February 7, 2014


! ! ! W I N T E R B R E A K ! ! !

I apologize that I haven't gotten around blogging before now. This week has been a bit busy for me.

Monday I turned in an assignment (the SRO) that I have been working on since the end of January.
It was a pretty big one (well I think 8 pages is big when I have to work with one of my weakest subjects!) and I had been stressing a lot over it the weeks up to. I also had normal assignments that had to be turned in a few days before, on the day, the day after, etc.
Just thinking about it made me feel super stressed but I got through it! I. Got. Through it!
Monday was also a special day at school - in order to get out early, all the classes gathered up in the cafeteria and SANG until the principal let us go.

Tuesday I was supposed to go downtown after school to get a few things that I needed (some new earrings, a loofah, a chapstick, etc.) and my good friend Nanna decided to join <3
Although I usually prefer to go alone (since I don't have much time on my hands) I enjoyed her company. I bought a little bit of make-up and she asked me to do a haul so I will probably have post like that coming up soon. 

Wednesday I baked for Thursday. At school I'm part of this support group for a larger charity organization run by students from all over the country and one of the ways we earn money is through baking sales. The theme was Valentine's Day and, as I had expected, all the other girls showed up with cakes filled with hearts and stuff. Some girls from my friend group and I like to joke about us being forever alone cat ladies and stuff, so I thought I'd make a little joke out of it.
Mette's cake is the red one and mine is the bad replica of the grumpy cat meme.
A group had come over while we were still setting things up so they could be the first to get a piece of cake. As I unpacked mine, a girl realized what I had made and the entire group stopped what they were doing and just stood there admiring it. I measured where to cut and when I put the knife in it, a girl stood out from the crowd and the following conversation happened

Girl: "No! What are you doing!?"
Me: I stopped and looked at her dumbfounded ._. "Well, I need to cut it so we can sell it to you guys"
"Nooooo you are ruining it!"
"But.. I have to. Unless you'd want to buy the whole cake" (I said that as a joke)
and she did o.O
About an hour later, Nanna showed me that my cake had been made into a meme and put on Facebook. Since her profile was private I couldn't get the picture on here but I clearly remember the text: 
I do think they liked it though. We sold out after maybe 15 minutes~

Friday (today) my winter break started and I won't be back in school before February 17th!
Sunday I am going to fly to Sweden (alone! :OO) to visit a very special old friend of mine and I will stay there until Wednesday. After that, I will have sooo much time to work on my reviews and the upcoming haul.

How about you? Do you also have winter break now? If so, how are you going to spend it? ^o^


  1. i love the black mask! cool :D


    1. I knoooooow right? Perfect for a masquerade!

  2. the cake looks amazing! ahaha I can't believe she bought the whole cake! funny post! xx

    1. Thank youuuu! Although I'm not the greatest artist when it comes to cakes I was pretty proud of it. And when she bought it like that I just stood there in awe for a minute or so :D