April 13, 2015

22 days left

We've finished the written tests and tomorrow the seniors are all going back to having normal classes again. 
To be honest, I have a feeling that I did well (knock on wood)! - We'll see when the grades are published.

Also, I didn't get to spend my days off how I'd planned. It turns out that there are already enough participants for the cosplay show, which means we didn't make it in time and therefore won't get to be in it. Buuuh.
The next big convention here in Denmark is the one called Genki but I won't be home that weekend - meaning we have to wait for J-Popcon 2016! Wearing the costume before having performed would spoil the fun so our work on the dresses will be put on indefinite hiatus for now.

What did I do instead then?
Well, this weekend was really important.

Saturday I was invited to my cousin Camilla's 30th birthday as the only one from my household! This was a really big deal to me since I rarely see this side of my family due to some family quarrels that happened while I was abroad - and unable the change the course of events.
At first I felt a little out of place. These people were my family but I felt like I knew nothing about them. Well, as time passed, we caught up. My aunt and uncle are during fine - traveling as always - and shared pictures and some exciting stories from their trips. My half-cousin Mike and his girlfriend have just bought a big lot in the same neighborhood as I live in, Cathrine and her boyfriend through 8-10 years (I'm not exactly sure) are expecting their first child in June this year, and Camilla seems to have found a really nice boyfriend (I definitely approve of him).

Sunday was my parents' silver wedding anniversary.
The night before, while I was at the party, my grandparents, siblings, grandcousins, and their kids had made a beautiful arch out of spruce, decorated it with fresh flowers, and put it up outside our front door. They had placed flags everywhere outside and put a shield with the names of my parents and their wedding date above the door.
 Since I couldn't be there to make the arch, I went to my grandparents place a dew days earlier and made the shield.
 In the morning my siblings and I went outside to meet up with neighbors, family, friends, colleagues and everyone else who wanted to celebrate with us before walking up to the front of our house. My grandparents had hired two men to come and play as it's a tradition to wake up the couple with horn music and singing.
We were way more people than I had thought

When the singing was over, my parents invited all the guest inside for breakfast and liquor
During this kind of event, you never really know who is going to show up. People came and left throughout the day as they pleased
In the evening, everyone had left but my grandparents, grandcousin and her kids, and my dad's aunt who stayed for dinner.

With so much going on in my life right now and the many choices I'm being faced with, I find comfort in watching my family. Almost all of our cousins are older than us and although a couple of them have met severe hardships in life it seems like everything's falling into place. 
My parents, who have spent such a long time together is a great example of what real love is - not those stupid "relationship goals" pictures that are flooding the internet. Now that is how I'd like my future to be. If I ever get married, that is. 

There's only 22 "normal" school days left today. In 37 days, we will have our last day at school before the exam period begins and in 74 days, the life we've led the past 3 years will cease to exist. Never again will we show up in that classroom with those people to be taught that subject by that teacher. It sounds pretty negative now that I read it, but that's how I feel about it all. I know the 74th day from now marks a new beginning but am I ready for this to end? Have I spent the past 4 years wisely? Are there things I need to do before school ends? If so, what are they?
We'll be free to do whatever we want  - and at the same time faced with new challenges. New choices to make. 
As for me, I applied for the University of Copenhagen and if I am to be accepted, it means I have to move out - perhaps to Sweden.
Moving to another country sounds a bit... overwhelming, doesn't it? Well, financially, it seems that would be the better choice for now. 

Although we're busy in school, there are rest days here and there where I find myself pondering over these questions. Although I don't have much free time right now, there's still enough time for me to think. To think too much and to worry about things I shouldn't worry about - which is definitely not needed at this moment where focus on school is most crucial. 

School is like a race. These past few years you've been running alongside the other students but you're nearing the finish line and now is the time for you to work harder. To speed up. Because you only get one chance during your final like you only get one finish time in the race. 

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