March 10, 2014

The big Ball

Saturday was the big ball at my school!

 More than 2500 people anticipated and it was soooo hot, oh gosh.
So at my school, before we merged with the other school, we had a bunch of traditions that I'm REALLY happy they kept. 
You see, at my school, you go there for 3 years and for each year there's a certain dress code and things you have to do. 

1st graders: Boys have to dress nice but not in suits. Girls must wear black dresses that are no longer than to their knees. They are being taught Les Lanciers (a very old and formal dance) and 2-3 other dances and I believe they are the first ones to dance. Most often their parents come to watch them because this is new for them.

2nd graders: Must dress up. Most people like to dress funny/sexy as in girls with shirt dresses and guys in funny cosumes. But seeing people run around as bananas is pretty normal too. They dine together somewhere else and will arrive later for the party at school. Although being taught Les Lanciers, the "Raindance" is much more important for them and is also the most funny and energetic dance. Parents are allowed at school if they work in the wardrobe, bars, or help out at the parking lot.

3rd graders: Boys dress in suits and the girls in the most formal dresses you could ever think of. My friends and former classmates were absolutely stunning to look at!
They dine at school together with their parents and their classmates and are the first ones to arrive at the school. They are being taught 5 dances and at last they have a chance to also dance with their parents. 

I believe you can compare it to an old medieval ball. The 3rd graders being the royal people, 2nd graders being the jokers, who are also supposed to keep the party going, and the 1st graders as peasants~

I think that the party Saturday was the best I had ever been to! 
My class held a pre-party before going to the halls that we were supposed to dine in.
Nanna (as Waldo) and I (as Misty the Pokémon trainer) before meeting up with the class.

Lærke also joined us for a quick picture before we went inside.

When I entered the house the first thing I heard was "Wow Lucy you look so sexy!" from a girl in class that I hadn't really talked much to (do you know the feeling of getting compliments from "strangers"? It's so much better than hearing it from your friends are they are always supposed to back you up).
From there onward the night was just absolutely great!
We went to dine with all the other 2nd graders and I got to dance with my best friend (we're usually always too busy with our own classes to talk to each other) and that made me really happy. 

We arrived at school with style and proceeded to jump around dancing and singing while the parents and 3rd grader would look at us and laugh. Great great great! I felt so free and happy! 
Sooooo many people came up to me and recognized my costume and we cracked jokes about it and all. I was even asked if some people could have pictures of me. At some point I lost Nanna and I also got to play "Where's Waldo?!" with some strangers.

At first the party at school was pretty, formal, and planned.
First we had the 1st graders dance.
Then the 3rd graders and the teachers

Then BOOM! 2nd graders arrived with our massive noise and great mood and then we real party began!

Can you find my friends and I? (hint: left side)


  1. These photos are really funny!!!! Must have been a wonderful party ....Kisses,

    1. Thank you! It sure was! :)
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  2. You guys looks so cute dear :D


    1. Weeeeee, I'm glad you like it ^o^ <3
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    1. Yes!! :D I'm glad you could see it even though the hair was off ^o^