May 15, 2014

Exams and a big party

It's great, it's great!

For the longest time, actually ever since we started preparing for them, I have feared the exams... a LOT. Especially one of them. I'm talking to you, oral math 눈_눈

I know that, as a 2nd grader who chose drama over arts during my first year, I will have to attend at least 2 exams this year. Each class and student have different combinations of subjects so for me, my exams could be either Social Science, Biology, Greek Classical Studies, oral Math, or written Math. 

I have always been strongest in written subjects so you might have an idea which of these I'd like to take the most (hint hint.. written math). So yesterday all of our exams and yearly exams (these won't count) before May 28th were released and.... 

.... I GOT IT! My math group, consisting of 15 people, was chosen to take it! WOOOH! 
My friends Lærke and Helena and I have been hoping so bad for this one.. and we got it! 

Of course there is a chance that we will still also have to take oral math but it's the fact that we get to go to the exam we'd like to take the most, that we have to take. Aaahh... cross your fingers I will be spared for oral math (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

Today I'm home to work on the AT assignment I have complained (a bit) about earlier. Since I don't have chemistry (like the rest of my class) I had to write about a different subject that the teachers haven't found any material for, making it harder for me to write than the rest of my class. They have been given everything they need while I have to find my own sources before I can begin writing - -

Although I had devoted my day today to be working on it, I had a quick meeting with my teachers first (we all have to) and they were pulling me in a direction I really don't like. They moved the focus from one thing to another and now it's hard for me to see their point or to even get started.

Tomorrow I won't have to go to school either. It is a national holiday AND the day my twin siblings will be confirmed. HERE is a brief introduction to what a confirmation in Denmark is like.
I was confirmed in the same church by the same priest (whom I don't like) so for sure it will be interesting.


Tuesday will be my last real school day as we will have some sort of sports day Wednesday. Wednesday is also the day all of our exams from May 28th to June 25th will be announced (that day I will know if I have to take an exam in oral math. Oh please no).
After that my Study Break / Reading Break will begin and when I have taken my last exam, I will have completed 2nd year of the gymnasium (equal to American college in terms of difficulty level).


  1. Best of luck with your exams :) And have a great party!
    I am following you back :)

    1. Thank you very much girl and welcome aboard! ^o^ <3