October 11, 2013

Fall break has begun + Christmas overseas?

Hello hello hello!  \(-^〇^-)/

Last night I went out to celebrate my friend Sushi's birthday with Søren, Signe, Karoline, and of course the birthday girl herself who was turning 18! Woooh!!
Both Søren and Susanne only had one class today and they even had to meet late for it and could therefore say out longer than Signe and I who had two classes each but still had to meet at 8am. I didn't get to sleep before... 3.30 I think and surprisingly I wasn't the least tired when I went to school. It might have been because I was excited. In my excited state I am never tired!

Why was I excited you ask? 
Because after having my two classes today, my fall break started!!
9 days of.... doing nothing... - - Well at least that'll give me more time to work on my Halloween stuff.
Yeah, as you might have seen of my beauty blog (shame on you if you haven't!) I put up a make-up tutorial for Halloween and I had actually expected a couple of my friends to have rather negative reactions but, so far, all I've got has been a lot of positive feedback! That sure was a pleasant surprise ^o^
I had a LOT (and I'm not exaggerating) of troubles making the video but it sure turned out to be worth it!
There are a couple of things now that I know I could have done better, so there's a slight possibility I might make a new version later on. Much later on.
Hopefully I will get to make a 1, 2, or maybe even 3 more of these before October 31st. We'll see.

Here is a link to the blog post about my video. You can view pictures or go to the video on YouTube from there ----->  Halloween Tutorial - Broken Porcelain Doll

Something else that has been taking up a lot of my time has been my travel plan. 
Some time ago, my friend Ann-Kathrine (AK) and I had been talking about going to Singapore, just the two of us, and celebrate Christmas.
AK has, ever since I was 6, been one of my best friends. This year she returned from having lived with her family in Qatar for 4 years now and while she was there, she attended an American High School. Many international workers go to Qatar and while she was there, she made a good friend who now resides in France. Just a few weeks ago AK passed me up and told me that her friend had invited her down for Christmas and since we didn't have any actual plans yet, I wouldn't stop her.
But I'm also that type of person who, once I've set up my mind for something, finds it hard to cancel plans. 

~Well.. I guess I could always go somewhere by myself?~ I thought. 
So I contacted some people here and there and... it seems like I'll be aiming for Christmas + New Years in Malaysia instead!
Since I wasn't home last year to celebrate either of these days with my family (because I was an exchange student in California), my parents didn't like the thought of it that much. My mom was worried about me going alone and my dad.. he's more sensitive than you'd think when it comes to his little girl. But my parents will never stop me if it's something I really really want to do. They proved that when they sent me to America.
What I'm currently doing is that I took all their concerns and questions...
"When?"          "Where will you be staying?"          "Do you need any vaccines?"          "Is it safe?"
                "Who'll pick you up?"          "How will you get away from the airport?"
                           "How much are the plane tickets?"             "How will you get around?"            "How will you avoid being roasted in the sun?"          Does the insurance cover you?"
                                   "How can we still celebrate Christmas together then?"

...and wrote them down on a piece of paper so I can figure one thing at the time. 

My main concerns right now are the plane tickets; I won't have enough money for the tickets that I want before November. Until then, I can't afford to spend much and my concern right now is that the tickets I want might already be sold out if I have to wait until next month :/ What if that happens and I'll be forced to pay more in order to get tickets? I might not be able to afford the others...
I can't just buy any tickets... there are some countries I would really NOT like to be alone in > <

But this is my new project and I really want to do it! 
The word has already spread around the place and all of my friends there are already super excited to see me. I need to make this happen. I must!


  1. No worry I can help~!!!!but at least tell me your plans first..haha

    1. Hahahh it's all good, but I will let you know when I find out more! :)