March 3, 2014

Shrovetide, flight tickets, and an update on my cat

'"Fastelavn" is the name for carnival in Denmark, Norway, Iceland and the Faroe islands. It evolved from the Roman Catholic tradition of in the days before Lent, but after Denmark became a Protestant nation, the holiday became less specifically religious. This holiday occurs seven weeks before Easter Sunday and is sometimes described as a Nordic Halloween, with children dressing up in costumes and gathering treats for the Fastelavnfeast. The holiday is generally considered to be a time for children's fun and family games.'

Being 18 we no longer get to go from house to house singing songs and asking for buns or candy, but who says we can't still dress up and have fun?! 
Saturday I, together with my old classmates, who are also part of the charity support group at school, hosted a "fastelavnsfest" (shrovetide party) for the rest of the school and everybody else who wanted to come and hang out with us. It wasn't a huge party (I guess we were around 20 people or so?) but we had fun and I'm very satisfied that the people who showed up all followed our dress code which was to dress up! 
I went as a cat, Mette as a shepherd, Lund as a military girl, Sushi as a very formal lady (who would mistakenly look like a widow whenever she'd lose her face cigarette-pen), Emma as a tyrolean, and Niaraki as a nerd. My costume was pretty much of a last-resort idea but in the end I was really happy about it and got quite a few compliments on the make-up ^0^ 

I apologize for the picture quality though, we took them in a not-so-lit-up room
For my costume I wore THESE brown circle lenses that I reviewed HERE
If you guys are interested, I can make a quick tutorial on the make-up? It's always nice to put it up while I still remember and then maybe use it for next Halloween or something ^o^/

Sunday I went to my friend Balslev's home to order tickets for when we are going to France later this year. I don't want to say too much about it as I have decided that my travel posts will be put up on my beauty blog from now on. Instead, you can go to my beauty blog HERE where I will post about it soon.

When I came home there was a strange atmosphere. While I'd been out, my family had gone to watch the local soccer team play and only my younger sister had stayed home. 
My kitty had a surgery Monday and had been fine after that but for some reason she was acting all weird again. Only this time we could really sense the pain. My parents decided to take her to the vet and once again I went. For some reason I felt like I had to be there for her. This was the 3rd time that we had had to go to the vet within a week!
We were told that she had to have some x-ray pictures taken to make sure that her back or pelvis didn't have any cracks. Then this morning we took her to the vet to have the x-rays done. There were sooo many people and I ended up missing my entire first period. Now, I hadn't slept since 4 this morning, didn't have any breakfast, and was still in my pyjamas so I decided to go home and make myself look a bit more presentable (perhaps take a quick nap?). I didn't make it to 2nd period and as I was about to fall asleep on my desk during 3rd period, I ended up skipping 4th to go home and sleep. This whole situation with my cat has been an emotional rollercoaser and I really hope it is over soon. My mood hasn't been there for blogging either but hopefully it is over now. 
The x-rays were fine and they told us she would need a LOT of rest and that we could, by no means, touch or lift her. Now I just hope she will get better soon.


  1. So cute pics. ;-)
    Lovely greets Nessa

    1. Thank you Nessa <3 I appreciate your words very much, have an amazing day!

  2. so sweet pics ~ i love it ~

    1. Thank you very much Jurika ^o^

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