December 30, 2015

Our new apartment!

Oh helloooOooOo!

In my last post I wrote how I was feeling pessimistic about the apartment. Since then, things have more or less fallen into place.

The apartment was still smaller and more expensive than what we'd first been told but things at Christian's family's got even worse (even though you wouldn't think that would be possible) so I'm really just happy that we could finally move out.

The bad reviews I had found were cases under the old Danish Rent Act, which has actually been updated this year in June/July. Many statements and rules have been amended resulting in the tenants being favored over landlords in contrast to the old Act. This mean that when it comes to legal stuff and all that, it will be very hard for them to treat us in the same bad way as tenants were few years ago - not just where our apartment lies but all over the country.
So.. I'm much more calm about that now. It doesn't mean that I won't be on the lookout for unfair treatment, but it sure brought me some kind of peace.

Early December came around and my dad took some days off work so he and my mom could come over and help us move in. We'd hoped to be able to move the weekend before instead of Tuesday, which was the same day as my last exam. No could do. The girl who used to live there had been treating the apartment so bad that they needed as much time as possible down to the last hours to restore it. On the positive side, they had to install a whole new oven and fridge (free of charge for us) so that was completely fine with me.

My parents have been really good at collecting and saving things like plates, tableware, pots and pans, etc. for when I would move out some day and we had a bunch of extra furniture that I could take with me so everything we needed was a bed, a couch, and a desk for Chris. On the day we moved, after I had left class a bit earlier, my parents, Chris, and I went to pick up our keys and check if everything in the apartment was fine. The caretaker, Palle, did this with us and noticed all the little defects so we wouldn't have to pay for that when we move out some day.
When we'd made sure that everything was okay we went on adventures in IKEA to buy the bed, couch, desk, and the last few little things that we needed. We also had some of their famous meatballs now that we were already there and none of us had had lunch.

After eating, we continued looking around.
Hooooowever, Chris was to pay for these things with his children's savings but there was a lot of troubles with his mom and 'stepdad' at first tricking the money away from him and afterwards not wanting to give him his money. This resulted in him having no money to buy any of those things on the day that we moved and thus, we had nowhere to sleep. Christian had brought a mattress or two from his 'parents' house but that wasn't enough for 4. So we went back to our apartment to assembled what we could and unpacked gifts from my grandparents before going back to my aunt and uncle's place in Knardrup to sleep. My gawd.
This is our living room. The big white piece of furniture is where we store our personal belongings. We have a side each and share the three rooms in the middle. The low square table would be standing near the couch and the one made out of tree is our dining table.
 This is our tiny kitchen. But it's our OWN and Chris and I are to decide whether or not we want to leave the dirty dishes for the next day without worrying about being yelled at by some idiot who thinks the world revolves around him. Yay!
This room here was where we would be sleeping IF WE HAD HAD A BED. Thanks Obama.

My aunt and uncle prepared dinner for us all but on our way back there, Chris's 'stepdad' called him and complained. To sum it up we had to move his moving boxes out of the way NOW. His 'stepdad' wasn't exactly sad to see him move out and our 'goodbye' to him was more like a 'let's never meet again'.
Like I wrote, we ate dinner at my aunt and uncle's - great dinner - and slept on the couch.

The next morning I had my last exam while Chris was off sick. When I was done, I met up with him and my parents near IKEA because his mom had o' so generously given him 7K of HIS OWN MONEY.

In IKEA we went on wild adventures.
Christian handled the cart and I was enjoying the ride.
Here you see Chris very seriously deciding on a desk.
In the bedroom section Chris caught me in a very focused moment when I was trying to catch the bubbles from my bubble tea.

We found needed but a couch in IKEA - Chris wanted one from JYSK. So we went to a store in Taastrup, the same city as IKEA, but the couch was sold out in that store so the girl called the JYSK store in Roskilde, the city we moved to, and checked if they had it. They did, so now all we had to do was go there instead - or at least we thought so. In Roskilde the couch was more expensive than in the first store so we called them and were told to buy the couch in that second store and then drive back all the way to Taastrup to get a refund of the difference. My dad and Chris took care of it while my mom and I were waiting outside by the car.
THEN we went back to my aunt and uncle to pick up a make-up table that they had. There was a soccer game that night and we ended up staying longer than supposed to. Chris and I fell asleep on the couch.
Once we got back home to the apartment, we made some rygbrødsmadder (Rye bread with cold cuts or spread) and went straight to bed after assembling the couch and bed. It had been a long day.

