June 10, 2014

Let the cosplay adventure begin!

Hooray for 14K pageviews!
Thank you all for supporting me and helping my blog grow <3

The past few days the weather has been crazy!

In the nights it rains hard and wakes me up and during the days we have 26℃ which is quiiiiite warm considering where I live.
Not only is it hot but the humidity as killing and the warm weather makes me so lazy. Yesterday I spent the entire day folding origami because it was too hot to move.
Yea.. my productivity is around -200% these days. But soon it will change! I shall fight mother nature!

Today I went out to buy fabric with my grandma and tomorrow my work on my second cosplay shall begin! Of course my grandma will be assisting me since I can't sew for my life. I'm very very excited ^o^ 

Like I said, I spent all day yesterday (and a big part of today) folding origami and I was really happy with the results
On my 4th try I was satisfied with my shurikens but of course I didn't just waste new plain paper, I ripped my AT apart and used that instead. Recycling! Woop woop!

I also tried making roses (these were both my 1st tries and I was too lazy to make more before I had decided which one I liked the most)
Butterflies! I had to make butterflies too! I find the one in the middle to be my favorite but...
this one had the best shape considering its (secret) purpose.
This was also a first try and I had no idea what I was doing
In the end I gave up and .. well.. 
That'll be revised later..

Have you tried origami? Do you like it? 

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