October 23, 2013

Not really an update

Have you ever heard the saying: 
"Say something nice or don't say anything at all!"

I like the thought of it; just think of how amazing a world we would live in if those negative people would stop pointing out flaws in everything and everyone around them. Of course it wouldn't always be as good an idea when it comes to certain objects. Like food. 

"Hey Harold, how do you like your soup?"
"Oh it's just great! It really has an amazing flavah!" 
"Wow really?"
"Yes yes, you should try it, bud"

And then it turns out what was supposed to taste like a sweet strawberry shortcake tastes like garlic mixed with half a durian boiled in a pair of 2 year old gym socks.
No. Let's be critical when it comes to certain things.

But those people telling what they think about you? 
Do you think I care about you calling me weird? What are you trying to achieve? Yes. Silence is indeed golden and I wish more people would follow his saying. Some of them really needs to just SHATH APP!

Anyhow, my point was that, usually, I like to follow this. Negativity isn't going to help anything so better just keep it to myself and that's why I skipped a few days of blogging. 
Today my mood is much better so I thought I'd update you guys a little :)

I've been discussing with my parents if I could go overseas this year for Christmas. 
And... being an 18 year old girl alone in the world.. my mom wasn't exactly a fan of the idea. I asked what her concerns were and answered them so she no longer has any good arguments against it (convincing her is no big deal) but my dear dad is the problem!
I was an exchange student last year and I already left in September. I wasn't allowed to go home for Christmas and my family wasn't allowed to visit me because "it could cause homesickness and it would ruin their program", so instead we had a Skype Christmas which is described further in THIS post. 
Aaaand now this year he wants me home for Christmas... well I hope I can go though. He said he needed some time to think about it in so... we'll see. I'll keep you updated! 

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  1. Stay cheer~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss you so much you know~!!!!!