May 18, 2015

1 day left

I'm enjoying these last few days of freedom before the whole exam race begins.

Let's see what I've been doing...
After seeing Khla off with my parents Thursday last week I went back home to dress up before going to my friend Mette's place to see her and her boyfriend's new apartment with the rest of the ladies. She had prepared such a nice table - as expected from her.

Mette, Karoline, and Monika ♡ Maria isn't there since she was also taking pictures

Mette is a genius at baking but her oven hadn't been working so instead she made us these desserts~
Panna cotta with chocolate mousse on top - and with strawberries added later!

After coming back home I started packing for SVS Con and continued the next morning before school.
School was special that day. It was the day of our 3rd grade show!
The entire school gathered in the main hall. There was a red carpet leading to the stage and the seats were specifically reserved for the seniors - at some point they even told the juniors and freshmen to move because this was our show! I guess I had expected more but.. all in all it was good and I'm just glad that I wasn't picked out to come on stage. My favorite parts were the many burns sent in the juniors' direction after they trashed a local restaurant.
After school I hurried home and packed the last stuff before meeting up with Siw to go to SVS Con!

Wednesday was the partial disclosure of our exam plan (meaning all those we'd have to take before May 29th) and as I had written in a post that I never got to .. well post, I'd hoped for written Danish and Spanish exams.
It turns out I have to take all possible written exams - Danish, English, and Spanish. I'm pretty happy about that. I also got the date for my AT exam - I'd rather avoid that one but it's an exam we all have to take in order to graduate. But let's look at it with positive eyes: at least it'll be over soon. Now I just have to read up on it again!

In the evening the ladies had a wellness night at Monika's place!
We used face scrubs, wore face masks, did our nails, drank smoothies and Maria's pearlescent wine, and watched Fifty Shades of Grey. Maria told us how one of her coworkers had compared us to the ideal friendgroup from movies where members always do fun things together. Now thinking about it.. I think she might be right. Not saying that our friendship is "ideal" because everything is relative but I very much enjoy the ladies' company. It was a fun destressing night.

Thursday was a national holiday and Friday we were out of school, giving us a small break. I spent most of those two days writing my post on Khla's visit.

Today is my last normal day of school. Tomorrow is a sports day for the seniors. In my freshmen year they were playing water dodgeball against other classes and the teachers. This year we will have tug of war competitions between the classes, a tournament in water dodgeball and soccer, sodas sponsored by the school, the hotdog stand as always, and a party tent. We dress up and my class chose military people (ugh, how cliche). 
The day ends at 14.00 and afterwards we split up and go home to get ready. We eat dinner with our class and meet up again at school in the evening for a party that starts at 21.30.
There'll be a bar and music as always and this time we're going to be joined by the seniors from another school (HTX - that we also merged with) so we are going to be a loooot of people! All the seniors from 3 different schools.
At 23.59 we cross our fingers and start the coundown to the announcement of our final grades and exams, which will be released at 00.00.01.
As you can tell from my schedule I actually have physics class the day after (because the 1st graders still go to school a couple of days more). Well... if I have to take the exam in physics, of course I've got to go. If not, I'm going to sleep in and prepare myself for my first exam on Friday!

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