April 28, 2015

11 days left

Around the time I wrote my last post I wasn't having my best time. Pressure from school and most of all my own high expectations mixed with the lack of attention from a specific person was getting to me. Things have calmed down a bit.... or rather, I have after talking to my best friend and ranting to Maria.

Emilie and I haven't spent time together since we wrote our SRPs - whenever I finally find time in between my assignments, she's working on her own. Until lately, that is. On two different evenings she's texted me out of the blue, asking if she could stop by for some "late night catch up" as she called it - just to talk for a couple of hours. I'm really happy she did this. Really.
As the end of our college life is nearing I feel more and more insecure about my choice. Korea studies is what I [think I] want to do now but the fear that I'm making a wrong choice reappears from time to time.
During our catch up she told me that she was going to apply for China studies in Aarhus (another big Danish city) and that she and her boyfriend had already gotten a really neat-looking apartment up there. Meanwhile I'm just here like:
Nooo jkjk. Well kinda. 

If there is such a thing as a soul that happens to be split into two, I'm pretty sure Emilie's got the other half to mine. We're both applying for Asian studies at the two oldest universities here in Denmark and, in case our plans fail, even our plan Bs are alike: to go to China/Korea and learn the languages on our own!
All this without even having discussed it with each others. Speak of like mindedness!

Back to the topic...
As mentioned, things have calmed down. While I want to do my best during those few days left in school I have reached the same point of "I don't really care anymore" as my friends. Especially getting through the last few assignments is hard! I can't make any radical changes to my grades anymore so all there's left for me to do is to enjoy the time with my friends and cross my fingers that I won't have bad luck with my exams!

And while we're at the topic of friends: solely focusing on school these past weeks has totally hijacked my attention away from the fact that OHMYGOSH KHLA IS GOING TO VISIT ME THIS SUNDAY!!!!!! AKJSHdKJAHSDKJSA!!!!

Okay stop. STAPH!
Do you know who Khla is? You probably don't unless you've been following my blog since 2013. Khla was an exchange student from Thailand who went to Rio Mesa (my American school) with me. And for the first time since our parting in America we're going to see each other again!
I really can't wait for Sunday! We haven't planned where exactly to bring him or what to show him yet but hopefully we'll come up with something cool!

He's going home on May 7th and the day after I'll be off to the last SVS con with my friends Jasmin and Siw. I haven't had time nor brain capacity to to plan what to wear and I haven't had time to repair my Eto costume - which is horrible 'caus we're going to be doing a Tokyo Ghoul photoshoot with a couple of others and I have no idea what to do! ARGH! (✖╭╮✖)

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