July 6, 2015


I wrote in my last post that I spent the weekend after graduation bracing myself for the coming week (this week) because...

*Studenterrunden: an untranslatable term. It is used about the time that the classmates spend together after graduation. Studenterrunden lasts about a week and during this time the students will go from house to house to eat, drink, and party together. It is also very common that the students rent a truck (also called a studentervogn) during this time and have someone drive them around the city - this is called studenterkørsel.
[I've written other Danish words in cursive and linked explanations to them]

Now that we've expanded our Danish vocabulary, let's begin the post!

Monday was the first day of our "tour" and I'd been lucky enough to get a ride from Mette together with Monika and Anne. The first "stop" was at Lærke's house. Her, Rikke's, and Maiken's parents were in charge of breakfast and OHMYWOW was it good! When we arrived we were told where the breakfast table was and to go grab whatever we felt like. There were rundstykker, cheese, marmelade, leverpostejscrambled eggs with bacon, fruits, and all those other heavenly breakfast essentials.
The weather had been on a roll since Graduation Day and someone proposed that we could go play rundbold.

We played boy (6) vs. girls (the rest of the class) and though most of us participated in the beginning, the heat took over and we went back to Lærke's house to cool off.

From Lærke's we walked to Sofie's house to have lunch.
Her parents had put out several blue blankets so we could lie down on the grass and later eat there too as if we were on a picnic.
Anne, Mette, Nanna, Monika, and I shared blankets~
Sofie's parents had made ribbensandwiches and flæskesvær chips.
After having eaten we set up two games of beer bowling. Mette had to leave because her horse had to get new shoes that day but Anne joined a couple of rounds. Meanwhile Nanna, Monika, and I stayed on the blanket and just enjoyed the day. I'd been hiding under my jacket so I wouldn't get a burn but at some point I laid down for maybe 10 minutes and BOOM! BURNT ARMS! - -

At some point while sitting there I saw a spider on the very edge of my shirt. I tried moving it away in a discreet manner to not scare Monika given that she's pretty terrified of them. But I failed, Monika saw it and screamed, and the moment she did, the spider sprinted upwards on the inside of my shirt! It resulted in me standing up at the speed of light and running around the garden to try to shake off the spider while Sofie's parents were watching and probably having a good laugh.
We spent 5 hours at Sofie's place. WAY too long when there's nothing to do but beer bowling.

For dinner we walked to Pernille's house where her mom, aunt, and Mette's mom were grilling hotdogs for us.
They were sooooo good!
There was a competition going on that week where, if your class took a funny picture together, one of the local bars/clubs would visit one of the houses included in your studenterrunde and serve drinks and whatnot. Pernille was very excited about this and we tried our best to take a good picture.

The story is that Pernille and Heidi (the two girls behind the table) work as bartenders but their drinks are horrible so the rest of us are pretty much dying and that's why 'we need the bar to come serve drinks for us'. But as always when it comes to our class, the outcome is pure chaos.
During dinner Pernille and Heidi had divided us into teams that would compete against each other in beer bowling, beer pong, and bowling but I didn't participate in this. Nanna, Monika, and I went home around 10pm or so in order to have enough energy for the next day.

This was definitely the best day! That day we had rented a big truck that would bring us around the city center before taking us to the houses farthest away (some of my classmates live in other cities and take the train every morning). We'd agreed to meet at the church downtown in the morning and I was SO happy that I didn't go home as late as some of the others did the day before. Although this was merely the second day, we already felt worn out. Some of our classmates had showed up earlier to decorate the truck and they were almost done when I arrived. Just a few more balloons.

The man facing the camera was our driver
We turned on the music, waved to the parents who had come to see us off, and then began our day!
The mood was high and the sun was shining brighter than the day before. We were dancing and singing and waving to the people in the streets. Now one thing is how people act when you wear the hat; many graduates experience being stopped in the street to be congratulated by total strangers (that happened to me as well) - but when you're being driven around town in a truck, people treat you like national heroes!
They wave and honk and smile and whistle! They stopped in the streets when we passed them and especially the kids seemed eager to wave back to us. Some went as far as walking up to their windows to wave to us when they heard us coming. It was a great experience!
Nanna and Monikaaaa~ The black rim on our hats are super practical! It'd suck to have your hat fly off once we got out on the freeway.
You can try to get a feeling of what it was like from my video below. Everytime we went "WOOOOH" it was due to someone waving/honking at us.

