September 19, 2013

"So where are you going after school?"

"So what are you going to do when you finish school?"

Have you gotten that question before?
Recently I've been getting it a lot and it freaks me out!
(Warning: It often comes after the "So how old were you again?". In case you get this question, don't even deal with it, just run. Run out of the room crying "I DON'T WANNA GROW UP!!" while flaring your arms like a maniac)

Have you gotten it before? How does it feel? How do you react?
Me? Every time I get the question I freeze and the little Lucy up there just completely shuts down.
I have NO idea what to say.
"What do I even want to be?! I might be 18 and "mature" but how the heck am I supposed to, within seconds, tell people about my plans for the rest of my life?! That's impossible!"
I can't! I just can't!

I hate how all the grown-ups in our lives, with their family, homes, and secure incomes, keep telling us to pick a good career that we can be in for the next 40 years. It's for our own good but it almost has a negative effect. Whenever I get the question, I wish I could stop the time and never grow older. Never will I have to worry about the future again...
What if I make the wrong choice?! My uncle already made his so of course he can sit there all calm and tell me what to do... because I'm the one who's got something to lose :OO
So if I make the wrong choice... those years I've spent, trying to become something that I never really wanted to, will be gone. Just gone! And I will be even older when I try to get into the next career..

The thing is; I don't want to spend all my young years studying, I want to get out and work while I'm still under 30 and.. that's actually harder than it sounds (If you want a good steady career here).

But then today at school we had some sort of career period (not an entire day, just half a period) and I walked over to this super sweet woman who, like myself, wanted to work overseas. After I'd had a chit-chat with her and gotten a lot of information, I could suddenly see myself in her position. Can you guess what she was? A Shipping Trainee!

No... I had never expected myself to like a job like that either but I didn't just see myself in her position, I saw an older version of me in her. A future me! (sound weird huh?)
Well it has exactly what I want...

  • I can get to work overseas (NY, Singapore, Brazil, etc.)
  • Having studied 1 year overseas will be a plus
  • There's math in it and the level of math I'm taking already is enough!
  • I can go from being a student to a trainee within months..  = no university needed! (which is 4 years)
  • I can use my 2½ languages
  • The pay is average in the beginning and will rise
  • It's a very social job meaning it's all about networking and there are a lot of events to go to. 

Actually... shipping doesn't seem bad at all! 


  1. Shipping :)
    Sounds good but still think if u are ready for the challenges u are gonna meet up..!!
    Just gazing the glittering part of it, try meet her up again ask more than just pleasures of being in sea...
    Just a concern !!

  2. Will do!
    She invited me and some others to a meeting later (I think in October) to hear more about it :) I'm strongly considering going!