March 19, 2015

The Big Ball - Finally seniors! (Picture heavy)

I know I know.. "The Big Ball" is a pretty literal translation with an ambiguous meaning but I simply refuse to call it "prom". You see.. The Big Ball is somehow like prom but at the same time not. It's like prom in the way that it's a big party where we get to dress up in pretty clothes and dance.

Yet it differs because it's a completely different thing. Our ball (or formal as my American friend and date for my American prom, Daniel, called it after I explained to him what it was all about) seems much more formal than American proms.

If you've been reading my blog since... well the beginning, you've probably already read about my FIRST and SECOND ball. If not, you can click the pink text to get to the posts.
I already explained in the post about my second ball what our balls were all about so I'm going to copy and paste that because I'm too lazy to explain it again I can.

"3rd graders: Boys dress in suits and the girls in the most formal dresses you could ever think of. My friends and former classmates were absolutely stunning to look at!
They dine at school together with their parents and classmates and are the first ones to arrive at school. They are being taught 5 dances and at last they have a chance to also dance with their parents. 
I believe you can compare it to an old medieval ball. The 3rd graders being the royal people, 2nd graders being the jokers, who are also supposed to keep the party going, and the 1st graders as peasants~"

This year we're 3rd graders (seniors) meaning it was finally our time to shine last Saturday when our ball was held!
Another reason I've also been been lately is because I was on the decoration team. You see, as a new tradition, we all have to decorate our classrooms according to an overall theme. Last year the theme was movies and this year it was fairytales! Sooo many possibilities, right? 
In my class we decided on Frozen so during last class on Friday we all gathered and decorated the classroom.

My class has never had that joint feel to it but I was pleasantly surprised to see everyone work so hard!
We had my friends roll the napkins,
some putting up lightchains,
and hanging up snowflakes (even my teacher!).
 My classmate have this idea that I'm a super great artist so my job was to draw this Olaf to hang on the door to greet people. I have never been a fan of doing 3D art but I honestly think this turned out pretty great.
Aaaand the finished version! 
After seeing my Olaf they asked me to do something on the whiteboard and I we decided on Svend.
 Outside the class we put fake snow, some I-don't-know-their-names and my happy classmate Pernille
Close up of the fake snow! They had sprayed silver glitter all over it so it looked like real snow glistening in the winter sun. It was beauuuutiful! This picture does it no justice at all!
We also put fake snow on the tables
 I absolutely LOVED these tinfoil roses that my classmate Trine made!
Credits to the school photographers for these pictures of some of the other classes↓
Saturday came and I spent most of the day preparing. My cousin Pernille, came over to do my hair (a lot of girls here go to the hairdressers but it's just sooooo expensive) and some days prior I had gone to a nail lady to have my nails done.
I'd planned to do them myself but I'm really good at destroying my fingers when I feel stressed and.. I've been feeling VERY stressed lately.
At 16.30 we went to my school. 
My friends all arrived at the same time as me and we were lucky enough to have our pictures taken with our parents before the queue to the photographers had grown too long (I didn't get one of my friend Mette though </3)
❤ Aaaaand my parents and I 
I think this is the best picture ever taken of the three of us to be honest

The mass of people split up and we went into our separate classrooms to dine. The boys from my class entertained us with a neatly put-together show in between the 3 meals.
↑Credits to Marva for these two↑
I didn't take pictures of the food since I didn't like the entree and the main dish was pretty meh. We were supposed to have roasted steak and while some were as described, others were completely raw. Grooooss!
The dessert was cool though~
After dessert we had to run to the gym and line up for the grand march!
The 1st graders had just danced and shaaaame on those girls for not all wearing completely black dresses! #jokingnotjoking
Then it was time for us to dance! 
At first it was only the STX students (my school) dancing waltz, tango, and cha-cha-cha and afterwards the teachers and some HHX (my best friend's school - the school of commerce) joined. ---
My dad filmed almost all of it and I put it together in a rather long video. 
Below are some pictures that were taken while we were dancing. Once again credits to the awesome school photographers for these shots!
Don't know why I made that face..
The teacheeers! To the left is our new principal and his wife and to the right is my Danish teacher and old history teacher.
It sounded like fireworks going off when the balloons hit the floor and people couldn't help but pop them
There were photographers taking pictures of all the "couples" as we left the floor.
First we have Nanna and her dance partner, Christine (if I'm not mistaken)
Mette and Anne danced together
Then my freshmen (I didn't have a dance partner so the school assigned me a freshmen) and I
Aaaand Monika and her freshmen!
When we were done dancing, the 2nd graders arrived and the stage was put up so a band could play. People pretty much split up after that. Our parents left the classrooms and sat down in the main hall where the rest of the students were. We didn't do much after that but dance and ...well dance.
At 1am the party ended and most students went downtown to continue the party. My friends went with their boyfriends but I didn't want to be the 9th wheel and went home instead.

There isn't much more to say really. I was really satisfied with the party, my look, the pictures we took, and the fun we had. Yet somehow I felt like something was missing.. but I'm not exactly sure what. Perhaps a dance partner that I had actually asked / been asked by? I don't know.
Anyways! We took soooo many pictures in between everything and I wasn't exactly sure where to put them so I decided to just spam you at the end of the post.
Sooo.... picture spam GO!

Ooooof course no party is complete without the obligatory selcas!
And now that that's out of the way.. 
~My beloved classmates and friends~
Anne in gold, Mette in sky blue, Nanna in burgundy, Monika in royal blue, and me in electric blue
↓Credits to the school photographers for these ones↓
I had a picture taken with Emilie but for some reason this is the only picture that I simply cannot find! *eternal sadness* o(╥﹏╥)o At least I found this one with our common (mostly Emilie's) friend Mette. Don't they just look GORGEOUS?
Naomi, Emma, and Danna (the three girls in the middle) looked stunning as well! Sadly I didn't get to talk to them more than a quick "hi!" after dancing.
More classmates weeeee
Group picture on the stairs!
This picture is actually from our local newspaper! Woooah we're famous now ~~

Thank you for reading!
Have a great day!


  1. that sure looks like a lot of fun.
    everybody must have had a great time!


    1. It was! I really hope everyone else had as much fun as I did ^_^

      Thanks for stopping by!
      Have a great day!