The next day my dad and I drove to the nearby supermarket to buy breakfast and then we spent the day moving in some more. My mom and I walked down to the laundry room in the basement of the building and washed all the clothes that I had washed on the last day before moving. It had been lying on the table in his parents' house's living room because it wasn't fully dried and ready to be packed and now it reeked of cigarettes.

Chris built our new lamp and he was so very very proud when he was done.
Look at that! He's like a new father.

Living room in the making~

Here Chris and my dad are building the bed.
The first day we saw the apartment, we noticed that there wasn't a closet even though there had been one in the pictures we had been shown. Palle said that people often didn't want it but that if we were interested, he could go get one from the basement. That same day, when we came back from IKEA, he had brought it up but we didn't have space for it before now.
The big white thing to the left is Chris's desk. Sadly it was so big that there wasn't enough space for my make-up table ㅠㅠ
I'm going to cheat a little now and to a little time skip to show you a picture from the day we left since I want to keep the pictures from each room more or less together.

This is our bathroom. After having seen what poor condition the bathroom of the apartment we saw was in, I was thrilled by how great ours ended up. We still need some sort of small cabinet below the sink to store things in but for now we are using the box our rice cooker came in. Fun fact: we named our rice cooker Ling Ling.

Aaaand here's our kitchen in the making! Tadaa~
We had a big lunch from a local pizzeria that day.

We left early noon next day since my dad had to be back home for a Christmas dinner in the late afternoon. Due to lack of time, I didn't get to unpack all of my things and ended up throwing most of it in the cabinet and will have to take care of that when I go back in January.
Chris and his best friend, Daniel, stayed in the apartment a few more days before he went back to his dad's place on Funen.
After 2½ days of work, this was what our apartment looked like when we left:
Not long before we left, Palle came by and asked if he could show our apartment to a couple interested in a two-room apartment since none of the others were free.
When they left, Palle turned to us once again and said that he really liked how we had furnished it. He said that, once we were completely done, we could perhaps take some pictures and send then to the main office and request if our apartment could become a fixed apartment to be shown off to potential new tenants. If that happens, it is possible that our rent will be lowered. Cross your fingers!

November 14, 2015

Moving to Roskilde?

To be frank I haven't been very good at updating my blogs lately and it hasn't been solely due to school. Sure, the amount of reading in history class is pretty heavy compared to anything I've ever tried before and sometimes doing homework from Korean class required more time than I had expected - but that hasn't been the reason I haven't had time to blog. Or perhaps I should say mental capacity.

As you all know I'm currently living in a caravan in the backyard of my roommate's home where he lives with his mom, little brother, and mom's boyfriend (but let's call him his stepdad because it's fast to write and that's what my roommate calls him). 
I guess Chris's relationship with his 'stepdad' has always been a little rocky but it's been potentially getting worse the past 3 weeks or so.
His stepdad has gotten mad about the smallest things like the fridge being messy, that the window in the bathroom was closed, that Chris didn't push in his chair after eating dinner, etc.
The episode with the window that was closed (which wasn't us. None of us had been to the bathroom) was the sole reason that we fled back to my hometown for the weekend the day before Halloween. His stepdad had his little mental meltdown and none of us had the energy to deal with it.

Things got really bad last week. Like really really bad. Chris and his stepdad haven't talked since Wednesday night when Chris left the house and I was half stuck in his room for half an hour because I wanted to avoid his stepdad. That episode was the finishing blow and I'm amazed how Chris had managed to keep up with it until then.
So yeah, we've been pretty desperate to move out.

Then yesterday when I came 'home', after having taken my second exam, Chris had a weird smile on his face. Eventually it turned out that we now had an apartment.

Oh .-.

