September 27, 2013

Dat Friday Song!

Every Friday morning, the local radio station plays a song that they have, so creatively, named "The Friday Song" and with such a weird song and the 3 radio hosts screaming in the background, one cannot start their Friday with a smile. With THAT song they make it possible for all their listeners to get through that one last day of the week before going home and enjoying time with their friends and family.

I can't start my Friday without singing out loud to this song and the fact that I can't sing Portuguese.. or speak Portuguese... or sing at all shall not stop me. It's Friday!

But what happened today?
We left home earlier than usual and got to my school before they played the song... and I didn't get my song..
but as I'm walking towards the building, my sister calls and puts it on speaker mode as they're blasting the song in the background!

THAT, people, is love!
Have a nice weekend <3 

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