The first place we visited that day was Trine's and once again we had a fantastic morning meal -  rundstykker and waffles!
 At Trine's, the girls decided to go to one of the nearby fields to 'acquire the grain'. This is one of the weird dares/traditions that comes with graduating and this was the only thing that I did so I'm a tiny bit proud don't judge.

To get the grain, one must go into a field and run either naked or topless (my class chose the latter) and afterwards we are allowed to either draw a grain or pick a real one and put it inside our hat.
Afterwards we threw our hats like the Americans do and got this cool picture out of it~
When we came back to Trine, some of the others gathered in a big circle and were playing a game where they threw water balloons to each others.
But some of the boys just had to pick a fight with some of them do what they do best, which resulted in a short water-splashing-war until we ran out of water balloons.

After Trine's we went to Katrine's home. Her mom had made frikadeller and potato salad for us, yum~
Guess what we did there? Played beer bowling, of course.. or well, the others did. I'm 87% sure my stomach would burst if I ever tried playing it. No thanks.

Then we got back out in the truck and drove to the next place - Mathias's!

Okay this part was really cool! It took a while getting from Katrine's place to Mathias's and at some point someone from our class realized that another studentervogn was driving far behind us. When it got closer we tried to catch its attention seeing as it was probably full of students.
We yelled and waved but there was no reaction and eventually we figured that it was probably empty. I think one of the balloons had flown off our truck and past theirs because suddenly a bunch of students stuck out their heads! We then proceeded to have our own little party spread out between the two trucks for a long time. Apparently they were heading the same way as us and as the trucks got closer, every time we came to a turn, we'd wave and cry out to each others. It turned out that the class following us was from our own school! What a coincidence! When we had to part ways, our driver did and extra lap in the roundabout so we could wave our goodbyes~
We had planned to visit 5 different families that day and it wasn't quite time to eat anything too filling again. Mathias's parents had prepared little squares of rugbrød with different cold cuts on top and chocolate cake for dessert. We didn't stay at his place that long and I didn't take any pictures here before we had to leave.
When we did leave though, one of our classmates, Ditte, had to run behind the truck for a little. That is another tradition of ours - the students that get an A at their last exam have to do this.
Here she is getting ready~
A video memory to possibly use against her in the future is a must. Listen to how supportive we were!
Don't worry though! She only had to run to the end of that road before getting back in the truck.
I didn't take more pictures that day but after that we went to both Kahlia's and Gejl's places. At Kahlia's place we had little baguettes and grilled sausages for dinner. People played beer bowling (ugh, again), Rikke and Lærke fell asleep on a blanket, and Kahlia's mom was all over the place, making sure that none of us were thirsty. Our time with the truck was up and the driver praised us, saying that we were the best class he had ever brought around, before taking off.
At Gejl's house we had ice cream, vandbakkelser, and fruit for dessert. Maiken and I conquered some of their outside rocking chairs and were later joined by Anne and Nanna. We didn't stay too long seeing as it was getting late and we were feeling a slight chill now that the sun was going down. Also, we had to preserve energy! This week had only just begun!

That morning my body was NOT ready to get out of bed and I decided to skip the first stop to sleep in instead. Studenterrunden can be exhausting. For days you have to be 'on' and social + doing nothing but eating and drinking wears out the body in some way that I can't really explain. It's like you get tired from being so lazy.
Monika had stayed home as well... aaand when it was time for the second place (Ditte's) we weren't quite ready yet and ended up not showing up before the last place - Anne's.
Anne's parents had made lasagna and salad for our dinner and wooooah was it good! Sometimes I feel like there's too much meat in the lasagna my mom makes but Anne's mom's was just great - and had carrots in it! Sorry mom, you know I love your food!
Afterwards they played, yes, beer bowling. No, I didn't join but for the first time, Monika and I were the judges but were deposed because 'we were too nice'.. hmm.
Some of the girls went to the beach to 'acquire the wave' (naked swim) without telling the rest of us. We had planned to do it together and later in the night, long after I had gone home, there was some drama going on because of it. Ugh, I'm glad we missed out on that part.