We were scheduled for a viewing of two (both in the same building) Monday next week - but so were two other people. Apparently my mom had got a hold of them and told them about our situation so they promised to call the guy who had reserved one of the apartments we were going to see. He didn't have enough money for it so they gave it to us .__. Wow.

Buuuuuuuuut when my mom had first told me about it (she found it), she had said that it was about 60m² big and would cost us around 4800 DKK a month (everything included). When we got a mail from the landlord, however, it said that the apartment was 48m² and would cost 6227 DKK because we had to for heat, water, tv-signal (which we don't even need/use), and so on. But it would be ours from December 15th.
Later, when we were on our way to Chris's doctor appointment, a woman
We suddenly got way less space for way more money than first thought. Considering it's not located near Copenhagen, it's expensive. So I'm a bit pessimistic. On the other hand we don't really have a choice. We need to move away from here yesterday as soon as possible before Chris breaks.

Then today we looked up the company that owns the apartment and it's gotten some awful reviews on trustpilot.
My this-is-sketchy senses are tingling.

So we're just a tiny bit pessimistic at the moment.
Monday we're going for the scheduled viewing.

The plan is not to stay there the next two years. We both think it's too far (and a bit pricey when thinking about the location). We'll continue looking for apartments but at least we will soon have a place to call ours and where Chris will be able to relax a bit for once.

I will keep you updated!

November 7, 2015

Braces, cancer, and a new job: an update

I'd written a whole post about what I've been up to the last month and then I decided to go inside to take a shower before proofreading and posting it - but when I came back out, my computer had turned itself off and everything was lost and now I'm honestly too lazy to write it all again.
So here's the ultra short version:

Since my last post I wrote 3 entries on what Jasmin and I did during GEEKcore. They can be found HERE, HERE, and HERE.

I got braces and now look like a 15-year-old according to my roommate:

My grandma was diagnosed with cancer - she's 'fine' for now given the circumstances. I'll keep you updated.

And I got a job at MentorDanmark where I'm going to mentor/tutor other students in the subjects that I excelled in during my time at the gymnasium. I got the job Monday this week and went to a workshop on Wednesday with a bunch of other newly hired mentors and there I was assigned my first student (mentée).

When we first started uni, our history teacher told us that we'd be turning in an essay in November. We were all so busy getting through the massive amount of homework that same teacher gave us and just in general getting used to this new lifestyle that we had completely forgotten about it until Monday this week. The first draft was due today at 12 pm so this entire week we have been stressing about finding sources, reading, finding more sources, and finally writing the paper. It was a huge relief to turn it in last night.

Next week is going to be eventful but hopefully not as busy as this week has been.
Monday I'm going to meet my mentée for the first time and plan with her and her parents how and when I'll be working.

Wednesday we were supposed to have our second exam, which was going to be the same kind as last time. However, Thursday night/Friday morning we received a mail from the university stating that the police would be doing an anti-terror exercise that same day and that all classes in the building we were supposed to be in will be cancelled.
It also said that while some of the Swedish police forces will be acting out as terrorists and the Danish police force would be doing their job, they were looking for students from the school who would act as injured and normal students. Since I don't have anything to do that day now that our class is cancelled, I signed up for a 'role' as injured. I hope I'll get to see some cool SFX make-up!

Since class will be cancelled Wednesday, our teacher moved our exam to Friday. So Friday morning we'll be doing that and later in the evening there's a get-together for all of us at Korea studies to celebrate the new bachelor and have Korean buffet. I'm really looking forward to that! ( ╯✧ ᗜ ✧ )╯

October 7, 2015

An update on the past month

It's been a month and two days since my last post. I've had so many things happen that I wanted to blog about but haven't been able to make time to sit down and let it all out before now *gasp!*
So hold on tight. We have quite a bit to catch up on!

The first weekend after moving to Værløse I went back to my hometown for the weekend - and I brought my roommate, Chris, at the request of my mom because she thought 'it'd be interesting for him to see where I came from'. 'The ladies' were supposed to have gone out on Friday but Monika's boyfriend got sick and both Mette and Maria had other parties to attend first so in the end we cancelled. My grandparents had dinner at our place on Saturday and on Sunday we invited over Maria and Jasmin for nachos. It was a super lazy weekend but it was a good one. Chris seemed to enjoy my family's company.

