June 20, 2015

Turned twenty + Emilie's graduation

Since my last update post, I actually did get a haircut and my grandma and I also finished the dress!
I got a new passport as well since the old one had expired but wooah the new ones are so expensive because they also have our fingerprints in there somewhere -_-

Also TAKE NOTE ALL OF YOU WHO ARE ABOUT TO TRAVEL THIS SUMMER/FALL/WINTER that if you have already ordered flight tickets with a passport and then goten a new one for some reason, the passport number might have changed and your tickets could possibly be invalid. IF you happen to have gotten a new passport recently after booking flight tickets, make sure to contact the flight ticket company and have your information updated. Depending on which company you're going with, they might charge you (I'm looking at you, American Airlines). I contacted Finnair, the ones flying our Nordic group to Korea next month, and luckily they were cool and changed it without problems.

It took me some days to get over my last bad exam but recently I've been enjoying being 83,33% done with my exams and suddenly, 4 days ago, it was my birthday!
Unlike last year where I had to study for the exam, I got to relax on my birthday this year. We hadn't planned anything big. My parents had invited some family over + Maria as a special guest and Jasmin almost invited herself (I'm joking Jasmin, you know you're welcome here <3)

The only thing I'd wished for was money for my Korea trip and that was mostly what I got except for some candy from my first-cousin's kids, travel sized toiletries from Maria, and some shiny purple spheres (and money) from Jasmin. Oh! And shoes for graduation!

I was honestly overwhelmed by the amount of greetings I received. I haven't been too talkative lately due to school and what not so I hadn't expected much but my friends and family posted so many nice post on my Facebook wall and sent me the sweetest messages!
Khla posted a picture on Instagram that we took together when he visited us last month.
Chrille, the Danish Facebook blogger I'm following, even tagged my page in a post :O
But... the best surprise was definitely the sudden call from Philip 
... which these two dorks had fun interrupting.

 Oh youuuu ~

The dorkiness is real with these two.
Perhaps you've heard about the belly button challenge that went viral in China and Korea recently?
We tried that.  It's probably going to be a thing to do something out of the norm on my birthday and film it from now on. Maybe you remember the pie throwing from my 18th birthday?

That day I got everything I'd wished for but a private concert with One OK Rock (inside joke). I really could not have imagined a better way to enter my 20s!

3 days later (yesterday) my best friend Emilie had her last exam.
Although the official graduation party is held on June 26th, you graduate the moment your last exam ends.
Following the tradition, I showed up outside the classroom she was having her exam in and met with her family, boyfriend, and a few of her classmates to wait for her to come out.
When she got out she announced her grade, her dad put on her student cap, and they all started taking pictures of her.
I must admit that I don't know what else to write now. I really cannot put words on what I felt at that moment. It was such a relief. My best friend had just graduated the gymnasium and I don't think I have ever been more proud of anything or anyone in my life than I was at that moment.
 In the evening she held her graduation party for the family, friends, boyfriend, classmates, etc. and my parents and I joined that as well. 

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  1. Looks like your birthday celebrations went great, these pictures from the event are lovely. I’m also celebrating my birthday next week at a well-known event space. Unfortunately, I’m away from home so my family won’t be here to celebrate with me. But I’ve got an amazing company of friends to make my party worthwhile.