The weather kept getting better and better that week (90% of my classmates had gotten pretty bad sunburns by now) and since Nanna didn't live far away I'd decided to bike over there - Monika had too so we met up at our old school before going there together.
10 people didn't show up the next morning. Some had hangovers, Jonas had texted Nanna at 3 in the night saying that he had gotten sick and couldn't come, and the rest were probably starting to die out like Monika and I had been the day before. Oh and some were still in a bad'ish mood due to the drama the night before, bleeergh.
Nanna herself had made pølsehorn that we enjoyed with some french fries and watermelon as a side dish. For once we actually didn't play beer bowling! Instead people laid down on some tarpaulin that Nanna's dad had spread out in their backyard, took off their outer clothes, and basked in the sunshine.
Mathias ran around and sprayed us with one of those things you use to water your plants with to cool us down once the sun would get too hot.
That day the temperature almost reached 30°C (which is SUPER HOT in Denmark and quite rare) and the sun was a bit too warm for some of our classmates who instead went hiding in the shadows - and still had their legs sprayed by Mathias, mind you.
That was the most relaxing day of them all!

In the evening we went to Kristian's house. Monika, Anne, and Mette didn't come so it was just Nanna and I from our little friend group. His parents had prepared an absolute feast(!) and afterwards our classmates played beer bowling. What a surprise. We'd hoped the local bar/club would come visit us this day but in the end they didn't have time.

Friday was the last day and we followed the same time schedule as the day before - a visit around noon, then a break so people could go home and sleep, and a visit in the early evening again.
The first place was Mia's. We had yummy breakfast once again. But we didn't stay that long. Maybe 1½ hour. The day before my sister had bought a cute shirt from one of the clothes stores here that I like and told me they had a sale going on so I'd planned to go look for some more summer clothes to bring to Korea since Mia's house wasn't that far from the city center. Marva, a girl from class that I haven't talked to that much, asked to join me and we ended up spending the entire "break" together before crashing at her place for like 10 minutes until I could take the next bus home. In THIS post I asked myself if there were things I had to do before school ended parting from my classmates - and yes, there was one thing. Marva and I didn't have the best first impressions of each other when I first entered the class and since then I hadn't been too fond of her and pretty much jumped on the bandwagon when some of my friends, who also didn't like her very much, started talking. It was never more than a few comments here and there about how it was annoying when she [blank] but it was enough for me to feel like we - I - hadn't treated her properly.
While on our way to the city center I confessed to this and apologized for having gotten the wrong impression of her. She was cool with it and told me that she hadn't been feeling too well during that time and thus hadn't been too nice of a person. Well... we all have our stories and reasons for acting how we do. I'm sad I didn't realize it earlier yet I'm happy that we finally 'made up'.
This was the last thing I had to get off my chest and now I feel like I can successfully move on and not look back at my time in the gymnasium with regret. I'm ready for the next chapter in life
There's no full stop there on purpose

In the evening we met up at Cecilie's house - the very last stop and had mørbradgryde. Not everyone were there but the ones who were seemed so at ease around each other. I don't think any of us had expected our studenterrunde to turn out so well but it was as if all the drama/disagreements that had been going on lately were being forgiven and forgotten as we were slowly realizing that we would never have to see each other again every day. Classmates who hadn't talked for months were now chatting, listening to each others' problems, and giving advice. They were done fighting. Unspoken truces had been agreed upon.

I think it finally hit me that some of us might not meet again the moment that I finished the above paragraph. It seems like all of us but a few are going to take a year off and work while they figure out in what direction they want to stir their lives from now on. No matter where we end up, I hope I'll be able to stay in contact with the back row (my friends). And yes, Maiken, we need to spend a day together! I told you I'd call you out on my blog~

By the way, did you notice how much I talked about the food we ate?
That's because good food is important. Point made.

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