The following week I was pretty hung up. I joined the film committee at school together with one of the girls in my study group. The film committee is an initiative taken by students at Korean studies and about once a month we arrange a movie night at school for everyone who's interested in watching movies from both North- and South Korea. From this week on we began showing k-dramas every Tuesday from 12.00-14.00 as well - we're currently watching Reply 1997. I was happy to see how many from my class showed up. It's a nice way to calm down before history class.

Wednesday the same week I went to my aunt and uncle's house so my aunt could help me make a quick costume. Why? Because that weekend all us students at Asian studies were going on our 'rustur'. The theme was superheroes, super villains, and sidekicks and at least one of the days we were expected to wear costumes.

Friday after school we went home to grab our stuff and then we all met up again at school and rode a bus to who-knows-where for our rustur! [I'll probably write a post about this later so I'll skip it for now]

The same weekend as I went on rustur, Chris's family began rearranging annihilating and reconstructing the garden because they want to build a closed-off patio. Thus, every weekend that I haven't had plans in, we've been working outside. It's not that I spend the entire rest of the days after school doing homework so I blame this for me having been unable to find time to blog until now. At least we're done soon. I'll be occupied the coming 2-3 weekends so hopefully the patio will be all done when I return.

The week after that went by as usual but then last week I got super busy again.
Monday last week we had our first movie night and watched Castaway on the Moon. I'd convinced Chris to come with me when he heard that there would be free pizza. Not many from our class showed up due to the heavy load of history homework for the next day but we were still some +30 people.

Tuesday we had a spelling test in Korean in the morning and a test in history in the afternoon. The test was on 180 A5 pages of text on kinship and Buddhism in some of the areas that now make up Korea and small parts of China. That could explain why so few of my classmates showed up for the movie night...

Wednesday we had our first exam (my teacher swiftly mentioned this after class Monday so it came as quite a surprise). We spent the first two hours reviewing the most important grammar and then the last hour on the actual exam. No grades would be given - we'd just be told if we had passed or not once we got it back. In case we failed (that one and the two extra tries we could have) we wouldn't be able to continue our studies. No pressure. No pressure at all. Though, my teacher said that as long as we'd been listening in class up until now, she was sure that we'd pass.

Friday morning we got the exams back. My teacher had brought two homemade dream cakes and we were jokingly questioning if she was trying to make up for the news that we had failed. But no, that wasn't the case. She adviced us to go get something to drink on the side because it might have gone a little dry since she  had left it in the oven for a moment while she was correcting our papers the night before. It wasn't because the test was super hard, I just felt like I could have done a lot better had I had more time. During the exam I had an almost complete blackout when I had to conjugate verbs in past tense with the (으)시 (honorific shi) so it was a huge relief when I got it back and saw that I had passed. Phew!
When I got back from school I called my 'dentist' at her request. She informed me that we could start my treatment soon and that I'd get my braces on (that I've been wanted to since the age of 13) by the end of this month. Yay!

Saturday morning I went with Chris to the opening of a new electronic store in Herlev named Power. Because it was the grand opening, they had a lot of really great offers. We had underestimated how many people were going to come because we ended up waiting in line outside the store for 3 hours. The people working there took good care of us though. Several times they came by with water and candy and there was a stand as well where you could have (really appetizing!!) sausages and bread. Chris got a new pair of Razer headphones and I bought a new phone - the Galaxy S6 Edge for half its normal price. My 'old' phone that I bought back in May/June 2012 has served me well but has had a few problems lately and I've been considering getting a new camera too as of late so I really think I made a good choice that day.

The reason I've had extra time on my hands this week is because my grammar teacher is in Seoul for a conference for non-native Korean teachers from around the world. This means that I'm free the days that I was supposed to have had her classes (Monday, today, and Friday).
The entire next week is our autumn holiday here in Denmark and train tickets are much cheaper on week days so I'm taking advantage of my extended holiday and jumping on the next train heading back to my hometown right after school tomorrow.

