May 21, 2015

Ready, set, exams!

So... Sports Day ended up being what a LOT of the seniors would call... a disaster. 

Let me elaborate on that.. 

When I woke up the sun was shining through my window from a clear blue sky and I thought
"What is this?! Are we finally going to have nice, stable weather like back in 1st grade?!?!"
Yes, I legitimately thoughts so until the sky, minutes before I had to leave, started getting a bit more cloudy. A bit more gray. A little less sunny. 

Anyways.. I met up with Nanna on a parking lot across the soccer fields where we would be competing so my mom could have a picture of us before "we would go to war" against the other classes (because she's my private paparazzi). Oh yes, we had war paint (eyeshadow and burnt cork stoppers) and everything!

Okay I might have exaggerated a little. It was raining like that 2 days earlier but we do get some pretty heavy showers here once in a while.

Tuesday happened to be one of those days and all the matches were pretty much cancelled since the fields had gotten super muddy and nobody wanted to leave the way-too-small party tent. 
I thought of taking pictures of the whole thing but the fear that my phone would drown if I attempted to struck me #truestory.
A few of my classmates and I got to the point of being so soaked that we couldn't possibly take in more water - and thus we challenged the U class in a water dodgeball fight. It ended up being their entire class against 6 of us and we obviously lost pretty big. It was entertaining to take on such an unfair fight but when the match was over I couldn't feel my fingers for the pain caused by the elements.
Anne and Mette left around 10am when the whole thing started (since none of our classmates had decided to show up) and Nanna not long time after so I went home early as well to raise my body heat a little.

In the evening our class (well all of us except 3 who had decided to eat alone for some reason) met up at Esbjerg Legeland to have dinner and for some of them to play around.
Nanna, Monika, and I 

Afterwards we all went to my other classmate's house, as her dad lives on the road next to our school, and stayed there until 21.30 when the "party" at school began.
There was sort of a weird feeling about it.. usually people would dance and be super drunk right away and although we did dance, it was as if something had put a damper on the collective mood.
Time went eerily fast and the closer we got to midnight, the more quiet people went. When it was 2 minutes to midnight, the lights were turned back on and the principal held a speech that none of us really heard except the last few words:
"...and the exams will be released in 3.. 2...1!!!!"

And it got quiet.
The music and lights stopped and the room was now filled with students frantically checking their phones in complete silence as time slowed down.

Then came the screams. Screams of joy and fear scattered around the room!
Since everyone were checking lectio at the same time, some of us couldn't get in at first and I'm pretty sure my heart skipped a beat or two when Monika screamed, almost crying:

"NO! [insert cussing here] NO! WE HAVE TO TAKE ORAL SPANISH!!"

I looked at my friends faces that wore the same expressions as the victims of Samara in The Ring. Mine probably looked the same.

..until Monika realized that she was looking at our written exams. Her fearful face changed to a relieved one as she loudly exclaimed that she had to take oral Danish and oral History!
Nanna, Anne, and I got in right after and we got the same!

I ran over to check with Emilie. She didn't get the exams she'd wished for the most but she avoided the worst ones - just like us - and I believe she's pretty content with that. Not all were as lucky though. I saw a couple of group hugs emerging here and there around the people who had been unfortunate enough to get the worst exams possible. 

As soon as we'd checked our exams and calmed down, we checked our final grades as well. 
None of my grades had gone down. Two had gone up (physics and sports, wuhoo!) and the two oral exams  I have to take are in subjects in which I get my lowest grades (B-/C). It shouldn't be hard to get that in an exam situation again *knock on wood* but it is a last chance for me to do even better and maybe get a higher grade, which will help my average. 
TL;DR: I'm VERY satisfied about the outcome of that evening!

Me exam schedule is as follows:

Written Danish                                                                      22/5
Written English                                                                      26/5
Written Spanish                                                                    28/5
Oral AT                                                                                  2/6
Oral Danish                                                                         10/6
Oral History                                                                 22/6-23/6

Which means my first exam is tomorrow and that I'll officially graduate after having received my grade in history on June 23rd at 15.30!

Wish me luck and in case you're taking your exams as well - good luck to you too!

May 18, 2015

1 day left

I'm enjoying these last few days of freedom before the whole exam race begins.

Let's see what I've been doing...
After seeing Khla off with my parents Thursday last week I went back home to dress up before going to my friend Mette's place to see her and her boyfriend's new apartment with the rest of the ladies. She had prepared such a nice table - as expected from her.

