November 26, 2014

A guest from Singapore

When I was a kid, time always seemed to go MUCH slower when my birthday was nearing. 
This week has been super slow in particular. Not because it's my birthday (heck, my birthday is in June), but because I'm excited!
What am I excited for, you might ask. 
It's simple, really. 
Tomorrow, at noon, I'm going to the train station with my mom to pick up a friend. 
My friend's name is Ashley and he's coming all the way from Singapore.

Ashley is a big fan of photography and he's going to Iceland to snap some pictures of the Northern lights. But there are no direct routes from Singapore to Iceland so eventually he had to stop in Denmark. And since he knows me, why not spend a few days here before continuing his adventures?

So he will! 
The next few days I get to be his tour guide and drag him around my city. 
It'll be fun to speak English again for a change and I'm excited to see how he reacts our cold weather and strange Danish foods. 

Hopefully I'll have time to write one last post on here before we start working on the SRP.
If not, you'll be able to read about our adventures after Christmas.