July 3, 2014

I'm freeeeee!!!

"True freedom is being able to eat what you want, where you want, and when you want"

I'm not sure if that's an actual quote or something I have always just told myself but it's something I've been living by since Sunday night. 
Saturday my parents, siblings, grandparents and I went up north in Denmark - They were going to stay in a house they had rented for a week and I was just going with them because I had a photoshoot in the area the day after. After my photoshoot I took the train back to my own city and have been a modern day catlady ever since. 

To be honest, I have been doing NOTHING and it's great!
Well, Monday my uncle and aunt invited me over for dinner since they knew I was going to be alone and Friday I'm going to my other aunt and uncle's place to eat.

While I'm here at home and all alone (which I don't mind since I can sing without having anybody hear me), my friends Balslev, Sushi, Søren, Mette, Niaraki, etc. have all graduated and will be celebrating for a week. My "new" friendgroup with Nanna, Maiken, Anne and all those seem to be busy too but I don't mind. 
I feel like my body is right now having a long-needed break. I've been stressing around and been so busy all the time last month and I'm not sure if I have gotten enough sleep, but I sure am now! 
It's a great way to recharge before going to France in only 10 days(!!!!!!)

Other than that I had nothing interesting to say so I will take my leave~
Have an amazing summer everybody and come back to my blogs for more!
(Especially my beauty blog where I will be posting  more often than on this one)


  1. Hello there!

    I stumbled upon your blog and started reading and thought I would leave a comment...

    Firstly I would say that it's a very nice blog with a good written english (certainly better than my rusty english,hehe! Sorry about that in advance) :-) +1 from here!

    As to the statement about the stressful period with exams I know it all too well myself (think most students know the feeling)... had a tough period right before this summerbreak and spend the first week or to afterwards just doing nothing "recharging the batteries" :-) But I think that's a natural reaction after a time when most of the day probably orbited around single subjects as we try to remember everything we learned in the past! Amazing how our head is able to contain all that even though it sometimes feel like the limit has been reached, hehe.

    Anyways, great blog and have a nice trip to France!


    1. Hey there! :)

      And thank you! It's always nice to know when new people find my blog. I'm glad to know I still reach out and thank you regarding the English part hahah~ I see no problem with your English so far, don't call it rusty :)

      I think you're right. It seem almost natural to recharge, right? Hopefully you are also fully charged now to enjoy the summer. And yes! So much reading up for exams just to forget most of it afterwards - It's weird to think of.

      Thank you once again for stopping by and leaving a comment. My trip to France is over already but soon I will have posts with pictures from it coming up. I'll be on this blog though ---> http://beautywithlucy.blogspot.dk/

      Have a great day and enjoy your summer :)