September 5, 2013

School caught me

Hadn't realized it's been so "long" since I last blogged here!

...and I'm afraid I have nothing really interesting to blog about today. I'm just here to tell you all that I'm still alive and fine! My mom went to a check-up for cancer again today and she was all healthy so.. yeah.. I'm doing fine :)
Like I've probably mentioned earlier, they say that the second year at my school (which is the one I'm taking now) is the hardest and.. well I can't say that it's been harder than first year so far but it will come. I'm taking it slow, handling one day at the time and one assignment at the time!
I've spent a lot of time on my assignments and I can proudly say that I have finished 2 out of the current 4 that I have. But working for hours on my assignments take up so much energy that whenever I take a break (or have finished) I'm ready to just fall asleep on my floor!

Either I sleep or I treat myself for my "hard work"- and that led me to watch the movie Contagion. I saw my new friend Maiken watch it one day in class and it looked interesting so.. why not? I find watching a movie super effective on stressy days.

I'm also rather excited for tomorrow!
1) Because I joined a group at school called OD, who collect money for people in need in other countries and tomorrow is one of their baking sales! We all bring cakes and the money we earn tomorrow will go to our little fond.
2) Because tomorrow is the big Neptun Party! The first big party of the year (except for the one for the 1st graders) and I'm probably going to a pre-party with my new SUPER SWEET classmates. After that is the actual party and I'm not quite sure if I'm going to be with my best friend at that point.. she had planned for me to meet someone she knows but she might be busy with her own class. Aaaaand lastly I'll probably be going downtown with my old classmates (Sushi, Mette, Niaraki and all) afterwards. It'll be good to get some time off from the assignments and meet new people!

What do you do to stress down?
Do you know any good movie that you'd recommend? 

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