June 28, 2015

I graduated!!

After Emilie's graduation Friday last week I spent the weekend not doing anything. My history teacher had said that it would be a good idea to "read up on the material we've been working with in class" but aaaarhh there was so much! After having studied so much for my other two exams and still done bad I was mentally done with all this exam nonsense and didn't want to study more as it would probably be a waste of time (according to my head). This time, if I didn't spend half a lifetime studying, at least I wouldn't have anything or anyone to blame than myself. So I didn't study. Simple.
But don't follow my example, kids! Do your best unless you are seriously prepared to face the consequences!

Monday morning came and we were a large group of students flooding the hallway outside the office. They called in each class separately so we could each 'pull' a topic we'd be talking about for the exam in history. And as soon as we had a topic, we had 24 hours to prepare in before the exam. 
My exam was in the afternoon so I had about 29 hours AND THANK GLOB FOR THAT!!

I pulled 'the Age of Enlightenment and revolutions', was handed 14 pages of paper consisting of 10 different historical sources, and spent the first 12 hours (NOT exaggerating here. I looked at the time and it said 20.00 /8pm!) trying to understand them. I had to go as far as even translating them because ALL of them were written around the 1700's except one. For some reason I had Z-E-R-O notes on this topic from class. 
I called Maria (Like I did during the SRP period) and complained about not understanding the sources or seeing their connection. Later that evening I came up with the questions I was going to use (for the first part of the history exam you must come up with 2-3 questions that you can answer using your historical sources AND knowledge from class) and went to bed. Only a few hours before the exam did I finish (with a LOT of help from Maria!).

My friend Maiken was the very first to have her exam and like a true saint she announced how super nice the examiner had been and what a good grade she'd gotten on our class's Facebook group short after.
By some freak turn of fate, the guy having his exam right before me had pulled the exact same topic. When he got out I saw him signal a low'ish grade to his friends and the moment we made eye contact he did the same hand signal as Sasha Baron Cohen when he wants people executed in The Dictator.
whyudothis?!? "#)%£*/¨¤ Ɛ= Ɛ= Ɛ= (;ノ⊙⌓⊙) ノ 

The moment I sat down my teacher offered me a cup of water as they could probably tell how nervous I was and I clung to that cup with my life for the following half hour. But Maiken was right - both teachers were super nice! After having been sent out so they could discuss my grade, I came back in and my day (and average) was saved when they told me I'd gotten a 10 / B!
The moment I stepped out I was met by the curious eyes of 12 family members, Emilie, Maria, Søren, and Anne who had to take her exam after me. 
It was in half disbelief that I announced my grade before Maria and I had an emotional run towards each other
These were some of the most relieving hugs ever! *Finally it was over!*

My classmates couldn't seem to agree whether the boyfriend/girlfriend of the student or a family member should put on the hat but apparently someone other than the student had to do it. I'd wanted to just put it on myself but my mom was quick to award my dad that job.
My dad is a soft man. He was shaking, trying to keep the tears back

Emilie handed me a lilly because "Everybody gives roses so I wanted to be special and give a lilly", she said

And then my family bombarded me with roses - so many that I almost dropped them and did a get-ready-for-impact face the moment my dad took the second picture

Søren had come to congratulate a guy from one of the other classes who finished his exam short before mine started and came over afterwards.
My family thinks Søren is suuuuuuuuch a cool person and asked for a picture of us. But instead of a huggy-huggy picture like with Emilie and Maria, Søren had to be Søren, grabbed me, and held me out on the opposite side of the banister - much to the entertainment of my family

We all walked to the cafeteria to sit down and enjoy a piece of the cinnamon pretzel that my grandma had made.
Søren wasn't going to the party so he gave me a present at school - quite unexpected!

Of course we can't be in all of the pictures so have some of my cousin Peter and sister Emma
And my sister and our dad's cousins's girls (little) Emilie and Sofie
Peter's sister, Pernille, had seen a lot of other students taking pictures with the big stone chair in the main hall and wanted pictures of us too.

After that we split up. Some of them had to go home and get some food and we had to prepare for the party in the evening. 
My brother was the grill-master
It was really nice and I got so many cool presents. All the guests wrote in my hat (it's a tradition to write little messages on the inside) and my friends bit the shadow of it as well - this is supposed to bring good luck!
Two days before the exam I'd started to get sick so in the evening I almost had no voice and my throat hurt so much. I'm sad that I couldn't be more entertaining than I was but it seemed like my different friends hit it off well and people said that they had had fun when they left so hopefully they all enjoyed themselves~

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