As soon as I arrive at the train station in my hometown, my dad will pick me up and drive me to Jasmin's place so we can do an all-nighter and (hopefully) finish our cosplays. On Tuesday we'll take the train back here because on Wednesday we promised to come help baking for Café Sweet Vanilla (the pop-up café that Siw and us joined after J-Popcon 2015. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday we'll be attending GEEKcore in Copenhagen. Jasmin is on the event team and will join us when she's free while I'll be spending all my work hours in the café. Because the café is only just starting up, we haven't made our uniforms yet. However, GEEKcore requested that we came in cosplay now that there were no uniforms so we decided to bring Elsa and Felsa cosplays that we started on earlier this year.

Hopefully everything will go as planned!
I'll update you after GEEKcore!

September 5, 2015

Moving to Værløse

As I wrote in this post, I was allowed to set up my family's caravan in front of my aunt and uncle's house and I've been living here for almost two weeks now while I eased into life as a university student.

This is where I live:
and this is my 'house'
We live in a small village and the only bus going out here goes once an hour. Depending on what time my classes start and end, it can take up to two hours before I'm back home from school - even if I go straight home! That's a long time considering I only have 2-3 hours of tuition each day buy Tuesdays.

Now that we've determined that 1) I'm not homeless and 2) my transportation options are bad, here comes the news!
I'm moving again!

I actually forgot to write this on my blog (except when I randomly mentioned him out of nowhere in this post) but I got a roommate that I'll be moving out with as soon as we find a suitable place! And that roommate is no other than Chrille!
Ever since my first day here he's been a great help. He's made sure that I've gotten around safely now that I'm new to the area, let me crash at his place when the bus hasn't been in my favor, and shown me around a little bit.

So where am I moving to?
...into his family's backyard (ᴖ‿ᴖ; )

And it's actually happening today!
I'm so so happy his family will let me stay and it's also a chance for us to get used to living together. Hopefully we won't want to kill each other. And lastly, transportation is going to be heaven compared to now! It'll only take me 40 min. to get back and forth.

Welcome to the University: 4th and 5th day

Thursday we had a couple more presentations in the morning and after lunch, all the Asian studies students gathered in a room with our tutors to prepare for the ToRS-cup!
For the past two years, Asian studies have won the cup and religion studies were starving for victory. No pressure at all. Nope.
(ToRS is the part of my university that deals with language, culture, religion, and society primarily in the world outside Western Europe and the US)

Each study has a colour (Asian studies had chosen black like ninjas) so when we'd shown up in the morning, 90% of us were dressed in black and the rest in dark colours. The tutors painted our faces and when we were ready we marched towards the battlefield - lead by our flag holder!

Here is our team!

And like the true wannabe Asians we were, we had to take a selca~ Here I'm with Celine, Isabella, and Clara. Oh and do you see the the Korean flags on our cheeks? We made those ourselves! The Thai students came up with the idea and when they were done they let us use their paint and skip the line. 감사합니다! ヾ(◍^ᗜ^◍)ノ゙

Looking out into the battlefield~
These were our competitors. The blue team was the religion studies and woah were they rude! #Badsportsmenmuch
Their battle cries were almost threatening and they actually boo'd at the other teams (mostly us) in contrast to our team, which applauded all of the other teams when we were not competing against them ourselves.

The green team was Middle Eastern studies. Their battle cries were a tad offensive but they yelled them with a smile so no problems there.

Yellow team was the smallest one and consisted of the Indian (Native American) languages and cultures studies. Whenever this team went up against the others, we'd automatically cheer on them with the Indian songs we were taught as kids. They actually almost beat us in the tug of war game!
Oooh my gosh if I had to pick a favorite among the other teams it'd be red team for two reasons: their hats and their battle cries. These were the East- and Southern Europe studies. When the games first started, we all took turns to yell out. When it was their turn, one of them stepped in front of the rest and motioned with his hands as if he were a conductor. The group would sing what sounded like a traditional, proud soccer song and they would finish off with the 'conductor' drenching them with water fake vodka.

