December 6, 2013


At first it seemed like a storm. My city is used to it and we always take these warnings lightly as the medias tend to always blow up the news and make a huge deal out of a bit of wind, especially because the news stations are near the capital, where people think that a bit of headwind should be considered a storm.

Now the storm has been raging for many hours and is going on its 26th hour as I'm typing this. Meteologists have described "her" as atmospheric bomb and compared her to the only huge storm we've had during my lifetime, the hurricane of 1999!
What started out as a storm has been classified a legit hurricane- and a pretty strong one at that!

Outside is pitch black and I can see how my windows bend inwards when the wind punches against them. A few occasional lightnings came by to say hello yesterday but it is the sound of the wind and the sight of flying furniture outside that leaves the impression of a good ol' hurricane. My cats are freaking out!

The police has warned against going outside almost all over the country and almost every single bride, connecting us, has been closed. Ferries stopped sailing from 12pm or so. Some airports have cancelled or delayed a couple of flights while some have closed down completely. AND for the first time EVER in Danish history, not even one single train is moving.
The hurricane has paralyzed us.

Yesterday at school, we gathered in the aula/cafeteria and were informed by the principal that all classes after 2nd period were going to be cancelled so that we could all get home to safety before the storm would really set in at 12pm.
Classmates are constantly updating each others about the storm and traffic and so on. So far, 1st period has been cancelled for all students and now I'm awaiting more info about later today.

After the last storm (bad headwind) we had in October, meteologists have decided that it's time we began naming our weather phenomenoms, just like in America and Asia. 
So what have they named this monster? This atmospheric BOMB (which is an actual term)? These unthinkable powers released by our own Mother Earth? This wrath that has been laid upon us!!?


And as if giving a hurricane the name of an old lady isn't bad enough, the Swedes have turned her into a man and called her "Sven".

... I- I just can't..
I completely lost it right there. I can't take a hurricane like that serious with such a name.

If you happen to be one of my Danish readers, stay safe and stay indoor!

Have a great storm!

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