Mette, Karoline, and Monika ♡ Maria isn't there since she was also taking pictures

Mette is a genius at baking but her oven hadn't been working so instead she made us these desserts~
Panna cotta with chocolate mousse on top - and with strawberries added later!

After coming back home I started packing for SVS Con and continued the next morning before school.
School was special that day. It was the day of our 3rd grade show!
The entire school gathered in the main hall. There was a red carpet leading to the stage and the seats were specifically reserved for the seniors - at some point they even told the juniors and freshmen to move because this was our show! I guess I had expected more but.. all in all it was good and I'm just glad that I wasn't picked out to come on stage. My favorite parts were the many burns sent in the juniors' direction after they trashed a local restaurant.
After school I hurried home and packed the last stuff before meeting up with Siw to go to SVS Con!

Wednesday was the partial disclosure of our exam plan (meaning all those we'd have to take before May 29th) and as I had written in a post that I never got to .. well post, I'd hoped for written Danish and Spanish exams.
It turns out I have to take all possible written exams - Danish, English, and Spanish. I'm pretty happy about that. I also got the date for my AT exam - I'd rather avoid that one but it's an exam we all have to take in order to graduate. But let's look at it with positive eyes: at least it'll be over soon. Now I just have to read up on it again!

In the evening the ladies had a wellness night at Monika's place!
We used face scrubs, wore face masks, did our nails, drank smoothies and Maria's pearlescent wine, and watched Fifty Shades of Grey. Maria told us how one of her coworkers had compared us to the ideal friendgroup from movies where members always do fun things together. Now thinking about it.. I think she might be right. Not saying that our friendship is "ideal" because everything is relative but I very much enjoy the ladies' company. It was a fun destressing night.

Thursday was a national holiday and Friday we were out of school, giving us a small break. I spent most of those two days writing my post on Khla's visit.

Today is my last normal day of school. Tomorrow is a sports day for the seniors. In my freshmen year they were playing water dodgeball against other classes and the teachers. This year we will have tug of war competitions between the classes, a tournament in water dodgeball and soccer, sodas sponsored by the school, the hotdog stand as always, and a party tent. We dress up and my class chose military people (ugh, how cliche). 
The day ends at 14.00 and afterwards we split up and go home to get ready. We eat dinner with our class and meet up again at school in the evening for a party that starts at 21.30.
There'll be a bar and music as always and this time we're going to be joined by the seniors from another school (HTX - that we also merged with) so we are going to be a loooot of people! All the seniors from 3 different schools.
At 23.59 we cross our fingers and start the coundown to the announcement of our final grades and exams, which will be released at 00.00.01.
As you can tell from my schedule I actually have physics class the day after (because the 1st graders still go to school a couple of days more). Well... if I have to take the exam in physics, of course I've got to go. If not, I'm going to sleep in and prepare myself for my first exam on Friday!

May 14, 2015

Khla visited us!

The past one and a half week has been most interesting! And so eventful!

It's been a while since last time I was so busy - and content with it at the same time.
This time it wasn't due to a lot of homework (although I had a bunch of presentations to prepare for) but rather that my old classmate / fellow exchange student friend, Khla, came to visit me!

It aaaaall began last Sunday
*wooooh flashback effect*

 *゚✲* Sunday *✲゚ * 3/5

The moment we reunited:
My dad didn't catch it but mere seconds before the beginning of the video we had a very emotional run towards each other followed by the screaming of names and thus, probably, freaking out the rest of the people getting off the train. BUT WHO CARES BECAUSE KHLA WAS HERE?!?!?

Khla was going to stay with us before ending his Europe trip and returning back to Thailand and with only 4 days here and an entire city to experience we had no time to spare! We went straight to De 4 Hvide Mænd (= The 4 white men) some of our most famous city symbols.

My mom noticed that Khla has this thing for taking picture while in mid jump so we had to try.. this one kinda failed though but that's us in a nutshell

Afterwards we met up with my grandparents - Khla met my grandma in America but my grandpa stayed home so this was the first time they met - at had ice cream at what my family view as the best ice cream shop in our city. The shop is conveniently placed right by the beach and while my family finished up their ice cream, Khla, my brother, and I went across the street to take pictures of the beach.

Looks neat, right? It was sooo windy that day though!

