June 26, 2014

The beginning of summer break

I present you.... MY CALENDAR!
June has been the most busy month for me... maybe ever.
And you, dear readers, have probably figured long ago.
Usually I use my amazing elephant memory to remember everything I have going on but since I knew it was going to be too much, I made this calendar to keep track of all the things I've had to do. 

As you see, I've only had a few days off and the next few days will be spent on practicing makeup for an upcoming shoot this Sunday. 

Tomorrow, however, is a very special day. My friends who are all graduating these days are going to be downtown, wearing their special hats showing that they have graduated, and dancing around a statue. Of course I'm going to go and see them all and take pictures so I won't say much about that yet. 
Instead I'd like to share a few pictures I've taken this month (actually I haven't really taken any since my birthday on the 16th so let's start there).

June 16th was my actual birthday but since I had an exam in oral math, I had no time to do anything but study and revise. I did wake up to a card that my dad had proudly picked out though.

My math notes in the background. It was what I did. All day. From morning to night.

Our dear "grown up" daughter. Here is some money that you can eventually enjoy on your trip to Paris (which is in less than 17 days now, woop woop!). [We] hope your day today will be good and filled with sunshine. Hugs from mom, dad, Frederik & Emma (my younger twin siblings)
My grandparents came for dinner since they thought it'd be boring for me to not do anything special on that day. We had my favorite food and also a really nice strawberry/icecream "cake"

On the 19th OD (the charity support group at school, which I'm part of) held our end-of-the-year dinner party. 

The desert was really great! Ice cream with raspberry and kiwi sorbet on top.

We had an actual birthday party for me on the 22nd. I didn't get many presents as some people in our family believe that you are too old to get them when you turn 15, 18, 21, etc.

My best friend, Emilie, also attended. From her I got two hair chalks from Bodyshop and I really cannot wait trying them out!

On the 23rd I was invited to two of my friends' graduation parties. I went by Balslev's party quickly before going to Mette's.
Like in America, when we graduate, we get a hat (although ours  is MUCH harder to get than the ones in American high schools. #NoHate) and Balslev is wearing hers in this picture. The rim changes colour depending on what kind of school you went to. Red is STX (general) and blue is HHX (commerce).
And finally it was the 24th! That day I had my last final - oral english - and as a consequence of my teacher not having informed us properly, I decided studying could possibly be a waste of time (and I found this final a complete waste of time since the grade won't matter) so I went completely unprepared. Not only did I get an A-, censor was also my new english teacher and she was very impressed and said she was looking forward to having me next year. Hooray for great first impressions!

That's it! I'm looking forward to tomorrow when I'll be going to see all of my friends again in their pretty hats~
See yaaaa ^o^/

June 10, 2014

Let the cosplay adventure begin!

Hooray for 14K pageviews!
Thank you all for supporting me and helping my blog grow <3

The past few days the weather has been crazy!

In the nights it rains hard and wakes me up and during the days we have 26℃ which is quiiiiite warm considering where I live.
Not only is it hot but the humidity as killing and the warm weather makes me so lazy. Yesterday I spent the entire day folding origami because it was too hot to move.
Yea.. my productivity is around -200% these days. But soon it will change! I shall fight mother nature!

Today I went out to buy fabric with my grandma and tomorrow my work on my second cosplay shall begin! Of course my grandma will be assisting me since I can't sew for my life. I'm very very excited ^o^ 

Like I said, I spent all day yesterday (and a big part of today) folding origami and I was really happy with the results
On my 4th try I was satisfied with my shurikens but of course I didn't just waste new plain paper, I ripped my AT apart and used that instead. Recycling! Woop woop!

I also tried making roses (these were both my 1st tries and I was too lazy to make more before I had decided which one I liked the most)
Butterflies! I had to make butterflies too! I find the one in the middle to be my favorite but...
this one had the best shape considering its (secret) purpose.
This was also a first try and I had no idea what I was doing
In the end I gave up and .. well.. 
That'll be revised later..

Have you tried origami? Do you like it? 

June 2, 2014

I was slaugtered

This morning I had my AT final!
I was slaughtered.
.....and got the passing grade. Not a passing grade, the.

It was a hard smack and even my teachers said it was way below my standards T__T
I really don't know how to write AT.. But I must stay positive!
The grade won't count before next year and there is so much work to be done and stuff to learn.
It can literally only get better unless I decide not to show up for my exam.

I also have very mixed feelings about my math exam. Unlike AT, we won't get our grades for a while and I honestly have no idea where I stand. Math is one of my best subjects and I will be easily disappointed. But all the people I talked to after said that they found it extremely hard too. One girl from my class didn't even try. She just turned in a blank paper and wrote "Hi, my name is xxxxx". I really hope I made it.We will see.

The rest of my day is free and that will probably be spent on listening to aggressive music to get out the disappointment. Later tonight I'll be going to watch the new X-men movie with my friend Camilla. I also thought of maybe doing some make-up after my Maleficent inspired look gained so much positive feedback. Or I might just relax. So many choices to make, so little time!

By the way, if you haven't checked out my Maleficent look yet then move your butt over to my beauty blog and throw some constructive criticism. You find the post HERE 

I'll see you guys later, have a great Monday!