May 21, 2014

Studybreak is here!

Tuesday marked the very last day in my life of being a 2nd grader!
I survived the (supposedly) hardest year in college!!

While the 3rd graders had had theirs on Monday, we had a sports day on Tuesday and were parted into smaller teams. My team was going to have some sort of orienteering, floor hockey, and lastly, soft tennis. Sadly a lot of people had decided to skip the day and we ending up wasting so much time waiting for other teams to finish their activities before we could go on with our own.

Regarding my exams.... of course I was unlucky enough to be chosen for the oral math exam.
WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME?!?! ヾ( ・`⌓´・)ノ゙
Oh! And of course it has to be two days after my birthday, meaning I can spend my birthday studying for the worst exam imaginable! 
Okay that might not be all true... having to take an exam in social studies / politics would be worse. I'm sure I'd get a black out and just sit there and droll for 24 minutes until the exam would be over. 

On a more positive note, I got my grades for both my main subject and the ones I'm ending this year.
(Note: a bad grade in an ending subject will be bad since you won't be able to change this and it will be forever stuck on your diploma. However, a bad grade on a main subject doesn't matter before 3rd grade). 

Of course my overly ambitious persona would love to get the best grade in all of my subjects but overall I'm satisfied with the ones I got for my ending subjects. I'm fine with the rest too but, like I said, they won't matter before next year. My lowest grade was a B in biology so I had hoped I'd have to take that exam but... darn oral math (¬¬ )
Since I will only have the math exams, I get to keep my grades in the other subjects and they will be on my diploma when I graduate next year. It was a big relief for me to see my grades since I haven't felt like I have done my best the past few days. I believe I could have done better in Classical studies but on the other hand I really did not deserve such a good grade in Social science so it outweighs itself ^o^

Now I'm off until mid-August or something but I won't be entirely free before my last exam. Here is what I will have be preparing for the next weeks:

(Finals won't count anything - they just like to see us suffer)

I have to turn in my paper for AT on 26/5 and I'm far from done...
If you won't hear from me a couple of days you know why ~

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