February 28, 2015

Cosplay, Sweden, and school

I'd planned to be more active on this blog in 2015 but seeing as this is only my 2nd post this year, I'm not doing too good. Oh well, the year only just started! I have 315 days left to make that up!

The reason I've been so bad at posting hasn't been because there's been nothing to blog about, it's actually because there's been too much to blog about! 
Many many positive things have happened up until today but I've been so caught up that I haven't had the time to properly sit down and blog.

What's mainly been taking my time was cosplay. I've been making my own cosplay and been updating a little bit about it on my beauty blog (HERE and HERE). The convention I was going to use it for went down last weekend and I also made a post on that HERE (more posts to come about that)

So what else has been going on except for cosplay? 

This is a longer explanation but because of my exchange year, I never got to take physics with everyone else in 1st grade. The problem is that physics is mandatory in order to graduate so the office at my school pulled some threads and I ended up taking the course with one of the 1st grade classes. The school officials wouldn't put me in the class when the physics course first began as they thought it'd be too stressful for me now that I also had to write the SRP around that time. The SRP stress ended around the beginning of January so from there on I had to take care of all of my 3rd grade subjects, this extra physics class with the 1st graders, and some extra semi-private physics lessons with 4 1st graders who had changed classes and somehow missed parts of the course.

By the end of January we were introduced to this year's AT. AT is the only oral exam that you know for sure that you will have to take (SRP is the only mandatory written one) and it was hard for me to get started since I kept reminding myself of last summer's failure. As something new, my school tried making this workshop for all the 3rd graders one day during last period. We got to talk to different teachers about the possibilities within the different subjects and, for the first time, I felt secure about my choice. I chose to write about "what effect colours have in the way we perceive art" using the subjects Danish and Physics. So hopefully that goes well... *crosses fingers*

A few days later, my mind was on something completely different...

The big ball (this post explains what it is) will take place exactly 2 weeks from now and as I'm finally a 3rd grade student, I get to wear a pretty dress and act like a princess for a night. Finding the perfect dress is a pretty big deal for the girls since this will be our last ball (or formal, dance, whatever) and we want everything to go smooth. For a long time I thought of getting a new dress like my friends but was then reminded that I already had a ball gown at home - the blue one I used for prom during my exchange year!
The exchange year has had a great impact on my student life even after I got home so wearing  this dress for both of the most important dances is, for me, a symbol of linking those two lives (in America and Denmark) together.
Apparently, I gained some unhealthy fat while in America, which I lost after coming home, and my dress ended up not fitting me. Luckily, my grandma knew the sweetest old lady who could lay in it to fit me again. And all I need now is shoes and a nice updo.

I bought this at J-Popcon to wear with the dress~

Then February came around and we had our first break of the year. On February 9th I took a train to Copenhagen and from there a bus going to Gothenburg, Sweden, to visit my special Swedish person, Philip.
I didn't take any pictures there though.. it was more of an actual break for me rather than a trip. But I had a lot of fun with Philip and we discovered how different Swedes and Danes think although we're neighbors. We also went on a "fika" which, from an American perspective, most of all seems like a date between friends. From a Danish perspective it would be more like 'kaffe' ('kaffe' means coffee but is also a word used by the older generations for when people gather, sit down, and have coffee/tea and often some sort of cake). I got to watch his dance practice as well as meeting a bunch of his friends, who all seem like really cool people!

On February 13th I went back the to Denmark and less than 24 hours after I had stopped by Copenhagen, a terrorist attack happened! It was a sole brainwashed idiot who shot 2 and hurt 5 before being shot himself by the police. They're still talking about it in TV these days and a couple of others have been arrested for helping him out. Freaky.. 

In mid February, the package from Ashley arrived! Ashley is my good friend from Singapore who stayed with us in November/December last year (I made a post full of pictures and stories about our adventures HERE).
He insisted that 'since we'd taken so good care of him' he'd send us a present, which ended up being taken hostage by the Danish customs pirates as I like to call them. He'd bought a present and written a letter to each of my family members and Maria, whom he also got to meet during his stay. 
My cats couldn't really handle that "mysterious smelly box" (I call it smelly because, apparently, packages from Singapore are being gassed to make sure they won't spread any diseases to us).
These were meant to be Christmas presents and since they don't celebrate Christmas in Singapore the same way we do here, this was the first time Ashley had ever wrapped, not to mention bought Christmas presents.
I got this really awesome travel book on all sort of different things to do in different countries like scuba diving, rock climbing, etc.
He also sent us a book with all the beautiful pictures he took here in Denmark. Oh! And he filmed a lot when he was here so if you haven't seen it yet, you should check on his video on Denmark HERE.

Then J-Popcon 2015 finally took place!
On the first day of the con, our SRP grades were released. I'd promised myself not to look at it before the con was over because I KNEW I was going to get a bad grade! I've never struggled so much with a paper before! If you've read THIS post (a diary during my writing period) you'll understand why I had such a horrible feeling about my grade. But suddenly my best friend called and told me her grade and I ended up promising her to check mine and tell her. It turns out I got a 10!!! That's the second best grade! The SRP counts double so this really pulled my average in the right direction! Aaaaah I'm so happy! 

So now that I've finally made a blog post, does that mean I have time to relax again?

I'll be graduating in June and that means I will have to think of the future. I've already made one post on some of the ideas I have regarding what to do next (HERE)... but I haven't really come to any conclusions yet. But IF I want to apply for a university, I pretty much have to do it RIGHT NOW.
No stress... no stress at all...
Because of the SRP I have a nice average as of right now but that can change (and each year it becomes harder and harder to get accepted into my dream study) so I need to start paying extra attention in school in order to keep that up.

O' well, maybe I can relax in June?


  1. You looked beautiful on the ball!
    And you've sure been busy lately.
    I hope you can relax soon and make more blog posts! :3

    1. Wooow thank you Amaya <3 I still cringe over the hair though :x
      Yes! I really can't remember last time I've been this busy. Night is the only time of the day when I can relax at the moment. Hopefully it will all be over soon > <
      I will try my best to make more posts! My beauty blog will probably be updated a little more often than this one~

      Thank you for stopping by once again and leaving a nice comment <3
      Have a great day ^o^

  2. I intended to reply to the answer you gave me, but my reply ended up disappearing when I pressed the replybutton.... :'(

    But to answer the question about my weird holiday-periods: Yes I'm attending a university (SDU in Odense) and is danish (my name really have it away, hehe).

    In the deleted post I asked about how your SRP went, but I saw that I already got that answered above. I'm still waiting for my answer. Should be some time next week - fingers crossed!

    Since I find many of your topics being something I can relate to you got yourself another regular reader :-)


    1. Ooh I'm sorry it got deleted. It wasn't in my spam comment section either... maybe the blogger site spazedd for a moment :(

      So that means you've already been through all this freaking out about the future :O I'm glad it worked out for you! What are you studying? Hahah yes, Hansen is probably the most Danish lastname there is!
      I'll cross fingers for you as well! You must be really excited-

      I'm really happy that someone is able to relate to me, especially with all the stuff going on in my life right now. It's nice to know we're not alone with all these thoughts, right? So welcome aboard! I'm looking forward to entertain you in the future with my posts and hopefully put a smile on your face on the bad days~

      Have a remaining good weekend!