September 12, 2013

One year ago

One year ago...

Exactly a year ago I was a completely different person.
At this time, on September 12th 2012, I was sitting on a plane heading for LA. I had been on the plane for only about 2 hours and I still had 9 more to go. I was already tired but had also told myself to not fall asleep under any circumstances as I'm always a little slow right when I wake up.
The plane was very very hot and a thick scent of sweat was flowing around the cabin. At first it was overwhelming, but the noise from the other passengers kept me distracted. I had been placed in the middle of a big group of French people. None of them were my age and none of them spoke English.. at all! It was doomed to be a quiet flight. It was okay though. The man beside me would occasionally smile and that was all I needed to not feel alone. 

What kind of mess was this anyways?

Slowly the thoughts of my family, friends, and the life I had left behind, appeared in my mind. My life now was good. I had friends. I liked my school even though it was hard at first getting enough sleep. I had a loving family (even though I would have at least one fight with my mom every day). I had a best friend, whom I had left in tears, not knowing how her life would now be. I had my rabbit. I had the girl friends whom I would talk about boys with and discuss the latest fashion and how cute that dress that we saw a few days ago was. I had the guy friends that would be there when the girls became too much. I had people to cheer me up when I was down. I had everything but myself. 

No, this is not yet one of those stupid stories about how people "found themselves and blablabla" but it ended up like that. 

You know how they say that a picture says more than a thousand words - How about 154? Sure all these pictures can tell a lot, but there will always be untold stories. There will always be stories about that lost friendship. The chance that was never taken. The bad choice that should have never been made. The people I'd wish I had never met. The people I should have treasured while I still had them. The things I'd wish to have never seen nor heard... but also the good things I saw. The people I met. The food I ate. The things I did. The chances I took. The embarrassment. The love stories. The friendships that I could never be without. The people I would never want to lose again. These pictures represent all the adventures and obstacles that I met over there. They represent a life in one year.

Although they only add up to a tiny tiny tiny percentage of the things I went through, I remember everything.

I went out into the big world as a small innocent girl... and I came back wiser. I found myself. I found out who to trust and whom I would kill in a second if I had the chance (noooo I'm joking!.. maybe). I found out how it was to lose something that I loved the most, and how to live with it. I learned a lot of things both about me but also the world that surrounds us. It was like a second chance at life and mine sure got a lot better. 
I was a new person. I had a new life and brought the best from my earlier life with me. One might say that a year isn't that long... but for me... 
For me.. 

... One year ago was in another life

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