June 2, 2014

I was slaugtered

This morning I had my AT final!
I was slaughtered.
.....and got the passing grade. Not a passing grade, the.

It was a hard smack and even my teachers said it was way below my standards T__T
I really don't know how to write AT.. But I must stay positive!
The grade won't count before next year and there is so much work to be done and stuff to learn.
It can literally only get better unless I decide not to show up for my exam.

I also have very mixed feelings about my math exam. Unlike AT, we won't get our grades for a while and I honestly have no idea where I stand. Math is one of my best subjects and I will be easily disappointed. But all the people I talked to after said that they found it extremely hard too. One girl from my class didn't even try. She just turned in a blank paper and wrote "Hi, my name is xxxxx". I really hope I made it.We will see.

The rest of my day is free and that will probably be spent on listening to aggressive music to get out the disappointment. Later tonight I'll be going to watch the new X-men movie with my friend Camilla. I also thought of maybe doing some make-up after my Maleficent inspired look gained so much positive feedback. Or I might just relax. So many choices to make, so little time!

By the way, if you haven't checked out my Maleficent look yet then move your butt over to my beauty blog and throw some constructive criticism. You find the post HERE 

I'll see you guys later, have a great Monday!

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