In the end we were given extra points. Asian studies got points for being the best team overall (keeping up the good spirits and cheering for the others) and Religion studies got some for best costumes and best battle cry (although I clearly think red team deserved that). In the end religion won by a few points but a couple of the tutors agreed that they should have been deducted points due to their bad behavior. As they said: "It was perhaps a victory of sympathy". Oh well, there's always next years games!

When ToRS-cup ended, Asian studies all had dinner together in one of the classrooms.
I swear the chicken was sooo good!

Even though this was only our 4th day together I felt like we had already established some good friendships. Here I'm sitting with Celine and Johanne~ The reason I covered Celine's face was because I was unlucky enough to snap the picture just as she was about to blink but Johanna still looked super cute and this was the only picture I took... I'm sorry Celine! I will take better pictures next time! (๑;°ロ°๑)

In the evening there was a party for all of the ToRS students. It was fun but a lot less than I had expected showed up. We were still a bunch from Korea studies though and one of the guys from my study group, Mathias, kept buying drinks for the girls. Some of them got really drunk and a lot of funny stories were spilled. Those of us who stayed really bonded that night.
My roommate picked me up around midnight but I heard some of them kept going until the party ended at 3am.

Friday at 11am the Asian students met up again at school and had breakfast together.
Only 6 of us from Korea studies showed up(^ー^;).. The breakfast was super yummy too! We had two biiiig tables with rundstykker, bananas, watermelon, tea, coffee, and chocolate milk!
As we were finishing up, the tutors held mini speeches and thanked us for a good introduction week. Some guys from the tech department came in and were supposed to teach us how to set up our computers to the printers. Out of all us who'd showed up, only a select few of had brought their computers so the tech guys decided it'd be a waste of time.

Later that day was the official matriculation ceremony where all the new students got the chance to shake our principal's hand. I'd been having a headache ever since I'd moved here and after the party yesterday I was pretty worn out so I skipped this part.

And thus, this post marks the end of the beginning of my life as a student at the University of Copenhagen.

August 31, 2015

Welcome to the University: 2nd and 3rd day

Tuesday was super fun! We went on a scavenger hunt like the grown-ups we are!
Today all the students from the different Asian studies gathered and we were mixed into teams with about 1-2 people from each study. The teams had to choose names for themselves and come up with a battle cry that we would be using later and then we were handed a list with attractions, important places, and Asian stores. For every place we went to and took a selca in front of, we'd get a point as soon as we'd uploaded the proof on our joint Facebook group. We'd get extra points if we could have an Asian join our selca and at 3 of the posts there were challenges, which could give extra points if we passed them. All this was in order to strengthen the bonds between us new students across the studies and for us people who used to live far away to get used to the area and to be introduced to some of Asian stores nearby.

We called ourselves Den frække vinkel (=The kinky angle) because we attempted to take our pictures from as many angles as possible!

Selca in front of an Asian store - with an Asian!
Our team got a massive amount of bonus points because the girl beside me was actually Chinese and was fluent already so she just walked up to strangers and asked in Chinese if they'd join our picture.

In front of Tivoli we had a man and his son join us.
Once in a while our groups would run into each other like here at Rådhuspladsen~
When we came to the H. C. Andersen statue, we found a huge group of Asians but they turned out to be Korean and neither I nor the other girl from Korean studies on our team knew how to ask them for a picture. We tried going 'annyeonghaseyo' but their guide just replied and went back to explaining. Somehow our Chinese-born group member (whose name I feel so bad about having already forgotten) had a girl and her mom join us just before the tourist group walked away. Yay!

This was taken in front of a place called Tiger spilbar and it was one of the places with a challenge! To claim the extra points we had to tie a pen attached to a piece of string around our waists and lower it down into the throat of a beer bottle.
If the entire team could do it within 5 minutes we'd get two points for each member - we slayed this AND had an Asian girl walk out from the bar just in time to join our selca!

