July 12, 2015

Introducing MaJaLou

You might or might not have heard of the newest project that my friends Maria, Jasmin, and I have started.
If you have - awesome!
If not - It's okay because I'm going to introduce you to it in this post!

Our project is a Youtube channel named MaJaLou on which we plan to post  funny videos, challenges, and... more. We haven't 100% figured out what else yet.

The idea was born during my birthday party but it wasn't before July 6th that we had time to come together and act on our plans. That day we did all the techy-techy stuff like creating the Youtube channel, Google+ account, and linking all of our social medias together.

The next day we met up again and this was the first day of filming. 
While I was finishing up studenterrunden, Maria and Jasmin had decided on what our first video should be - The spicy Korean noodle challenge!

In front of us we had a pack of spicy Korean noodles and the challenge was to eat a whole portion - using chopsticks! (my Singaporean friend Ashley had earlier made fun of Maria due to the way she held her chopsticks so this last part was just to poke fun of her).

Before each of us stood a glass of milk but if we drank it before finishing the noodles we'd lose the challenge and our 'punishment' would be to eat the entire chili shown in the picture above.

Jasmin spent a long time fighting with her new archenemy, iMovie, but in the end things worked out and the next day our first video was up! You can watch it here ↓

My job was to take care of the bloopers and soon that video will be up as well!
We're all pretty happy about how it turned out (although it was super awkward speaking English to each others ajkdgahdghasdgsha!!!) and have received great response so far. A couple of our friends have proposed to send us more things to try out and I have gotten my first fan thanks to Maria  (〃/) u (\〃;)

If you're interested in following us or at least checking us out you can find us on the links below.
Please support us! (๑•́ᴗ•́)و✧  

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