June 20, 2015

Exam rants

This is solely a rant post. If you're not having exams around this time, there is no reason for you to possibly spoil your mood by reading my rant and I suggest you move on to the next happy post HERE instead :)

Now that you were warned and still haven't left my blog it is possible that you are going through some struggles yourself with the exams.
If you have read my "about the blog" section or just been reading my blog for a while, you know that my blog is where I go when I need to let out some thoughts whether they be positive or negative. Today's post is an example of the latter.
There is no reason to complain like this to another person's face (unless you're already on the topic) but writing it down allows one to let out some steam and just get it out of the world. The other day I read a rant post about college scholarships by Jenny H and although we don't deal with the same problems, it was still refreshing to know that I'm not the only one who hates on school systems once in a while.
Perhaps reading my post will help you too if you're going through some exam struggles yourself. It's okay to feel frustrated. We can be frustrated together now and later in the future go back to this post and laugh it all off because in the end all this exam stuff probably didn't matter anyway~

I had my latest exam 10 days ago in Danish and it went bad. The exam wasn't bad itself and my teacher agreed with me almost all the time (you know, giving the nod of approval and supported my statements) but I still got a low grade and for the worst reasons ever!
The exam goes like this: You come in, shake your teacher's and the examinator's hand, pull a text (one you have never worked with in school but which still falls into one of the topics you've been working with the past 3 years) and its appendices, and then you have an hour to read and analyze the texts and prepare what to say during the exam.
But... do you remember what I wrote at the bottom of my last post?

"[...] skills within a subject (and last and most important grade) shouldn't be based on a sole performance (in which I risk picking a text from a literary period that I know nothing about because my teacher in 2nd grade didn't do her job and was fired)"

For the exam, your teachers write down all the topics that you've been working with during your time in the gymnasium and sends them to the examinator before the exam to let them know which fields you're expected to have knowledge within.
My current teacher happened to completely remove some of the literary periods and topics because we knew nothing about them due to my previous teacher not doing her job showing up for classes... and apparently removed so many that she had to add 1-3 extra topics (that we hadn't worked with and therefore had no knowledge within) in order to meet the requirements. And yes, I pulled one of those topics. Rap. I pulled RAP out of every possible topics. Postmodernism? Alright. Impressionism? Yea why not! Rap? NO. 0% knowledge!
Suddenly 1 hour isn't very much time and their reason for my low grade was that I wasn't "structured enough" (= didn't follow a list slavishly but rather pointed out the most important parts) and because I, although I did use it to get some points across and my teacher did agree with me on these(!), had minor troubles with one of the appendices. WELL OF COURSE I DID WE HAVE NOT BEEN TAUGHT ANYTHING ABOUT THIS SO WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?!??!?! aekfjeakjfhaejkfh I was mad. Okay, so it wasn't perfect. But because I didn't present my statements in the order they would have done it, it doesn't mean that they should automatically rule out all the other things I did right and ignore all the GOOD parts of my presentations. Their reasoning was irrational.
What also made me mad was the fact that my teacher was smiling, nodding, and agreeing 90% of the time, which lead me to think I didn't do anything wrong. So you leave the room for them to discuss your grade and when you get in.. SLAM! Everything you know is wrong. You are wrong. And your teacher knew it all along but did nothing to stop you or lead you back on track.
I like my teacher but felt deceived not to mention really stupid after that exam.

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  1. hvor er det uhyggeligt jeg følte præcist samme efter min dansk eksamen :I det der med at man kommer op i noget man bare ikke har haft om... sker alt for tit. det er så dumt :(