August 31, 2015

Welcome to the University: 2nd and 3rd day

Tuesday was super fun! We went on a scavenger hunt like the grown-ups we are!
Today all the students from the different Asian studies gathered and we were mixed into teams with about 1-2 people from each study. The teams had to choose names for themselves and come up with a battle cry that we would be using later and then we were handed a list with attractions, important places, and Asian stores. For every place we went to and took a selca in front of, we'd get a point as soon as we'd uploaded the proof on our joint Facebook group. We'd get extra points if we could have an Asian join our selca and at 3 of the posts there were challenges, which could give extra points if we passed them. All this was in order to strengthen the bonds between us new students across the studies and for us people who used to live far away to get used to the area and to be introduced to some of Asian stores nearby.

We called ourselves Den frække vinkel (=The kinky angle) because we attempted to take our pictures from as many angles as possible!

Selca in front of an Asian store - with an Asian!
Our team got a massive amount of bonus points because the girl beside me was actually Chinese and was fluent already so she just walked up to strangers and asked in Chinese if they'd join our picture.

In front of Tivoli we had a man and his son join us.
Once in a while our groups would run into each other like here at Rådhuspladsen~
When we came to the H. C. Andersen statue, we found a huge group of Asians but they turned out to be Korean and neither I nor the other girl from Korean studies on our team knew how to ask them for a picture. We tried going 'annyeonghaseyo' but their guide just replied and went back to explaining. Somehow our Chinese-born group member (whose name I feel so bad about having already forgotten) had a girl and her mom join us just before the tourist group walked away. Yay!

This was taken in front of a place called Tiger spilbar and it was one of the places with a challenge! To claim the extra points we had to tie a pen attached to a piece of string around our waists and lower it down into the throat of a beer bottle.
If the entire team could do it within 5 minutes we'd get two points for each member - we slayed this AND had an Asian girl walk out from the bar just in time to join our selca!

Group picture in front of a bubble tea café! The owner didn't want to join so one of the customers did instead. This wasn't a selca though so we had to take a new one, but look at the window! We still got the Asian bonus!
Looook at that kinky angle! Our team member was standing atop a trash can!
Here at the second challenge we had to take turn to put on a pair of headphones, hum along to a song, and have the rest of the team guess the song.
Yesh, more selcas.
Omg this picture hahahahha. I'd JUST put food in my mouth and was probably chewing the second Kyle took it. She climbed a road sign in order to get this angle. Talk about sacrificing for the team!
   The last challenge was here and we had to answer a bunch of questions like: "Where was the king of Thailand born?", "What is Tibet's nickname?", "What are Japan's four main islands called?" etc. etc. There was one specific 'question' aimed for us Korea students. It wasn't a questions though - we had to sing 10 seconds of a random kpop song! BTS's I need U saved us here!
Human pyramid taken from another kinky angle!
These two Vietnamese monks (we think?) had passed us earlier but we were lucky enough to find them again and have them join us for a picture!
 This woman was actually the Chinese girl's boyfriend's mother and after we took the picture with her, our team member told her that she could not take pictures with the other teams if they came by. So bad hahaha.
No matter how long we stood there spotting for people to join our pictures, we couldn't find them. I guess this wasn't a very touristy area? This was the definitely most sexy angle of them all though~
I forgot where this was but woooh bonus points~
Time was running out so we hurried to Ankeret in Nyhavn - there was only one more place on the list but I didn't think anyone went there since it was pretty far from the rest of the things on the list.
On our way back we ran by a biiiig group of Chinese tourists and we couldn't resist asking for a picture. We were actually a lot more and they were posing and all but sadly the girl taking the picture was too close to the rest of us so we didn't get everyone in the picture.

The scavenger hunt ended at a place called Studenterhuset where we all gathered in a room upstairs. The tutors counted our points once and then we heard all the teams' battle cries and got points for those as well. Two teams got an equal amount of points in this category so we listened to them again and voted for which battle cry should be used by all of the Asian students Thursday at the ToRS-cup. Up until the battle cry part, our team had had the first place but we placed second in the end.

Wednesday I took the bus, train, and metro to school for the first time and I was so proud that I found my way without getting lost! I was late by a few minutes for the first presentation though. Well, the first part wasn't super interesting anyways. They wanted to teach us how to log on to the wifi but the routers are located in the hallways, not the classrooms, and only 50 people can connect to a router at the time. The moment person #51 logs on, person #1 will be thrown off. Aaah and it was so slow!
Look how everyone was slouching

During our break I talked to a girl from my class, Isabella, and we somehow started talking about the party tomorrow. She said that she lived close to the school and that I could sleep at her place. You see, going back and forth from my aunt and uncle's place to school is a bit tricky because I have to connect the bus, train, and metro every time. Aaaaand the bus only goes once an hour. It also stops at night so the latest connection I'd be able to make would be at 22.36. The party tomorrow lasts from 21.00 to 03.00 so I'd miss quite a lot of potential bonding time with my fellow students if I had to leave that early. Staying at Isabella's house would be a gift! I told her that I'd talk to my aunt and uncle and confirm our plans when I got home later.

After lunch we had yet a presentation from 3 different counselors. That wasn't the most interesting part either and there was so much information to remember. From 14-16.00 the Japanese and Korean students were introduced to the alphabets by our tutors while the other Asian students were free to play around. That was the most interesting part of the day!
Many of us already knew the alphabet and the sounds so it was just repetition for us. We were shown all the consonants and the vowels. Then we were given papers so we could practice how to write them individually and afterwards together, like you did back in preschool. Afterwards they wrote a bunch of words in Korean on the blackboard and we had to take turn to say them out loud. We tried translating the words we knew and in the end we tried to write our own names with the help from our tutors.

The last event today was at the BARstion - a bar for the language students (I think).
Many went home but some of us stayed. I'd planned to go home, even though I wanted to join, but again... my transport time is horrible so I stayed an hour and talked to my classmates before I could make the next connection.
That evening I tried to get in contact with the girl from my class who'd said that I could stay over but she's new to Facebook and doesn't use it often. I didn't want to risk anything so we made a change of plans. My roommate was going to come get me around midnight (because I'm new to the place and the area isn't exactly known as being safe at night) and then I'd sleep at his place and go back to school from there on Friday.

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