We took more mid jump pictures on a small bridge leading into the ocean and I think these went way better than in front of the statues!
Khla said he posed like Superman but o me it looks more like he's riding a ninja motorbike :O
When we got back home I gave him a room tour around our house and showed him where he'd be sleeping.
After unpacking he came back inside with presents for all of us. He'd brought dark beer from Germany to my dad, loads of German candy for my siblings and a round thingy that he'd bought in a store in Thailand for my mom and I.
My moms was the one with flowers and mine had a little traditional house

Would you believe that the flowers inside were carved from soap? They looked so real!
First joint selcas since June 17th 2013!

 *゚✲* Monday *✲゚ * 4/5
When we first planned his visit I had made sure that I wouldn't have any exams or tests and that I wouldn't have to spend too much time in school that week. Unfortunately our schedules are dynamic and I ended up having long days every day which is quite unusual for 3rd graders. Oh well.. so how did we entertain Khla until I got home? My mom and grandma brought him to Fiskerimuseet (= Fisheries and Maritime Museum) - another tourist attraction here!

That night we just chilled. I had to prepare my religion project presentation about Buddhist ordinations in Thailand (He could actually help me with this! Very practical). Meanwhile he skyped with a Thai friend of his named Pokpong whom I also got to talk to briefly before returning to my homework.
That night we tried to teach him some Danish as well!
As you can hear it wasn't easy

 *゚✲* Tuesday *✲゚ * 5/5

Tuesday some of my teachers had let me take him with me and he got to experience English and Spanish class here in Denmark. During lunch I showed him around my school, which I think is pretty big(!!) but apparently nothing compared to his there in Thailand. Whereas they are 50 students in a class, we're "only" 30 and our total number of students (1300) doesn't get anywhere near his school's 4000 (*゚ロ゚)

We're currently preparing for the exams so English class was probably boring for him (we watched a movie about what happens during the exam and what we're supposed to do). He also seemed surprised that we mostly spoke Danish during English class. 
It got better in Spanish though. After going through some grammar we got to walk around and talk to our classmates, pretending to be real Spanish people! Khla functioned as my shadow; went ¡hola! whenever we talked to a new person and otherwise just stayed quiet.

When my dad got home from work we drove to the first and original Legoland!
There was half an hour left before the attractions closed, which meant we had to hurry. First stop was Dragen (= the dragon) - of course this one was placed near the other end of the park so we had to run.
We ran and ran and ran and ESPECIALLY past the haunted house. Don't try to trick me, house. I know about the free fall. I ain't going in. Nah uh. 
Almost there!
Unlike Disneyland Paris where they're (very inconveniently) not allowed to take care of your stuff while you're riding the rollercoaster, the staff controlling the dragon were more than happy to hold Khla's camera. They even offered to take a picture of us AND managed to photobomb us!

And then we were off! Woooosh!!

I didn't know this before writing this post... but I love how they took pictures of each others!
Oh my gosh hahahha
Next stop was Extreme Racers. I dislike rollercoasters 90% of the time so I stayed down and took pictures instead.
Aaaaand then they tried Polar ekspressen.
They also tried Robotarmen but since it was dark in there and I had no idea how to turn on the flash on Khla's camera we didn't get any pictures of this. The attractions closed after this and we spent the rest of the time looking at the many many models of... everything.. built out of legos!
Khla was very happy to see a famous Thai building
 Statue of Liberty - and my mother
 This one was my favorite. It's a temple somewhere in Japan and this model was actually built by a Japanese girl who, by accident, discovered that she had a talent within building lego.
Moving on to Denmark...
Here's Billund Lufthavn (=BLL airport), which is located right across the road from Legoland.

The planes would move and flash theirs lights while hidden speakers would play the sounds of actual planes taking off
One of the castles here in Denmark! I forgot which though. Credits to the wind for making my hair look as if I just came out of a dryer.
Okay I tricked you. We're not entirely in Denmark yet - this is some American city
NOW we're in Denmark! This is Ribe Domkirke - the oldest cathedral in the country.
Moving closer to my area.. we're especially known for windmills and drillships
And this is Khla beside the model of Vandtårnet - one of the landmarks of my city
Khla took sooooooo many pictures so I had to sort out a lot of them in order to finish this post before the end of the weekend. Here's a bunch though!

