May 21, 2015

Ready, set, exams!

So... Sports Day ended up being what a LOT of the seniors would call... a disaster. 

Let me elaborate on that.. 

When I woke up the sun was shining through my window from a clear blue sky and I thought
"What is this?! Are we finally going to have nice, stable weather like back in 1st grade?!?!"
Yes, I legitimately thoughts so until the sky, minutes before I had to leave, started getting a bit more cloudy. A bit more gray. A little less sunny. 

Anyways.. I met up with Nanna on a parking lot across the soccer fields where we would be competing so my mom could have a picture of us before "we would go to war" against the other classes (because she's my private paparazzi). Oh yes, we had war paint (eyeshadow and burnt cork stoppers) and everything!

Okay I might have exaggerated a little. It was raining like that 2 days earlier but we do get some pretty heavy showers here once in a while.

Tuesday happened to be one of those days and all the matches were pretty much cancelled since the fields had gotten super muddy and nobody wanted to leave the way-too-small party tent. 
I thought of taking pictures of the whole thing but the fear that my phone would drown if I attempted to struck me #truestory.
A few of my classmates and I got to the point of being so soaked that we couldn't possibly take in more water - and thus we challenged the U class in a water dodgeball fight. It ended up being their entire class against 6 of us and we obviously lost pretty big. It was entertaining to take on such an unfair fight but when the match was over I couldn't feel my fingers for the pain caused by the elements.
Anne and Mette left around 10am when the whole thing started (since none of our classmates had decided to show up) and Nanna not long time after so I went home early as well to raise my body heat a little.

In the evening our class (well all of us except 3 who had decided to eat alone for some reason) met up at Esbjerg Legeland to have dinner and for some of them to play around.
Nanna, Monika, and I 

Afterwards we all went to my other classmate's house, as her dad lives on the road next to our school, and stayed there until 21.30 when the "party" at school began.
There was sort of a weird feeling about it.. usually people would dance and be super drunk right away and although we did dance, it was as if something had put a damper on the collective mood.
Time went eerily fast and the closer we got to midnight, the more quiet people went. When it was 2 minutes to midnight, the lights were turned back on and the principal held a speech that none of us really heard except the last few words:
"...and the exams will be released in 3.. 2...1!!!!"

And it got quiet.
The music and lights stopped and the room was now filled with students frantically checking their phones in complete silence as time slowed down.

Then came the screams. Screams of joy and fear scattered around the room!
Since everyone were checking lectio at the same time, some of us couldn't get in at first and I'm pretty sure my heart skipped a beat or two when Monika screamed, almost crying:

"NO! [insert cussing here] NO! WE HAVE TO TAKE ORAL SPANISH!!"

I looked at my friends faces that wore the same expressions as the victims of Samara in The Ring. Mine probably looked the same.

..until Monika realized that she was looking at our written exams. Her fearful face changed to a relieved one as she loudly exclaimed that she had to take oral Danish and oral History!
Nanna, Anne, and I got in right after and we got the same!

I ran over to check with Emilie. She didn't get the exams she'd wished for the most but she avoided the worst ones - just like us - and I believe she's pretty content with that. Not all were as lucky though. I saw a couple of group hugs emerging here and there around the people who had been unfortunate enough to get the worst exams possible. 

As soon as we'd checked our exams and calmed down, we checked our final grades as well. 
None of my grades had gone down. Two had gone up (physics and sports, wuhoo!) and the two oral exams  I have to take are in subjects in which I get my lowest grades (B-/C). It shouldn't be hard to get that in an exam situation again *knock on wood* but it is a last chance for me to do even better and maybe get a higher grade, which will help my average. 
TL;DR: I'm VERY satisfied about the outcome of that evening!

Me exam schedule is as follows:

Written Danish                                                                      22/5
Written English                                                                      26/5
Written Spanish                                                                    28/5
Oral AT                                                                                  2/6
Oral Danish                                                                         10/6
Oral History                                                                 22/6-23/6

Which means my first exam is tomorrow and that I'll officially graduate after having received my grade in history on June 23rd at 15.30!

Wish me luck and in case you're taking your exams as well - good luck to you too!

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