April 1, 2015

Easter break!

Hellooo hellooooooo~ and HAPPY EASTER!!

A huge stone was lifted off my shoulders last Friday when I turned in my AT assignment (another was lifted off when I read that the University of Copenhagen had received my application). As I wrote in THIS POST, AT is the only oral exam we know for sure that we will have to take and this one is pretty strange since you will have to write a synopsis and then, during the exam, defend it. Although it was NOTHING compared to the frustration and 3 existential crises I endured during the SRP period, I had my share of struggle trying to write the AT. After the horrible result last time I really wanted to excel this time! But for the first time ever I'm actually satisfied with the synopsis so hopefully that will help.

Now I'm on Easter break and won't have any "normal" school days again before April 14th.
These are my schedules the next 3 weeks:
The gray blocks mean that I'm on vacation. The blocks with red mark the days I have written tests - Danish, English, and Spanish. It's important to do well in these tests as their grades will count unless I end up having to take an exam in those subjects.
 All in all, 5 days have been cleared for us to take these test but people who don't take Math anymore won't have to take those and so on. This means that I'm off Monday (as seen below) and I was supposed to also be out of school Wednesday and Thursday if it wasn't for those extra physics classes I'm taking.

Anyways, I'm on Easter break for now and Saturday night my friends Susanne and Mette had arranged a little Easter dinner party for a couple of girls in the spirit of Easter.
 They'd set the table really nice with bunny egg nameplates
 And we'd each brought a side dish to share. I made deviled eggs, which my hostgrandma Pat had taught me how to make. Not all of the girls were courageous enough to taste them though..
 I don't think egg hunting has ever been a thing here in Denmark so instead Mette had her little brother hide bags with our names on around the house for us to find. They contained gum, chocolate bunnies, and nougat eggs.
 For dessert Susanne had bought hollowed chocolate eggs and filled them with something that tasted like cheesecake. On top was a dash of apricot marmalade. They were really yummy and such a cute idea!
Credits go to Susanne's Instagram for this one

Saturday I went to Jasmin's place so we could finally get started on our cosplays. Because of school we haven't had time to work on them yet and we have yet to record the sound for our performance. Our plan was to perform at the cosplay show at the last SVS con here in May but there are only 10 spots left and we haven't secured ours before our audio file has been sent to and approved by the organizers. The stress is real.
But yea, we met up and later in the evening Siw joined us. I slept there until Tuesday and this is how far we got.

Jasmin drew this^
We still need SO much (capes, lining, shoes, the top part of the dress, and to decorate the cape and dress) and finding a nice-looking wig has proved impossible so far... 
I hope we'll make it! > < 

Except for the cosplay I don't really have any specific plans for Easter (except for my next school assignment). I'd hoped Philip could visit me but it seems school is taking up all of his time right now.

What about you?
Are you going to do anything during Easter? Maybe travel somewhere?

While moving pictures from my phone I found the pictures I took the Friday before Easter break during our solar eclipse. I was really excited for it as well as a large group of other students from my school but the weather made it hard to watch. Most of the time the sun was covered up by these huuuuuuuuuge clouds but I was happy to snap this picture! 
This one was taken through special solar eclipse glasses
Lastly I would like to link to THIS beautiful (and TRUE) sketch made by a friend of mine.


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