December 4, 2014

"If you could attend Korea Studies by next year, how sure are you that you'd do it?"

Heeellooooooo my dear readers~  

Tomorrow we begin writing our SRPs so this is going to be my last post.
I'll be back again on December 19th when we turn them in. 

I was originally going to post the pictures I took while my Singaporean friend, Ashley, was here but since he's in Iceland at the moment and has most of the pictures, I figured I'll wait for him to go home so I won't have to make a half-hearted post and then update later.

Instead, I want to talk about Monday this week when my mind was blown.

During the weekend, the students at my school received a mail telling us that December 1st would be the last day to book an appointment with the school counselor before the end of this semester. I've had a meeting with the counselor, Karsten, before and, back then, I was very confused as to what to do after college.
I really wanted to attend KU (University of Copenhagen) and attend Korean Studies there. However, after doing some research (looking at tables from earlier years), I found that only around 15 were let in. Knowing how horrible my luck is, I figured that having a plan B might be very much needed for me and so, I booked an appointment.

Karsten is, unlike other counselors, not a person to crush your dreams because your dream study isn't the most popular or the one with the most job opportunities, which is great! I mean, some people might think studying something like that will be a waste of time because the amount of jobs is limited but I feel responsible enough to make that choice. And if I end up without a job, then I'll study something else!
I'm ready to face the consequences of taking chances in life. 

So I told him that, like last time we talked, my main goal was still to get into Korea Studies by next fall.
My plan B would be needed in case I wasn't accepted and then I'd either:

1) Get a job for a couple of months and somehow go to Korea on my own whether it be on vacation, as a paid worker, or a volunteer worker, for as long as possible to learn about the language and culture and then apply for Korea Studies the year after.
2) Choose another path. Maybe become an engineer or an architect.

After listening to my plans, he asked me:
"If you could attend Korea Studies by next year, how sure are you that you'd do it?"
"Completely sure!" I said

Then he went on KU's website and explained how the whole process of accepting students worked and showed me the requirements for this specific course.
After that he asked for my average and he told me that if I had applied last year with an average like that I would have been 100% sure to be accepted.
....Excuse me WHAT ?!?! 

( ↑ my reaction)

So during first acceptance round, the 13 people with the best averages will get in and according to my counselor I will be one of those if I keep my good average throughout the exams (7, 9, 13!!).
During second round of acceptance, they look at your abilities and experience and my counselor told me that traveling overseas definitely would be a big plus in case I ended up in this category.

In the end he told me that perhaps going to Korea first also sounded like a great idea because, like I had said myself, "it would bring me one step ahead". And he asked:

"If you could get in next year (A) OR take a year off (B), what would you do?"
I felt unsure but said A since I was already a year behind due to my exchange year.

Then he said:
"From how I see it, you might be a year behind time wise but you definitely are a year ahead when it comes to experience. The experience you earned while being abroad is something that all the other Danish students will have to earn now. So really, the choice is yours".

Now the question is... what do I want? 

With so few people being let in I hadn't imagined I'd have to make this choice by next year.
It seemed so far away just a few days ago and now I'm just here like:
(You get a gold star if you know which cartoon this is from)

*Mind. Blown.*

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