot and it freaks me out!
(Warning: It often comes after the "So how old were you again?". In case you get this question, don't even deal with it, just run. Run out of the room crying "I DON'T WANNA GROW UP!!" while flaring your arms like a maniac)

Have you gotten it before? How does it feel? How do you react?
Me? Every time I get the question I freeze and the little Lucy up there just completely shuts down.
I have NO idea what to say.
"What do I even want to be?! I might be 18 and "mature" but how the heck am I supposed to, within seconds, tell people about my plans for the rest of my life?! That's impossible!"
I can't! I just can't!

I hate how all the grown-ups in our lives, with their family, homes, and secure incomes, keep telling us to pick a good career that we can be in for the next 40 years. It's for our own good but it almost has a negative effect. Whenever I get the question, I wish I could stop the time and never grow older. Never will I have to worry about the future again...
What if I make the wrong choice?! My uncle already made his so of course he can sit there all calm and tell me what to do... because I'm the one who's got something to lose :OO
So if I make the wrong choice... those years I've spent, trying to become something that I never really wanted to, will be gone. Just gone! And I will be even older when I try to get into the next career..

The thing is; I don't want to spend all my young years studying, I want to get out and work while I'm still under 30 and.. that's actually harder than it sounds (If you want a good steady career here).

But then today at school we had some sort of career period (not an entire day, just half a period) and I walked over to this super sweet woman who, like myself, wanted to work overseas. After I'd had a chit-chat with her and gotten a lot of information, I could suddenly see myself in her position. Can you guess what she was? A Shipping Trainee!

No... I had never expected myself to like a job like that either but I didn't just see myself in her position, I saw an older version of me in her. A future me! (sound weird huh?)
Well it has exactly what I want...

  • I can get to work overseas (NY, Singapore, Brazil, etc.)
  • Having studied 1 year overseas will be a plus
  • There's math in it and the level of math I'm taking already is enough!
  • I can go from being a student to a trainee within months..  = no university needed! (which is 4 years)
  • I can use my 2½ languages
  • The pay is average in the beginning and will rise
  • It's a very social job meaning it's all about networking and there are a lot of events to go to. 

Actually... shipping doesn't seem bad at all! 

September 12, 2013

One year ago

One year ago...

Exactly a year ago I was a completely different person.
At this time, on September 12th 2012, I was sitting on a plane heading for LA. I had been on the plane for only about 2 hours and I still had 9 more to go. I was already tired but had also told myself to not fall asleep under any circumstances as I'm always a little slow right when I wake up.
The plane was very very hot and a thick scent of sweat was flowing around the cabin. At first it was overwhelming, but the noise from the other passengers kept me distracted. I had been placed in the middle of a big group of French people. None of them were my age and none of them spoke English.. at all! It was doomed to be a quiet flight. It was okay though. The man beside me would occasionally smile and that was all I needed to not feel alone. 

What kind of mess was this anyways?

Slowly the thoughts of my family, friends, and the life I had left behind, appeared in my mind. My life now was good. I had friends. I liked my school even though it was hard at first getting enough sleep. I had a loving family (even though I would have at least one fight with my mom every day). I had a best friend, whom I had left in tears, not knowing how her life would now be. I had my rabbit. I had the girl friends whom I would talk about boys with and discuss the latest fashion and how cute that dress that we saw a few days ago was. I had the guy friends that would be there when the girls became too much. I had people to cheer me up when I was down. I had everything but myself. 

No, this is not yet one of those stupid stories about how people "found themselves and blablabla" but it ended up like that. 

You know how they say that a picture says more than a thousand words - How about 154? Sure all these pictures can tell a lot, but there will always be untold stories. There will always be stories about that lost friendship. The chance that was never taken. The bad choice that should have never been made. The people I'd wish I had never met. The people I should have treasured while I still had them. The things I'd wish to have never seen nor heard... but also the good things I saw. The people I met. The food I ate. The things I did. The chances I took. The embarrassment. The love stories. The friendships that I could never be without. The people I would never want to lose again. These pictures represent all the adventures and obstacles that I met over there. They represent a life in one year.

Although they only add up to a tiny tiny tiny percentage of the things I went through, I remember everything.

I went out into the big world as a small innocent girl... and I came back wiser. I found myself. I found out who to trust and whom I would kill in a second if I had the chance (noooo I'm joking!.. maybe). I found out how it was to lose something that I loved the most, and how to live with it. I learned a lot of things both about me but also the world that surrounds us. It was like a second chance at life and mine sure got a lot better. 
I was a new person. I had a new life and brought the best from my earlier life with me. One might say that a year isn't that long... but for me... 
For me.. 

... One year ago was in another life

September 5, 2013

School caught me

Hadn't realized it's been so "long" since I last blogged here!

...and I'm afraid I have nothing really interesting to blog about today. I'm just here to tell you all that I'm still alive and fine! My mom went to a check-up for cancer again today and she was all healthy so.. yeah.. I'm doing fine :)
Like I've probably mentioned earlier, they say that the second year at my school (which is the one I'm taking now) is the hardest and.. well I can't say that it's been harder than first year so far but it will come. I'm taking it slow, handling one day at the time and one assignment at the time!
I've spent a lot of time on my assignments and I can proudly say that I have finished 2 out of the current 4 that I have. But working for hours on my assignments take up so much energy that whenever I take a break (or have finished) I'm ready to just fall asleep on my floor!

Either I sleep or I treat myself for my "hard work"- and that led me to watch the movie Contagion. I saw my new friend Maiken watch it one day in class and it looked interesting so.. why not? I find watching a movie super effective on stressy days.

I'm also rather excited for tomorrow!
1) Because I joined a group at school called OD, who collect money for people in need in other countries and tomorrow is one of their baking sales! We all bring cakes and the money we earn tomorrow will go to our little fond.
2) Because tomorrow is the big Neptun Party! The first big party of the year (except for the one for the 1st graders) and I'm probably going to a pre-party with my new SUPER SWEET classmates. After that is the actual party and I'm not quite sure if I'm going to be with my best friend at that point.. she had planned for me to meet someone she knows but she might be busy with her own class. Aaaaand lastly I'll probably be going downtown with my old classmates (Sushi, Mette, Niaraki and all) afterwards. It'll be good to get some time off from the assignments and meet new people!

What do you do to stress down?
Do you know any good movie that you'd recommend?