January 22, 2014


Fear not, dear readers, for I have not left you behind!

I have been really busy, and I still am.

So far, January has been the most stressful month for me during my 2nd year here in school and I'm starting to realize why they say this is the toughest year of them all.
I've spent the past two week (including weekends) doing nothing but writing on my assignments, eating, showering, and perhaps sleeping once in a blue moon.

My skin is in a terrible condition from the stress and what makes it even worse, is that the reason I am stressed, is because I know I have a larger assignment waiting for me. It's not because I'm working on it already and having troubles finishing - no, I don't even know how to start.
I've had to cancel many plans and my friends think I'm neglecting them when the truth is, I really don't have the time and I feel really bad about that.

The rest of my January will be spent on school, school, and more school... but I'm going to Sweden in 18 days to meet a very special friend of mine so I've got that going for me, which is nice.

I promise I will be back to blogging again ASAP. Just hang on a little longer

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