August 19, 2014

Summer is almost over

I have returned from my summer hiatus!

I never really intended to have one but the drive to write on this personal blog hasn't been there for me lately. A lot of things have happened but they didn't seem significant enough for me to write about... unless of course on my beauty /travel blog.

During the summer I've had one minor and one bigger trip. 
The big one was the week I spent with my old classmate and good friend Balslev in Paris!
It started with us hanging out at her place one day when I said: "Maria! Let's go travel this summer!" and from that day we started planning and saving up money and bought tickets a few days after. 
We had a FANTASTIC trip and both agreed that we should make it a tradition to go overseas at least once a year (maybe more if the trips aren't too expensive) and we are already planning the trip for next year (I'll keep the location a secret for now)!

Our trip wasn't your average getaway, nono, we actually had a very cultural week where we visited a museum (can you guess which?), some famous buildings and monoments, and went on a bunch of adventures in the streets of Paris. I took a LOT of pictures there and took notes in the evenings so I could blog about our amazing adventures when we came back home again. I'm going to make 7 different posts, one for each day, and post them on my beauty / travel blog.
So far I have written 3/7 entries but I'm working as fast as I can to finish them up. If you are a traveler like us or perhaps planing to go to Paris at some point, I believe these posts would be perfect for you so do go check them out!   

After having read my blog for a while, Maria decided to make her own! She also wrote about about Paris and maybe she remembered some things I didn't. Definitely go take a look at her blog HERE.
I also added her blog to my "pages" so from now on you will be able to go directly back and forth between our blogs.

The minor trip I went on was another kind of trip. I've recently started watching a lot of anime and was originally planning to attend this big anime convention in Copenhagen with a girl named Vibeke whom I met back in 2012 when I went to a smaller convention called SVS Con. Back then I had watched absolutely no anime before and it was all very confusing. I didn't know any of the characters there but I liked the idea about dressing up. And thus, my interest for anime and cosplaying began.

Now, Vibeke and I were supposed to go and had for long been talking about making a Pokémon duo with me as Misty (I made that costume for a party at school and jokingly asked her to be my Ash to which she said yes) and her as Ash. Unfortunately she was unable to go since she had just moved into her own apartment (the trains in Denmark are freakishly expensive!) and I was left alone. We did promise each other to attend the next con, which would then be SVS Con 2015, and maybe go as Marceline and Princess Bubblegum now that we had the extra time to make costumes in!

Anyways. There I was. I had been wanting to go so bad and now.. I was unsure what to do. Although I had been considering  going alone the thoughts of being alone, not finding any friends, and looking like a complete loner were keeping me back. So I talked it through I talked it through with one of my brothers...

Bro: "What is life if you didn't face the challenges?
I bet it will become one of the best memories one day."
Me: *sigh*
"Shall I support you from your back?"
Yes!!! T_T
"I remember when I was a kid I was afraid to jump from a high place. But I wanted to be like en eagle flying high. At that moment my cousins and I were at the river and there was a high place where we could jump from. I was like stun at there. Then my big cousin asked: "Shall I encourage you, young jedi?" Before I answered he pushed me and I was like: "waaaaaaiiiiitttt!" I went down and yelled: "Onii chan you sdfhdhdgjfsa!!!!!" And he said: "Hey you jumped. Congratulations!" and smiled. I was like: "Y-yeaa you're right""
"At the end of the day I'd jumped like a thousand times by myself without fear."
.__. So you'll come push me?
"Not push you to fall down. Maybe a push you one step closer."
...and with that he urged me to go. Who can refuse to go with such a cute story? 

So I went all the way to Copenhagen! Since I was so late to buy my ticket (like 5 days before the con), the sleeping hall tickets were sold out but luckily I could stay with my uncle, aunt, and cousin.
I'm so happy now that I went and I met some really great people (sadly I didn't get all their Facebooks so hopefully we'll meet at other cons).
And what do you know?
The ones I ended up with were this super kawaii puffy marshmallow girl and an adventure time duo!

This was only my second con and I had the greatest time! I talked to some of them about meeting up again at the next con (February 20th-22nd 2015) so I hope that'll work out. And if not, I'm no longer afraid to go alone. Nothing can stop me now!

Other than watching anime, traveling, and cosplaying, my inner fangirl was brought forth when one of my "brothers'" younger brother introduced me to a Japanese rock band called One OK Rock. I'm currently listening to two of their own songs and then another one sung by the singer Taka. Give them a listen?
Wherever you are

I also came to like this song by the band Taka's little brother is the singer of. 
My first story - The story is my life

As a matter of fact One OK Rock actually has a Europe tour planned this year and guess where they are going? DENMARK!! For the very first time they will set their feet on Danish ground on December 9th 2014 and I have decided to go there! If Maria is not busy I will drag her along. She also happens to like this band now and not only that... during our stay in Paris I transformed her into a k-pop fangirl just like me!
So I have yet a friend to freak out with AND she has even shown interest in joined me for a convention at some time. I'm so proud of my new Baby/Exotic/exo-l!

I also started school again. Actually, my third and last year in college began Wednesday last week and it's so tiring to have to get up and live a normal lifestyle again. The good weather is gone for the year and we get burst of rain only to have it stop literally after a minute or two. It's also getting cold now but I can console myself with the thought of our class trip to Spain being less than 3 weeks away now!

That's all for now. I'll try to update this blog more again but do remember that I'm back in school so I will have a lot of other things to take care of first. If I don't post on here, do go check out my other blog HERE as that one has gotten first priority now.

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