Group picture in front of a bubble tea café! The owner didn't want to join so one of the customers did instead. This wasn't a selca though so we had to take a new one, but look at the window! We still got the Asian bonus!
Looook at that kinky angle! Our team member was standing atop a trash can!
Here at the second challenge we had to take turn to put on a pair of headphones, hum along to a song, and have the rest of the team guess the song.
Yesh, more selcas.
Omg this picture hahahahha. I'd JUST put food in my mouth and was probably chewing the second Kyle took it. She climbed a road sign in order to get this angle. Talk about sacrificing for the team!
   The last challenge was here and we had to answer a bunch of questions like: "Where was the king of Thailand born?", "What is Tibet's nickname?", "What are Japan's four main islands called?" etc. etc. There was one specific 'question' aimed for us Korea students. It wasn't a questions though - we had to sing 10 seconds of a random kpop song! BTS's I need U saved us here!
Human pyramid taken from another kinky angle!
These two Vietnamese monks (we think?) had passed us earlier but we were lucky enough to find them again and have them join us for a picture!
 This woman was actually the Chinese girl's boyfriend's mother and after we took the picture with her, our team member told her that she could not take pictures with the other teams if they came by. So bad hahaha.
No matter how long we stood there spotting for people to join our pictures, we couldn't find them. I guess this wasn't a very touristy area? This was the definitely most sexy angle of them all though~
I forgot where this was but woooh bonus points~
Time was running out so we hurried to Ankeret in Nyhavn - there was only one more place on the list but I didn't think anyone went there since it was pretty far from the rest of the things on the list.
On our way back we ran by a biiiig group of Chinese tourists and we couldn't resist asking for a picture. We were actually a lot more and they were posing and all but sadly the girl taking the picture was too close to the rest of us so we didn't get everyone in the picture.

The scavenger hunt ended at a place called Studenterhuset where we all gathered in a room upstairs. The tutors counted our points once and then we heard all the teams' battle cries and got points for those as well. Two teams got an equal amount of points in this category so we listened to them again and voted for which battle cry should be used by all of the Asian students Thursday at the ToRS-cup. Up until the battle cry part, our team had had the first place but we placed second in the end.

Wednesday I took the bus, train, and metro to school for the first time and I was so proud that I found my way without getting lost! I was late by a few minutes for the first presentation though. Well, the first part wasn't super interesting anyways. They wanted to teach us how to log on to the wifi but the routers are located in the hallways, not the classrooms, and only 50 people can connect to a router at the time. The moment person #51 logs on, person #1 will be thrown off. Aaah and it was so slow!
Look how everyone was slouching

During our break I talked to a girl from my class, Isabella, and we somehow started talking about the party tomorrow. She said that she lived close to the school and that I could sleep at her place. You see, going back and forth from my aunt and uncle's place to school is a bit tricky because I have to connect the bus, train, and metro every time. Aaaaand the bus only goes once an hour. It also stops at night so the latest connection I'd be able to make would be at 22.36. The party tomorrow lasts from 21.00 to 03.00 so I'd miss quite a lot of potential bonding time with my fellow students if I had to leave that early. Staying at Isabella's house would be a gift! I told her that I'd talk to my aunt and uncle and confirm our plans when I got home later.

After lunch we had yet a presentation from 3 different counselors. That wasn't the most interesting part either and there was so much information to remember. From 14-16.00 the Japanese and Korean students were introduced to the alphabets by our tutors while the other Asian students were free to play around. That was the most interesting part of the day!
Many of us already knew the alphabet and the sounds so it was just repetition for us. We were shown all the consonants and the vowels. Then we were given papers so we could practice how to write them individually and afterwards together, like you did back in preschool. Afterwards they wrote a bunch of words in Korean on the blackboard and we had to take turn to say them out loud. We tried translating the words we knew and in the end we tried to write our own names with the help from our tutors.

The last event today was at the BARstion - a bar for the language students (I think).
Many went home but some of us stayed. I'd planned to go home, even though I wanted to join, but again... my transport time is horrible so I stayed an hour and talked to my classmates before I could make the next connection.
That evening I tried to get in contact with the girl from my class who'd said that I could stay over but she's new to Facebook and doesn't use it often. I didn't want to risk anything so we made a change of plans. My roommate was going to come get me around midnight (because I'm new to the place and the area isn't exactly known as being safe at night) and then I'd sleep at his place and go back to school from there on Friday.