November 21, 2013

Just keep swimming~

Hey people!

I want to apologize for my absence.
I've had a bunch of stuff to do. Well no, not a bunch. I've been literally DROWNING in assignments the past two weeks, but I'm working hard on them. My days right now consist of:

  • Wake up
  • Shower
  • Go to school
  • Go home
  • Work on different assignments until dinner
  • Dinner
  • Continue working
  • Go to sleep
  • Repeat
I've been doing make-up in the car because I lack sleep so bad that I NEED that extra half hour in the morning- and a mom that I have to fight with constantly isn't exactly helping either. I lack energy because I put so much work into my school right now.. but how can I not? Our grades for the semester are coming out today at 3.15pm and, even though they don't count, I want them to be good. I want to be one of the best even though I really lack motivation right now. We'll see how it goes. 

Anyhow, I have a TON of ideas for new blog posts (although mainly on my beauty blog) and I will get back to blogging as soon as possible. 
Until then, enjoy yourselves and stay tuned, and...

  Just keep swimming.
Just keep swimming.
Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.
What do we do?
We swim, swim...

November 19, 2013

Voting for the municipal election

Today is one of those few days when reality hits me and I am reminded that I am, in fact, 18 years old no matter how hard I try to hide it. 

Today I get to feel like a grown-up.
Today I get to be responsible for people around me!
                    FIRST TIME! ...for the municipal election

The past few weeks we've been bombed with campaigns. People would hand out roses and candy downtown. Election posters have been (f)lying around since the big storm. Political debates have been all over the news and we've spent at least 15-20 min. talking about the election in every Politics class.
.... Yet people don't care.

I mean some do... but not THAT many and it has left the politicians in a state that looks pretty similar to desperate.
Quite desperate if you ask me. It has come so far that the Parliament put up this video on YouTube, explaining to young people how to vote since we are *ahem* the future of the country! (I know it's in Danish but.. just by listening to the voices you should be able to see and hear how ridiculous this has gotten)

Valg 2013
Even Google is trying to seduce us!

People are discussing whether it makes sense or not and that's, I think, is also the main reason many don't want to vote. We just don't believe in it. Why does it matter whom the head of our country is, if all the big and important decisions are being made by some ignorant old people, sitting on their butts somewhere in the capital? (Well they're not all old).
Anyhow.. my vote may not count much now, but I'm still not going to be one of those people who stay at home and complain. I will use my right as a citizen of Denmark and share my beliefs complain about the system!
(And then complaining about them afterwards will seem much more reasonable)

Another reason many people might not want to vote could be that it's so confusing! Some places, people can run for the election with just 25 signatures, and then they create parties like The Sunshine Party - Promising sunshine every day, all day! Or the woman from the Natures Parti who, in her election video, is standing in full body paint and wearing that weird cat. What the heck...

Even though many seem to not care, they WILL care if you ask them who they're going to vote for. Even married people tend to not want to tell each other. Why is that? Are we afraid others will judge us because of our twisted beliefs? Perhaps it's just how our culture is.. 
Is it the same in your country? Would you vote at a municipal election or would you wait for the "real deal"?

So who am I going to vote for?
                                             ................ I have no idea

November 8, 2013

Mortens Aften

I hope you all had a nice Halloween (if you happen to celebrate that)!

In my country it's not really a thing yet.. I mean it's coming but if kids go trick-or-treating they'll, most times, be met by angry people who will think the kids are just begging. The kids don't know what to say when people finally open the doors and the adults have no idea what to do either.
"Candy? I have none, why would you come to my house and ask for that?" 
Halloween is causing a lot of awkward situations here..

Most people here don't even know the story about Halloween. Why do we celebrate it? What is there to celebrate? Why do people dress up? Isn't it an American thing? Why would we celebrate that?

I see their point. I mean, I have never heard of people celebrating Chinese New Year here either. That belongs to other countries. Don't all countries have those weird days that nobody else really celebrate? Imagine of your home country suddenly celebrated every possible holiday/festival in the world! What a mess! Every single day would be filled with strange traditions and songs and people dressed in all sorts of exotic costumes. I love holidays and those strange traditional days, don't get me wrong, but sometimes I think we should just stick to the dates that actually mean something to us; days that are part of our history, our culture, and who we are.
What do you think?

Speaking of strange dates, we actually have one coming up; it is called "Mortens Aften" which, I believe, would translate to something like "The night of Morten" or "Martini" (Don't hang me up on it). I never quite understood it before I went to America and actually had to research it to be able to explain it to my American family.

The story goes like this:
Saint Morten (or Martin as he's called in Germany) was a very holy and also pious man. People had decided that he should be a bishop now but Morten didn't like that. One night he tried to flee from those people (whoever they were) and decided to hide in a shed with geese. The geese began to .. well make whatever sound a goose makes. Then they began to yell: "He's here! He's hiding in the shed!" so loud that he was found out. Saint Morten was made a bishop and legend says that he, as a revenge, created a law saying that once every November 10th, we should eat geese for dinner to punish them for giving him away.

Strange tradition indeed. Geese, however, are pretty huge and also quite pricey so nowadays we eat ducks instead.
Do you have anything like this in your country?