October 28, 2013

Just a storm

Iiiiiif you live in England, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden or wherever it hit, you probably have figured that we had a storm today!

I won't go into many details but... this storm is (at least when it comes to Denmark) the worst in 11 years o__O I'd heard a lot about it in the news and heard how people had prepared for it but the medias tend to always exaggerate stuff! I hadn't expected this one to be bad and honestly.. I still don't think it was as big and bad as everyone said it was -.- 

I live on the west coast of Denmark so we were going to be the first ones to get hit and it was also going to stay here for the longest period of time. It was going to hit us at 2pm so around 1pm it was announced that 4th period had been cancelled for the entire school and now teachers were telling students to go home as I was walking to the door. They even added a little box saying "storm" and had the entire school attend. 

So you know how some American schools decide to give their students snow-free for a day or two? 
I guess you can say I had storm-free .____.

It's odd. This morning as I was walking towards my class, I looked at a tree and thought "I wonder if it's going to fall..." and lookie here! It certainly did. 
My school posted this picture on their Facebook page short after everybody had gone home, and wished us a "happy storm". Here on the west coast we don't take storms that seriously. I mean, the emergency services had prepared but normal people like you and I wouldn't do much. It's not that we buy a lot of food and go hide in a basement. No. We simply go outside, move the furniture in our garden, move our garden trampolines, put on a pair of rubber boots and a warm jacket and live on. 

Soooooome people were a little too carefree though...
This is a picture I found on my facebook short time ago

I guess tomorrow we will hear how many have been injured and how much it's all going to cost. Just like every other storm..

Oh well, happy storm everybody!

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