April 30, 2015

Got our student caps!

Remember how I, in my post two days ago, mentioned how I had reached the point of "I don't really care anymore" and how getting through the last few assignments was especially hard?

It still is. Those facts don't change over night

......buuuuuuut it certainly felt MUCH easier to overcome the few days we have left after we received our student caps yesterday! 
↑This was my friends and I some 8-9 hours ago↑

Why the excitement? It's just a cap?
Since I have also acquired an American cap and gown and experienced how it felt to wear and own, I feel confident when I say that there are so many more emotions attached to the student cap.
I don't know if the Swedes and Finns view their caps the same way as Danes do but for us, the cap bears a very special status.
Previously, in Denmark, the caps were connected to very high status as very few graduated. The number of graduates is way higher today but the aura of sophistication still remains - and so do the traditions (and superstitions)!
One of them is that you MUST NOT put on your cap before your last exam - if you do YOU WILL FAIL!!!
However, you have to try it on at least once to make sure that you've gotten the correct size, right?
So when you're done you need to put the cap on the floor and jump over it backwards thrice to ward off bad luck. Yes, I did that when I came home. I don't have a death wish!
You can read some of the other traditions here.

As my friend and classmate Anne put it: "Today you had a baby. This is just like a baby! We've been slaving away the past three year to get this [cap]! Earning this hurt just as much as giving birth to a real baby but as soon as you lay eyes on it, all the pain becomes worth it!"

I could not agree more although none of us are moms and have no idea how it feels to give birth. But it hurt! It hurt a lot! I had never imagined I'd be so happy about... *a hat*... but I am!
Just thinking about it makes me smile so much. When our class opened the big boxes with the caps inside, it was as if a bunch of VIPs had just been informed of BIGBANG having a comeback a bunch of kinder gardeners had just been let into Disneyland for the first time. 

So like so many other new moms I'm now going to spam my social network you with a billion pictures of my "baby"! 

53,5 is the cap size and it is tradition that the two people in your class with the largest and smallest cap sizes each have to give a beer crate to the rest. 
C.L.Seifert was founded in 1865 here in Denmark by a German tailor and has been appointed by both of the royal courts in Denmark and Sweden. Philip is also getting his cap from here~
Inside the box was a white with the cap inside
Of course it was decorated with the company's name as well.
And now the cap! On top was the logo to show aaaaall the other students that we got the cooler caps~ (no idk why it's there).
The size had costumized buttons. One with your class...
and one with the year you are to graduate in.
On the back is, also embroidered, the name of your school and your own name below.
I couldn't really get a good picture of this since there are so many letters that they had to bend around the cap.
On the front is a cockade (red for my school (STX) and blue for Emilie's (HHX)) with a Dannebrog cross in front. You can have other symbols instead but since this is the original one I didn't bother changing mine.
For me, the most important part was the engraved messages on the bottom side of the brim. I asked my best friends Emilie and Kong Kong to write in mine and it just means a lot to me to have their words with me like this.
Emilie's quote actually happens to be in Simlish - the language used in the Sims games. Emilie and I have always been fond of the games so this message carries a very special implicit status. It translates to "Nothing is impossible if you believe"
Kong: "You just began the long haul to the summit"
There are a lot of "rules" regarding the student cap and some of them say that you will have to cut into the brim if you do this or this during the first week after graduation. Ain't NOBODY going to touch my brim!
Aaaand here's the full cap! You've probably noticed the American flags, am I right?
The reason for this is that I, unlike most people, took my exchange year while also attenting the Gymnasium back in Denmark, resulting in me actually having spent the past 4 years instead of 3 years aiming for the cap. My exchange year was the reason for me ending up with the people I'm with now and thus I felt like it was important for me to highlight (and for old catlady Lucy to remember!)
My "baby" from another angle!

Inside the box was also a certificate
With pictures of the official royal appointments
A text congratulating us on passing the exam and telling us how the caps are all handmade - oh and that there is a 50 years warranty!
Yup that's me - getting excited about even a paper.

These caps symbolize the pain we went through these past 3 years. The 177 assignments (yes, I counted) we wrote so far (it'll be 179 in total). It symbolizes the stress and the sleepless nights.

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