Not only had it been windy but it was getting worse and also starting to rain as you can tell from the dark gray clouds

Star Wars!
As something new they had put up the girls from Lego Friends and their city near the entrance
Such a pretty city, right? It'd be a shame.... if someone.... were to destroy it...
I was making all these monster noises to really get into the role and a couple of parents were looking at me.. 
Brother was not impressed. I like the pictures though!
And look who we found! H. C. Andersen!!
I do not know what Khla was doing... 
While we went around taking the last pictures (or so we thought), my family had sat down for shelter from the rain
After eating their ice creams we went into a few stores for Khla to buy some souvenirs and found this wall. Must. Have. Pictures.
You cannot act like a tourist in Legoland without also having your picture taken with the tourist guy
It was getting windy and Khla had pretty much taken picture of everything you could take pictures of so we headed back home again..
...after taking more pictures outside, of course.
That was a good day indeed!

 *゚✲* Wednesday *✲゚ * 6/5

After school Wednesday we went to the city center. After having seen pictures on Google and a model made out of lego of it in Legoland, Khla was determined on visiting Vandtårnet (= The Water Tower)!
Just as my mom let us off we saw my grandparents and went over to say hi to them really quick before walking up the tiny hill. The tower was closed that day though so we had to view it from the outside. Khla still got some cool pictures of the view and the tower itself though!
This is such a dramatic picture
The view of the harbor from behind the tower~
While Khla was taking pictures the two guys sitting there came up to us with weird smiles on their faces and asked 'if we wanted to smoke' while doing a hand motion as if offering us a not-a-common-cigarette looking thing. We politely rejected and went all around the tower to escape to the museum right beside it #nothingtodohere 。___。
My grandparents had been attending an event at the museum that day called "The cake's day" so there were a lot of people. A bunch of pastry chefs had joined together to sell all sorts of cakes and the profits would be donated to the hospice.
Afterwards I showed him Gågaden - the longest uninterrupted pedestrian street with stores on both sides in Denmark. 
 But first some pictures of the city square!
Here Khla is holding the statue of the founder of our city: King Christian the 9th of Denmark, also known as "the Father-in-law of Europe"
To the left was the old post office that closed down very recently
And to the right: a higher end restaurant, bar, and nightclub named after the King's wife, Queen Louise.
This is the street with bars and clubs and the most lively place during the weekends.
Khla told us that he was also using this telecommunications company in Thailand and was very excited to see it here. We were wondering if it was Danish but I later found out that it's Norwegian.
He was especially happy about a Danish store called Tiger. We spent quite some time in there and after around an hour we met up with Maria whom we were going to eat dinner with. We visited a few stores more and showed him the playground behind the museum before heading out for food.
They had some trouble getting on at first...
 Seen from a kid's perspective this thing is pretty wild but it seemed like Khla still had fun even though he's already entered his 20th year of living. Look at his face! He's so happy!
 More aawh
Khla hadn't really had any Asian food since coming to Europe around 1,5 month ago so naturally we wanted to take him to our favorite Chinese restaurant.
We walked to the restaurant to show him more of the city and even passed by the buildings that belonged to our school before it merged with Emilie's school. 
At the restaurant! We were way too busy planning future trips together to take more pictures than these..

 *゚✲* Thursday *✲゚ * 7/5
 That morning we had planned to skype with the lunchbuddies - our friends and classmates from Rio Mesa, our American high school, and we were lucky enough that I didn't have to go to my first class, which meant that we could talk to them much longer than planned!
It's hard to plan skyping when we're usually located in 3 different time zones with up to 15 hours time difference between them and Khla. This plus the fact that we're all busy in college means that we have never been able to skype together all of us since Khla and I left California in 2013 (´ ˙○˙ `)
Elyzza to the left, Zandler in the middle, Marvin to the right, and Khla and I at the bottom~
We had a lot of fun talking and it was as if we had never been separated! That's the best kind of friendship!
Everyone were so happy to be talking to each other again. It was one big chaos~

When I got back home from school we didn't do much. Khla was packing and taking the last pictures and we had early dinner so he could get to eat some food before taking the train again.
He also gave me and my a last souvenir each - Clumsy as I am I dropped mine while we were playing around but it's fixed now! #supergluefixeseverythingbutbrokenhearts
Although it was surrealistic seeing him again it was even weirder seeing him off!
I think he was a bit sad he had to leave already but as you see he was still smiling. We don't know when we'll meet again next time but there have been talks of Maria and I visiting him for Christmas or New Year this year. We'll see when that time comes~
When the train had left my mom burst out crying. Aaawh poor mom.
Thank you for visiting!
Until next time, Khla!~ ( ・ー・)ノ